Thursday, March 31, 2011

FallenAngel Presents: Vann Illia The Barbarian Mini Comic 1: Captured!

Hey guys! Well it was a lot of fun work, but FallenAngel and I finally have the first story of Vann Illia the Barbarian ready to share. I have to really thank Fallen, who is just amazing to watch set himself feverishly to work. The process was freaking awesome. I also have to give a HUGE ass shout out to Caravaggia who helped develop the character Zalu. You will see her work on him tomorrow. It's was one of the hardest images to ever have to hold back. Lastmanouthere who pushed me to really sit down and do this thing right, deserves a huge hug. It was his suggestion to really flesh out Vanns life. This isn't the longest comic, (Though to tell the truth we could have kept it going for a lot longer) nor were we trying to break the mold with the story telling. It's just something we hope you will find as fun and hot as we did writing and drawing it. Please feel free to leave comments.

Vann removes the giant cock from his mouth and in one swift movement shoves most of his own cut cock deep into the Centaurs piss slit as he can. Vann thrusts his hips up and down as much as he can without slipping out. Equinnus becomese weak at the knees. He kneels at the insanely intense pleasure.

Zau had been watching the whole time from across the room. Vann saw him standing there with his hands on his hips and a raging hard on growing between his hind legs. Vann placed a finger on his lip, smiled and motioned Zalu over. He noticed that his foreskin still covered his head tightly. Vann spied a long bead of precum coming out of the tip that trailed almost down to the floor. Vann blushed and giggled as he watched it dangle back and forth as the mighty centaur trotted forth.

Zalus foreskin has not easy to pull back. Vann started first by diving a few fingers in. Then when it was lose enough Vann worked his entire hand feverishly around under Zalus foreskin. Slowly he pushed back the soft, but thick skin.

After giving Zalu a satisfying hand job, Vann turned over on his back. He prompted the great Centaur to insert his huge penis deep inside him. Equinnus obliged and filled him as much as he could, noting to himself the ease that the young barbarian took his massive meat. Zalu only stood idle for a minuet before mounting his love, Equinnus.

After what seemed like forever both Equinnus and Zalu announced they were at their limit. Vann begged them to let him taste centaur cum for the first time. He turned over and started to jerk off Equinnus's big sensitive dick. Zalu dismounted and Vann noticed he was already starting to orgasm uncontrollably. He had already begun to shoot a little as Vann laid his hand on him. The Two Centaurs came all over Vann, literally drenching him in a shower of hot gooey cum.
Later Equinnus explains that he wanted to teach Vann to be the perfect horse back rider. Vann accepted the training and the three began a life long friendship. Equinnus and Zalu from then on became respected advisers to the young warrior.

END! For now! XD

This is Fallens first story to feature centaurs, so I hope you guys will leave some words of encouragement for him. He did an amazing job. I especially love the anal image. How he got them holding hands and embracing like that I don't know, but it gave me chills! XD Thank you FallenAngel, you are a credit to your craft. :)

I am going to hate myself in the morning, but here are some of my sketches I did regarding the story. By creating a rough batch of sketches as well as typing up the story, Fallen can then visualize the entire comic and lay it out in his own head. It leads to open discussions that bring forth new ideas and better ideas as well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giant Green Bugs From Space Have Landed! Locus #1 Review

What better time to release a Comic book based on Locus then in the month of green? Fans have been awaiting this title for some time. Locus is a beloved star by myself and many others. When I first heard about this book, I assumed it was going to be a prequel regarding Locus's adventures prior to meeting Cam. The book instead follows the events after the 2009 comic Felinoids 3. Locus is once again going it Hans Solo. He has departed from Cam and friends, having met with trouble soon after finally deciding to settle down with the man cat. As usual his happiness was very short lived! :( BUT Locus's temporary departure from his lover was a noble act, for Locus is on the run from the Sektan authorities that want him dead. Still somehow I picture a very sad Cam worrying away in a dark room somewhere....

