Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bastu Makes Shoma Cum By Aneros

Hello guys! I have another super hot Rival Schools themed birthday treat for you today. This one was whipped up with style and sensuality by my dear friend Aneros. For our gift to Maduinshorn, we chose to spotlight another Rival Schools character along with his beloved Batsu. Shoma, might very well be at my top spot of Rival Schools characters, since I am such a baseball fan. He and Batsu certainly fight for top spot in my head. Aneros jumped at the chance to draw up the sporty stud along with school bad boy Batsu. I have to really hand it to him. His timing doing the piece could not have been better. He jumped right in and was done with time to spare. Probably the fastest piece I have seen him do. I really love how he drew the thick cum swirling out of Batsu like an icing dispenser! That pile of cum, would certainly be the best frosting Maduinshorn ever tasted on a cake! :P A big thank you to Aneros and a huge hug from both of us to Maduinshorn.

As you guys might have read, I am currently recovering from two sprained wrists and various aches and pains in my fingers, thanks to Nintendos shitty Wii U Gamepad. Well, wouldn't I have even more bad luck because of it? I found this store display for the original Nintendo Game Boy in the garbage where I live today. I can't actually pick it up. Two of my friends are working and another is out of town. My relatives are not interested either. I bet it would go for a great price. Shame, I can't risk damaging my hands further by picking it up...sigh. The gold is right in front of me and I am too weak to grab it. Fuck you Nintendo. :P

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