Thursday, August 12, 2010

Retro Dayz of Summer 2: Mayan Influences

Another idea I had rolling around for sometime was Balloon Fight. This is the first one to be produced and it was done by the wonderful and sexy artist Tomas Leiva aka Cray. Cray is really cool to work with. He's open to different ideas and brother this idea is different... XD Making an old 8-Bit sprite sexy isn't always that easy. Still, I felt the Balloon fight characters lead themselves to this pretty nicely. (Even if the in game boys have huge noses and are dressed similar to Super Mario and Luigi.)
Tomas has the power to make some nice bulky boys as well. You will find no exception here! Balloon Fight was a game I had on a 100 on 1 cart back in the day. Thought I had played it at friends houses before that. I was always more of a Joust man myself. That doesn't mean that I didn't love Nintendos little rip off any less. It fits into the summer theme for a couple reasons, mostly because during the early and late days of summer I can remember my friends and I breaking this out for a few hours of fun every so often. We had limited resources and funds..even in the mid 90s' we pulled out the NES all the time.

So how did we approach this? Well I had some ideas in my head for a time. First off I wanted Balloon fighter to be really buff and also Asian. I am not sure why, but I felt Nintendo needs a strong Asian mascot...LOL even if these will only be gay fan arts. No seriously I just see him that way I guess. He's easy to make sexy really. (Well for Tomas anyway) A big guy in a helmet, no shirt, suspenders and big shoes. The way Tomas drew his butt bulging in the pants that got me thinking they should be ass less and boom, he was even sexier just like that!

The birdman was a bit more of a challenge. The original art has them wearing carpenter, overall pants, or something. With that head gear, I always felt they were more of a tribal Aztec/Mayan like group. So Tomas and I thought about what that should entail. I wanted a more decorative head piece and more feathers on the body. The pants were lost and grass skirt was added. Their horns became more demonic looking and the beak more bird like. Cray added in some jewelry, sweet boots and some leg bans. It took a lot of hard work on his part!

I drew up some character models that were crap and wrote up a big description of the scene I was looking for. Of course being a classic Nintendo image involving flight, I could not resist sticking Tomas' wonderful Pit here as well. :) It's been a while since he drew him and I know many people enjoyed him as much as I did. The perfect time for a return right? ^_^
Cray asked me what I thought of a slightly different pose and I really liked it so I said go for it. He came up with an image where all three were interacting more intimately then I had originally envisioned. The ass grab was one of my favorite new additions. XD After Cray had drawn up the image as a sketch and we talked about it, we then had to figure out some color schemes for these two. Balloon Fighter is pretty much paint by numbers, the Birdman was a different story. There are three different sprites for basically the same character and the art on the box doesn't correspond well with the in game sprite either. So we basically mixed and matched a few things. Really since he wound up as a rethinking, pretty much an original character, it was all good no matter what way we went in the end.

The creative process at work.

Tomas added a lot of great little touches in this image for sure. The entire body and pose of Icarus is really hot. He's got a wild passionate vibe to him. He's just swooping right in butt held high and hips eagerly giving up his load. I like the new gloves he gave him and the little symbol on his belt. He has a great smooth chest that is just the right size. The Birdmans skin turned out just how I wanted it a really dark reddish brown. Those massive legs would give Chun Li a run for her money. The impressive skin tone really makes them stand out as tight and strong. I gotta say again, the puffy boots rock! XD His chest very wide, just right for catching cum on! I think the shading and coloring here is some of Tomas' better stuff. These character really shine.
Both new characters turned out so well and the commission process was so pleasant that I will pursuing more of them in the future.

Thanks Tomas Great job man!

Well keeping with that, Lastmanouthere was looking for an idea to celebrate all the hits his pages have been getting. I suggested some singing under the stars in sombreros. Then my mind turned to thoughts of those great adventure comics and movies which feature people chasing down old Mayan and Aztec booty. So I quickly suggest doing a sexy Mayan priest, or warrior, who was more interested in spilling white liquid from a man then the usually red... XD
Lastman went fast to work on him and in no time had an amazing sensual specimen of manhood for all to enjoy. This guy had a strong effect on me, as I found him very desirable. So much so that I asked Lastmanouthere if I could post him for all to see here as well. Limiting him to one site just seemed unfair to me. :P Hee hee.

"My gift for all the wonderful people here that have made this 2+ years an
awesome time, with lots of grotwth both personally and artistically.
This guy is Ixy KUK Recio, a young mayan-descendant guy who became the
vessel for the Guardian God Quetzatcoatl/Kukulkan, one of the 11 worldwide
deities allowed to remain as indirect protectors of this world. He is a
magician in training, and bases most of his spells in wind and healing.

Special thanks to Dinosaur Prince for suggesting the subject of this

Guys and Gals, this is my way to give 52438 thanks to you all."

Oh my gosh, how I remember waiting all day to see this finished. Deff one of his best works. There is just so much going on. Just take a minuet to take in all those bobbles and that decorative clothing! WOW. Lastman must have spent forever on him. Ixy has one of the friendliest smiles on one heck of a handsome face. Love how the little bits of hair hang from his ceremonial head gear. He is such a tease! XD It's great to see an artist try a brand new body type as well. His nice large arching back and small yet tight, perfect chest are very fitting the body of a sexy guy that doesn't spend as much time as a warrior would exercising. His skin tone is rich and makes him look so virile. That torpedo shaped cock that is failing miserably to conceal itself behind his sash, had me almost erupting in my shorts!
Lastmanouthere is a continued source of inspiration to me. After witnessing this spectacles I sat down and drew a few characters of my own, including a rival priest for Ixy to battle and maybe even more. That story is for next time!


  1. Ballon Fight! woho great work there! - FallenAngel

  2. Congrats to Lastman and great art!!! I love the design!!

    And i also love the Ballon Fight pic!!! I remember those sprites o_o and iw as surprised with this Cray art

    The bird looks....specially hawt to me x3

  3. Ryota Hayami (Wave Race) is not precisely Smash Bros. material, but at least it something, don't you think?

  4. Thanks a lot for posting it! hehe
    I'm glad you liked it ;)
    que bueno que te haya gustado devilman :3



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