Fan note, do I see Mako Finn in the background under Zahn?

We meet up with Locus trying to avoid notice, standing on a street corner flaunting his giant cock. (which seems much bigger then ever before!) He is trying to make a living hooking. Yeah, Locus would not exactly be regarded as the brightest bulb on the tree in the real world, but this is the planet Suktamimus smack dab in the most deprived corner of the Class Comics universe. Anywhere in this wonderful galaxy such a sight is fairly common place, but no more so here. Sounds like my kind of planet. :P Hee hee...

As you can imagine from the first panel displaying Locus's sexy, cocky new look, this is just not going to go well. I absolutely love how his dress reminds me of a NYC street thug, with that sexy leather jacket, dancers sweat band and big ass boots. This bad boy outfit really strikes a kick ass cord with me. Locus runs into three thugs from BoyToon Adventures. It's great to see these three in the classic Class Comics style. Zolab, who is now uncut, (with a to die for thick red foreskin), comes off as the hottest of the bunch. He looks the most human with a very sexy build. Still, none of them are likely to make the cover of GQ magazine! LOL! They are meant to be bigger, meaner and scarier then ever. Especially the terrifying Yolon, who's newly revealed inhuman penis is just as unwelcome by Locus as his tentacles and nerdy teeth adorning the end of his tube shaped mouth. He is a perfectly crafted sexual terror, made now even more realistic! XD

Locus #1 is very different beast then Feleniods 3 and Zahn 2. This comic features a lot of freaky alien sex! This is much in tone with some of the earlier Class Titles. Pairing him with these kinds of creatures just as he did with Cam in earlier titles gives Mr. Fillion an opportunity to let Locus flaunt like he has never before. And flaunt he does! The books set ups are absolutely perfect for the egotistical, slightly conceited character to shine. Locus looks sexier, hornier and more delightful then ever. The buggy Blanche Devereaux steals center stage in every panel he appears in and he knows it too!!!!
Fans will delight in just how much love and attention to detail has been taken in capturing each pose. For one things, you will marvel at how long and big Locus cock head is. It barely fits into the giant alien Gammus hands. His balls will be stretched, his cock bent and his foreskin placed in all manner of desirable posses. Every shot of locus DRIPS with grace and poise. This foursome scene is incredibly intense. If you were a fan of Cams encounter in Boytoon Adventures, you owe it to yourself to pick this up just for this part alone. There is an image of Locus laying powerless on the Floor. His cock is engrossed to the limit, pointing sky high, filled with pulsating lust and uncontrollably squirting his load. He can't control himself as he cums again and again, it's just too much!!! Another has his cock head so tightly entwined in tentacles it looks like it may burst. I found it funny that while the three Aliens gang bang him mercilessly, bending his cock this way and that, they worried about hurting him with a needle.... XD LOL! I guess this indeed shows that perhaps they are not really that bad. The lovable bad guys are quickly becoming the Beagle Boys of Class Comics.

Even in images were Locus in not engaged in sex, such as the pin up on page 11 where his cock hangs almost erect with juicy green foreskin lips almost dropping off the page, will have you reaching between your legs. Locus is gonna make sure you can't walk away from this book with out dousing a few tissues.

And all that occurs before Mr. Fillion reveals his true show stopper, Captain Beedal! He's the Captain of a Sektan military force tasked with capturing Locus. He's right up there with Strider and the Harpy Bros as one of my favorite new Class Comics men. He's got this look of a true military leader. He's older, more mature, better built and dons lighter skin then Locus. (I wonder if that is a sign of age?) In a simply genius design choice, he is dotted with spots that resemble that of an unshaven muscle daddy. Even his cock has a few stragglers. The effect helps make Beedal unbelievably desirable. He is even better HUNG then Locus and you just know his pants are going to come off sooner, or later. When they do, the resulting love scene is one of the most memorable in Classes long resume of impressive man sex. Once again Patrick Fillion adds empathy to his characters, showing us that even in the vastness of space, gay men are not necessarily free to live as they please.

