Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dune Mouse Travis by Ink-B

Hey guys, just a quick blog tonight. It's raining like mad here. It's been dark and dingy all day. So here is something to brighten up the night. I wanted Ink-B to do a commission of my Dune Mice bros for some time. It kept slipping my mind. Recently I sent him a few requests and he pointed out FallenAngels image of them and said he really wanted to take them on. He picked Travis. He worked on him with no food for hours he was so into it. By the end the poor guy was exhausted. :( From his undaunted efforts comes another Ink-B masterpiece for all to enjoy.

Ink seems to have really focused a lot on Travis's face. He sent me one version that needed slight tweak. When he sent me the final he had gone back and worked even harder on his face, perfecting it. The eyes are especially well done. Full of an animated glow. That smile would melt boys hearts like Cheese in a skillet. He added in the cool reflection as well. The see through palm leaf with all it's little details is breathtaking. I really like the build he gave Travis. He's bulky, with a soft touch to his skin. This kind of build is great for cuddling up with Pharaoh. He is strong, yet soft and inviting.... XD

Thanks Ink he is wonderful. :)


  1. Wa-hey, we both got lots of rain today. Musta been the same storm maybe? You never know. XD
    Nice work here though, you guys make a good team, makin' day naked peoples posing pretty. ;)

  2. HOT DAMN!!! Can he fan me??? I'm dieing with no AC so I needs him!!! Haha awesome commission and sweet work by INK ^^

  3. Ink-B take is great :D love the fan design too classy :D - FallenAngel



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