Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Chimera-man Leader Of Euro Demons

Hey guys!    Last year I set about fleshing out the cast for Gojioni.  First on the list was this gentleman.  He's a Chimera-man.  An oddity for his race, in that all in his family and his family alone, have gained the ability to take human form.  It has enabled them to hide and at times live in peace with humans.  However, it's not easy to fully mask their chimera selves fully and often they wind up sticking in the form above.  If only they could find some way to mask who they are, or even better not have to mask themselves at all. For now though, that is an impossibility.  All demons are put to death in the name of the Church.  So what role will he play in Gogionis story?  Well...stay tuned and hopefully you will find out. ;) 

FallenAngel and Hydaria both took on this character from my sketches and story descriptions.  I will post Hydarias awesome sketch tomorrow.  Fallens full color wonder waited a year to be released.  Sorry to keep you waiting Chimera san.  Huge thanks to him for masterfully drawing the character with great attention to the details, especially his very thick cock, with small cock head. hee hee. 

Hope you all are ready for the weekend.  (The Splatoon Splatfest is coming on Saturday and I am so pumped!!  GO TEAM MARSHMALLOW!  Can't wait to blast away with the new machine gun.)

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