Captain Beedal is the hottest new addition to Class Comics. Many of the characters boast a new style as evident with Disco and Jung here.

Here is an awesome blog exclusive peek at Captain Beedals cock!

As Beedal comes into the picture, we are given a better view into the society Locus was born into. Locus is not a conformist. A lot of gay men will sympathize with Locus's plight. Truth is, it probably wouldn't be so hard for him to follow in his societies ways. That can be said of all of us. We would all like to step up and raise our first in battle for our gay rights, but it takes a certain kind of hero to stand up against a whole world. We learn a bit about his past, like how he was once an interplanetary playboy, a drug addict and a jerk. That is, until one faithful day all that changed and the Locus we know and love was born. The book brings readers up to date with his recent adventures and puts everything in a nice chronological order for older fans as well. In the process we get another cameo from Boytoon Adventures, with a shot of Tarantulo. He's a character I certainly didn't mind seeing again. :) Most welcome of all is the return of Classic Camili-Cat. In a very heart warming segment, Cam once again dons his original hair style. It is something that made me realize just how long these successful characters have been around for.

A warning to the squimish, the punishment for betrayal gets a little Temple of Doomish. In fact I would rather face off against 100 giant centipedes and other insects from Earths Carboniferous period then just one of the nasty little bastards Locus encounters. The buggy bestiality that ensues gives a horrific incite into how barbaric Sektan laws are and knowing all this, how brave Locus was in trying to defy them.

Locus #1 does not leave you hanging for the next chapter. It's story is self contained, but it does start up something that can be explored deeper and deeper. I for one wouldn't mind a closer glimpse into the world of Sekta Prime. Even after answering so many questions about his species, from how Locus breaths, to what his cum tastes like, the book has left me with some intriguing questions as well. Questions like how many of his race really are gay? Is there are any Sektan females? And if we can see Captain Beedals troopers gang bang Locus?! LOL!

The art work makes the characters look sharper then ever. The coloring by Golden Key makes the men leap from the page! If you are a fan of Class Comics biggest dicked (bipedal) hero, you need to pick up this title! An excellent start to the years releases.

1680 X 1050

1280 X 1024

Check out this amazing Wallpaper. It's like a cover for Locus the video game. :D Beautiful stuff!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barbarians in the Mist by Maduinshorn! :D

Hey guys! It's time for the triumphant return of Maduinshorn! When I commissioned this I was very eager to see him once again draw Zahn. His image of Zahn and the harpy man was the first enchanting image I ever saw him do. So I thought what better way to star up 2011, eh? Over the past year Mario has continued to push his skills further and further with each new piece, so it was exciting to see how Zahn would turn out this time. Needless to say I was extremely happy with the results! To make it even more special, I decided to ask him to go all out and include some all time favorites, Ice He-Man and the long forgotten character John Blackstar.
So much beefiness must be illegal! XD

These men have taken an icy cold pool and turned it into a hot spring!!!! The barbarians are enjoying the end of the winter. Spring is here and that means it's time to get wet and party! :D

It's a life long dream to see Blackstar getting naked. I wonder if he had a long lasting effect on my fondness for olive skinned hunks? I had the toy with the dragon as a kid, but it's Maduinshorns version I want to get my hands on! I am very jealous of He-Man right now! He can barely get his hand around that giant circumcised dick! He-man is just amazing. His armor looks so sturdy and strong, it's brilliant. Mario was so creative putting in some hot nipple pinching action. Zhan can't keep either hand off of him. He-Man knows he is all that too! The men all look so fucking amazing with their wet hair and big muscular bodies dripping with water. The cocks are out of this world huge! They are like sensual sea serpents rising from the waves.!!! Zahn has more foreskin then ever just piled below his head and you know he will love using it to dock with He-man and Blackstars cut dicks... Someone get me a tissue.... XD
The image is a an absolute wonder and I am very delighted to have presented Madiunshorns three brothers in arms, enjoying every inch of each other today. There is a feeling of closeness and sensuality here that is not easy to create. He-Man and Blackstar were made for each other and you know Zahn would be just the one to instigate this! Ha ha ha!

