Sunday, August 2, 2015

Alien Hot Spa On Cubaton 4

gdfa dddddd Hey guys, the hot summer fun here at DPK continues with a super threesome from Maduinshorn. Carlos Cyborg is taking a vacation from excavating on the vacation satellite Cubatron 4. Deep below the sunny surface is a spa area, where the hunkiest of Aliens go to relax. There he meets with a very inquisative grey alien named Nova. Nova is fascinated by his bio-mecha body, especially his specialized breeding tool. Carlos is very interested in Nova too, but he has a boyfriend. As Nova grabs his cock for a better inspection, Carlos feels a familiar strong hand on his breast. He looks up into the smiling face of his beloved crystal man. Christer draws his boy into a close embrace as they embark on their first threesome!

This amazing piece was drawn up by Maduinshorn. It is  part of a Carlos on Vacation series I wanted to produce earlier this year. It will hopefully expand on the gay space resort Cubatron. There isa short comic in production with Aneros and possibly something else with a couple other artist. Maduinshorns is the first done and I could not be prouder to share his smile and boner inducing art with you all. He really goes all out with each image he does. The foreskin up and down variants will hopefully add a little more precum in your personal experience! ;D

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