Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adult, Buff and Nude, three mains the Male Squidlings Should Have!

Hey guys!  Yesterday was the Splatfest in the game Splatoon.  It was Marshmallows VS Hot Dogs. While Marshmallows one the game, I think Hot Dogs really won a victory, based on the image below! You wanna be pumped and ready for battle?  Wake up to this baby in your inbox.  Lastmanouthere's take on the male Inkling had my Spattershot going off more than once before getting out of bed.  It's not often I get that turned on, but his beautiful piece coupled with my love for this game (over 340 hours in) really had an effect! hee hee. Of course, the fact that his inkling is packing is own Heavy Splatling Gun, that anyone would want to see in action in game, also had an effect.  I can't thank Lastman enough.  This really got my fighting spirit  up and running. I was super pumped.  I kicked ass almost all day long.  Now if only these were costume abilities in the game!!!
I hope that you guys had a great day and for you Team Hot Dogers, hope this makes up for the loss! ;)

Below are some variants that Lastmanouthere was sweet enough to make! He must have been having fun!

Lastmanouthere's Inkling is based on the one I usually use in game. I sent him some images with the clothes I usually wear and the various weapons I like. I personally love the Krak-On Roller, but I also enjoy the two N-ZAP guns, the Heavy Splatling and if I want a challenge the Octobrush. My other real main is the Splattershot JR.  It's a beast in Turf Wars. Since I really don't play Ranked all that much, I feel it's benefit a lot more I guess.  Below are a few of the images I sent him.

Playing Tower Control?  Getter get some fast resurrection and steal jump gear on!

 This is my favorite gear set. I can suck ink back in like no bodies business.  The Invader hat really makes my special meter jump as well.  

So how did you do during the Splatfest?  I had a great time after midnight. I played with great teams till about 2 am.  In the morning, I had to go to EB to preorder the retro Amiibo set.  There was a lot of Splatoon talk in the line up. I guess I should have gotten some names to add to my friends list.  When I got back, I was pumped and played like a champ.  I think I lost all of one battle.  Sadly I had to go to a birthday party. While it was fun, it took up the majority of the day.  When I got home, I never really hit a streak for long, before being disconnected.  I kept getting matched with fellow team Marshmallow players.  They usually really sucked.  I actually felt pretty horrible for how bad we beat some of them.  Maybe they just didn't care?  The few rare times I found a hot dog team to face where a mixed bag.  Lag got me at one point and I was kicked out. Lord knows how my team did, but we were up when I 'left.'

 I am thinking of save scumming those sea snails....I am sick of wasting rerolls on Spike.

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