For a look at Maduinshorns first Zahn image click here:

Yikes! Bel Ami Meets Kristen Bjorn

In 2010 two of the best names in gay porn; Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami came together to produce a series called Sexy City. Last night I decided to check out Part 1 featuring Sascha Chaykin, Manuel Rios, Bruno Jones. None of these models are really stand out. They are certainly not legends, but they are not ugly either. Anyway, I found myself kinda getting into the scene when this little bit of ghastliness appeared:

Oh dear God!!!! Get this poor guy to a hospital. Instant erection loss right there! Instead of being interested in the action, I wanted to know what exactly that was growing on his knuckles. Now I am not that superficial a person in real life, but this is supposed to be a showcase for the best of the best of the worlds most renowned studios. NOTHING says a studio is past it's prime then when they allow an actor with growths all over his hands to star in an important video. ICK!!!! LOL!
I guess it's not too surprising since I feel both Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami are both a little past their prime. Studio produced porn productions are falling on hard times and this isn't gonna help it. XD

Here is something a little more pleasant to end on:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Ryu Vs Conan by MiOWorks!

Well here is a dream pairing eh?! This was one of the first ideas I came up with for the Marvel Vs Capcom 1970s series. I mean, you gotta have Conan and Ryu duke it out right? The two toughest hottest guys from both companies! :D Conan was HUGE in the 70's and 80's. I of course was only able to read his stuff in the 80s, as I was only just born at the tail end of disco decade. To me Conan and Marvel go together perfectly. It was a huge disappointments when they no longer had the license. It was such an icon inspirational comic of my childhood. It would be so incredible to see him in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 instead of the Trickster.

Well thanks to MiOworks we get a very sexy glimpse of what this might have been like! His Conan is extra pumped! MiO gave him some sweet ass glistening pecs, blazing pink nipples and skin baked a perfect brown in the sun. His foreskin looks so tight that it's pinching around that expanding pink head. I bet it's extra sensitive at this point! Ryu will have fun licking it's precum off in a few moments! :P I like the frizzy loin cloth MiO gave him. No way that thing can hide that monster cock!

Ryu is no slouch either, he has big muscular arms and huge upper body. Can he really take on the mighty Cimmerian with any hope of winning? XD I do have to say, I dig the friendly expression both men wear on as they spar with each other. MioWorks did some extraordinary special effects for the fireball in this piece. When I zoomed into the image, I noticed a lot of nice little touches. Thanks MioWorks! We will have to revisit Conan again some day for sure! :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Awe Inspiring Gay Centaurs Forest By Hydaria!

Hello everyone! I haven't been blogging much these days. You can blame my new found addiction to Resident Evil 5 for that. ;P I haven never enjoyed a Resident Evil game so much as with this one. I got a little dizzy from it yesterday, so I decided to slow down a bit and work on some blogs. Ha ha ha! Anyone that wants to add me on PS3 can do so!

Come with me now to the Centaurs Forest of Equinnus a place located in the brilliant mind of Hydaria...

This brilliant image was a labor of love for Hydaria, who wanted to try out new effects. I did my very best of coming up with something very exciting for the pose. One is instantly transported deep into magical land, where far away from prying eyes, men can fully enjoy the pleasures of the flesh! Even though Zahn is at sword point, you know he is loving every second of this! Hydaria and I decided to pursue a centaur with a double dick for twice the fun. Kayxon, one of my favorite minor character from Felinoids was added to handle the big meat. :P Hydraia really wanted to give Equinnus a hard on inducing giant cock, so he made it big enough to come just past the front legs! Talk about extreme awesomeness! :D That man always leaves me in a spell, with my lips trying to mouth those perfect cock heads of his! The one Kayxon is grabbing tightly with both hands is no exception!

