Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bakkhos Bleats Out Birthday Wishes To Yelmo

Hey guys! It was Yelmos birthday over the weekend, so FallenAngel and I decided to team up his sexy Satyr Bakkhos with Vann.  Bakkhos is tooting out a happy birthday with his pipes, while our Vann Illian plays Bakkhos man flute, making sure each note is one of pure ecstasy!  FallenAngel worked very hard (very quickly) to create such a sweaty delight for our dear friend! We wished him the very happiest of days, filled with presents and Pac-Man pops! (See below.)

Sorry to keep this one short guys. I screwed up my hands playing too much Splatoon.   That Wii U gamepad is the devil.  I needed to keep my hands under ice for two days now. (Though I still ran to the Jays last night! Hee hee.)  Anyway I feel better, so I should be in better shape by the weekend. Note to self, no more game sessions till 3 am.

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