For his first centaur ever, Hydarias Equinnus turned out to be an extraordinarily sexy man beast! I like how big, strong and sturdy his ball sacks both are! Zahn was such a sexy stud when drawn by Hydaria I had to ask for an encore appearance! And what a show stopper he is! :P Ho, ho, check out the tight leathery foreskin and the bulging abs! YUM YUM! There is a lot of realism that puts you into the image here thanks to the illumination effects on the characters. You can almost reach out and touch the fuzz on Zahn boot, feel the silkiness of Equinnus's hair and feel the heat of the early morning sun on the mens shoulders.

All the men start cumming at once. Kayxon cum pours from the tip of his foreskin filling his skin sack. Zahn shoots high into the tree tops with out even the slightest touch to his cock. Equinnus experiences a double cum shot, filling Zahns hole and Kayxons hungry mouth! A total masterpiece Hydaria, one of your most stunning pieces ever! Thank you so much. :D

Meanwhile in the forests of Hyrule...
One more image of that Link from the Zelda project for you guys! I am currently replaying Twilight Princess, which is such an great game.

Speaking of Class Comics stuff, Patrick Fillions book IlLUSTrations Featuring Cam, Spot and the gang is up for a Gabybie award! The art book should come with a box of tissues! I am a little bummed that the triumphant Zahn 2 and Spell binding Space Cadet didn't also get a nomination, but I guess they only pick one book per author.
You can Vote for IlLUSTtrations: The art of Patrick Fillion at the TLAvideo Gaybies here:

Spot and Cam getting it on is reason enough to check this title out!

In honor of the event, the boys at Class are offering a 20% discount on everything on site with the code VOTE for a limited time! Now is your chance to pick up some great comics at a real bargain! Visit today!

Friday, March 18, 2011

How I Came To Know The Cosmo Gang

Isn't it great when you randomly find a gem of a game from the past you never heard of? I thought I had all but milked the Super Famicom dry, but found that was not the case when I stumbled upon the Cosmo Gang. How I came to know them is interesting enough. The first time I saw them was on this Tattoo set from a Namco Arcade. I don't think they have these in Canada. I found this one on E-bay almost ten ago.
You can see the gang leader there. I would often find stickers, cards and stuff toys of these guys. Even on some Japanese sites I would see them and almost always they were identified as Dig Dug characters. I don't recall seeing them in any of the Dig Dug remixes, or sequels.
Then one day many years ago I looked up Pac-attack on wikipedia while I was bored at work. The article had a very interesting piece of information on it. Pac-Attack was originally a game called Cosmo Gang the Puzzle. Well, how interesting! I immediately looked up the games title on Wiki, but at the time there was no info on it. I am sure I did a quick google search and discovered the characters had made an appearance in an payout arcade machine. Sadly I let the new found knowledge slip through my fingers, forgot about it entirely and never bothered to look up the game. Isn't that always the way with wiki? XD

So fast forward to 2011....I am looking at my youtube subscriptions and see a very peculiar Bandai hand held LCD game video. The title is called CosmoGangs. Something about these jibber jabbering characters tugs at something in my memory...but what? At first I dismissed the game as the most annoying LCD of all time. A game that buy rights any parent should yell at and smack their child for playing within hearing distance. Just watch the video:

An image of the LCD game based on the hit arcade machine.

The fact that it was unique in it's speech and character designs had me looking it up on E-Bay and that is when I found it! Two of it actually. The Cosmo Gang had stared in two Super Famicom games produced by Namco in the early 1990s. Not just any games either! No! The first game made in 1991 was called Cosmo Gang the video and of all things it was a sequel to one of the greatest game series of all time Galaga/Galaxaian!!!!

First off just check out the awesome artwork that is spread all over the front and back of the box. Gosh how I miss video games like this! Quirky, cartoony, wacky and full of color!!!! NO DIRTY GREY, MURKY GREEN AND DULL BROWNS! It's a miracle!!! You couldn't release a game like this today. XD Cough...sorry..for all the amazing graphics games have today, it wouldn't hurt some game creators to explore the entire spectrum of colors. XD Even the characters of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 were highlighted in a shade of black darker then night itself.

The great box art was not just there to dupe you into buying some inferior product either. I have played through most of the Super Famicom and all of the arcade version and I can tell you right now: this is my retro pick of the year. If you are a Galaga fan and you have not played this yet, you are seriously missing out. The game takes the craziness of Galaga '88 and amps it up by providing an even more unique and hilarious cast of characters and super challenging game play. Don't let the cute designs fool you. The Cosmo Gang are touch cookies!

One of the things about the game I really admire is cast. Unlike a lot of strange shooters, where you are just shooting a lot of random silly things like fruit, or brooms and giant mechs, the Cosmo Gang enemies center on a defined cast of baddies. And what a cast it is, from the arrogant demanding leader, to the sassy grunts, each sprite will have you smiling from cheek to cheek. The game mixes in sound effects and attacks patterns from Galaga, but also introduces attacks you have never seen before. You space police captain will get all sorts of bizarre and amazing power ups. Wait till you see the wicked last boss with his Super Adventure Island style tune rocking in the background! Just for good measure Namco even included the arcade machine as a bonus round and they even change the them each time you get to it! Truly Namco has made one of their biggest blunders of all time by keeping this amazing game hidden in Japan.

Just take in that box art. Even as a full grown adult, I had to run to E-bay and pick up a copy of this game immediately. Games like this remind me why I got into video games in the first place.

As much as I like the classic Pac-Attack, I have always found the game a little drab and slightly depressing for some reason. When you pop this game in, it's a whole different story. It's much more vibrant and alive. Even the blocks look nicer. I get the feeling this might be a sequel game. It looks like the Gang is trying to rebuild their society after the great war of the last the title left them fairly devastated. They are hardy little guys :P Sadly I cannot get the Mame version to work. I keep getting a type miss match error message.
The game must have been popular because you can find it for sale all over e-bay. If you don't have a Super Famicom, or means to play the games on your SNES, then do your best to locate the Rom for both SNES and MAME. You won't regret running into the Cosmo Gang! :D

P.S. Get the Japanese Version of the arcade game, the US voice acting is HORRIBLE!

That Is One Heck of a Gay Video Game Cover...

A few years ago when I was adding to my Super Famicom collection I noticed this little title called Heracles no Eikou III: Kamigami no Chinmoku for sale for like $4. It was listed by a seller I was already buying other titles from.I think I was buying the Japanese Version of Crono Trigger for a friend at the time, which comes a heck of a lot cheaper then the US version. I was totally spellbound by how gay the cover art on this game was. I wanted it the second I saw it. The low price sealed the deal. To this day I haven't played it, as it is not English friendly at all. There is patch online I think to play the ROM in English. Even as unplayable as it is, it makes a great conversation piece. I have never heard any where that there is any actual gay content in the game. I highly doubt there would be in a Data East game. I wonder if any gay guys in Japan picked this up, wondering if there would be? XD

I dug the game up this morning and leafed through the instruction booklet, hoping to have a few more images to share. Sadly the booklet is full of colored sketches where the characters lack a lot of detail. They don't even have their mouths drawn on. You might wonder if I ever considered presenting an erotic piece of the main characters. I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind, but Heracles hasn't really moved me much as I have never gotten into the series. I hardly even touched the patched NES version you can find online. The series did come here in the form of a DS game, but the character on the cover looks like a frail teenage boy. That's not the kind of thing that draws me in if the game is entitled Hercules. ;P Had they stayed with hunky warriors this post might have been very different....

And speaking of gay games on the Famicom:

Dear Boys playing Basketball? Hmmm These guys would get their asses handed to them acting like that in the hood! Only in Japan! XD

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ink-B

This is a special blog post in honor of my old buddy Ink-B. Ink's first characters were Juhh and Orion. They are two RPG inspired men who Ink one day wants to feature in a game, or comic. He came to me long ago saying how he really wanted to develop them, but had never done so. He has commented time and again how all the art of Lil' Deep has had a profound effect on him. How he can now see, hear and even smell Lil' Deep in his minds eye. I figured maybe a little art from other artists would help get his imagination going with these two.

When I sent out the images of Orion I also sent out a picture Ink-B drew large beast from his world called a Sea King. Subconsciously I know I was hoping Caravaggia would include it in her image! Hee hee. The massive beast looks awesome. Her beautiful painting of Orion has some very smooth youthful features. I love his booty bottom! :P Riding the beast like that, her Orion looks like he would go well on the cover of a side scrolling shooting style game of old!

This is the second time I have seen Lastmanouthere do an image of a black man and I gotta hand it to him, he has a natural knack for them. He gave him some great feature in his handsome face. Epecially those creamy lips and nice eyes. It's great how he has that massive bulge even though his pants are baggy. Says something about what he must be packing in there! I guess he has a special birthday candle for Ink-B! Lastmanouthere even included the script from Orions world on the wall. I wonder what it says? I really like this image of him just casually chilling in his space ship. ^_^

Karulox did a bust sketch of Orion for Ink-B. He went over the sketch and provided some very wicked shading to give him a very realistic look. Orions got this tall, thin, sexy build going for him here. :D His hair is all wild and frizzy! XD Love the huge muscles on his arms on his thin frame. He looks a little stressed from dealing with those constant random RPG battles! Can't move two feet with out an ambush! XD

FallenAngel took it up a notch when he heard that Ink-B was looking for a Princess for Orion to save. He took on the challenge of making a fitting damsel in distress and what a beauty she is! Inspired by all those great Edgar Rice Burroughs tales, she of course keeps her breasts exposed! :P She can see even with her eyes shut, which she must keep closed at all times. For you see, her gaze is deadly. Maybe it will be Orions quest to restore her normal sight. With hair made from an entire Galaxy, who wouldn't be charmed into helping her? Orion looks fantastic here, with his clothes torn from battling his way to her, nothing left but a staff to protect himself from the kidnapping hoards. It's the cover of a beautiful space opera!

Being a fellow Final Fantasy Fan Aneros really poured on the Square Style charm in his delightful sketch of Juhh, the friend of Orion. In fact, I would swear this was an actually Final Fantasy character if I didn't already know better! Aneros took the time to help define the characters costume, like his pants and boots. He even gave him a kick ass sword! Can't have a RPG hero with out a sword the same size as he is! It wouldn't be right! :D That shirt is pretty tight, I can see his sexy belly button through it! NICE! He's such a charmer shyly tilting his head like that and Aneros was such a sweetie for surprising me with this.

Ink-Bs original sketch from way back in 2004 was all Aneros had to go on.

In Urbanmusiqs version, Orion has become a man and his shirt no longer fits anymore, but that's not a complaint! The maidens will all swoon at that big exposed chest. He has grown among other things a very nice beard that makes him looks so manly. SIGH! I really love the blue on his pants and googles. :D They look like they would light up and glow. Maybe have pulsating lights running across the blue on his pants. This sexy action adventure style warrior look would fit well in any game. Chris Redfield would love to have Orion as a partner I bet!

Ending this with some of Ink-Bs original images of Orion. I hope these wonderful pieces inspire Ink to further develop his characters by taking elements from each! Happy Birthday Ink-B! I hope all your adventures this year have a happy ending. :)


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