Sunday, August 8, 2010

Retro dayz of Summer 1: Super Robot boys by the Pool

I was gonna do this as one huge post, but instead this will be the theme for the next week, or so. Remember when you were a kid, or teenager and as the summer would progress you would seek entertainment is some older items in your possession? My parents were not about to spend more money on games after doing so in May, so I either had to rent, depend on friends, or dig out old favorites from the shelves. It's always a fun feeling pulling out an older game even today in the dog days of summer and enjoying it again. That's the spirit behind these images for me. I did some pool themed comms recently cause nothing was better then being in the pool when I was young...Drying off in the hot sun, baking my skin golden brown and dying my hair dirty blond, while sipping a Coke and playing a Game and Watch. XD

The first image is done by Maduinshorn. It features three of Capcoms oldest stars. Again, this one I commissioned to reward myself for making it through Bionic Commando. This idea just came to me when I was thinking about what Nathan would be doing with the arm in the pool. I asked Maduinshorn who he would like to be Nathans victim. I suggested Ryu, Donovan and I might have mentioned Ken too. Anyway he said that was a tough choice, both Ryu and Donovan are so sexy. I know Mario is a big Street Fighter fan, so I really wanted to choose Ryu. Since we both agreed it was toss up, we decided to do just that, a coin toss. Hee hee I flipped a coin and Ryu won! :P
The image was just two characters at fist, but I thought it would be funny to have a spectator too. I was playing Gun.Smoke on my NESDS and suggested Billy Bob. Maduinshorn found his name, which I always forget. Billy was planned to make it into some commissions last year that never happened. (I just never followed through with them, not cause of anyone backing out.) I have the NES copy of Gun.Smoke that has a really cute version of Billy on it. I sent that one to Maduinshorn and he gave him a special super muscle bound beefcake body.
Here is the beautiful result of all his hard work!

Mario is always so fun and easy going when working. We talked about who is cut and uncut, the expressions on each guys face and the position of that massive arm. He miraculously positioned the 'fingers' perfectly on poor Ryus uncut dick right away. Guys amazing! We had a great time talking about the foreskin placement. I took a bunch of images from various comics and made a foreskin college of various positions to help inspire him. I really love the details on Nathans cock. He did a great job outlining the head below and the wrinkles in the beautiful skin. And Ruys has a ton of details in the fold back. Two of the hottest! Maduinshorn did two version of Billys cock for me. One with his classic style circumcision scar another with his newer take, which is very natural looking. I wonder which one people like more? I will put the alternate at the bottom of this article.

The position of the boys in the water is so comical, fluent and sexy. You gotta laugh at Nathans body language. He is so full of mischief. The left arm placement is the best! And poor, poor Ryu! He is flailing around like mad. Maduinshorn showed off his desperation and surprise awesomely as I new he would. :)
Originally Billy was going to be sitting jerking off, or just sitting taking a peek at what was going on in the corner of his eye by lifting up his hat slightly. Mario decided to make him fully aware, leaning over and enjoying the show immensely. He even added in his gun holster. Cool!
Really love the skin tones on each of the guys. From Ryus sexy yellow skin, to Nathans light and Billys dark tans. All three are yummy.

Spencer is such a sexy dude, I had to share a close up of his face. Mario made him way to sexy! LOL. I have dreams about that smile.

Ryu is so helpless here! Another close up I had to show you guys. :)

By the way, Nathan swimming is kind of a big fuck you to Capcom for making him sink like a stone the second he is in a foot of water...Bullshit he can't swim!! XD OMG there is a part in the game where you can fall off a buss that is on it's side on to the road below it. On the road there is two inches of water. Fall in that and you can wind up instantly dieing. terrible! Sonic does better in the drink then he does.

Okay from Cyborgs to Robot Pilots now. My best friend since childhood is obsessed with the Super Robot Taisen series of video games. I have watched him play many of the games since the 90's. I think he learned Japanese just to play these things... XD Anyway back in 07 I finally got a chance to play this fantastic series when it came to the Gameboy Advance in English. The games plot is a bit complected at first, but becomes clearer and clearer as it moves forward. Original Generation is a total blast to play. A strategy RPG that always feels so rewarding. The characters are all great and it's fun to upgrade them and their mechs. Picking your favs and dumping money into them never feels like a chore. The best part of the game for me was that it's not a horribly long RPG and after you beat it there is second story to go through. Yeah I know, that sounds like a lot. Playing an RPG twice in a row? BUT there is a little catch, you get to keep certain sats and a HUGE chunk of money. Each time you finish it, you can keep more money and retain all the stats earned in each play through. Meaning you can kick total ass from the get go with everyone eventually! Now that's the kind of reward more games need to have. I highly recommend it. It's one of my favorite RPGs and games of all time. I can count the number of Role Playing games I have beaten on my hand. This is one of the few I have played more then once and the only one I played 3 times in a row. (Or twice even.)
My favorite male characters are the main character Kyosuke, who as Karulox put it when I showed him an image, is 'so sexy and manly.'

OMG how I want this figure!!!

My other favorite is the Jamaican Pilot Giado Venerdi. He's got a heavy accent and is a bit of a laid back playa. He falls in love with one of the female pilot during the game. Sadly finding art of him proved difficult. My buddy has the art book, but he has yet to take any shots for me. I actually had to go into youtube and take screen shots of his various in game facial expressions and then find episodes from the anime to take screen caps of. This was the only way to provide proper refs for artists to work with.

This model Alexander Ramsey kinda reminds me of him. (You should seek out this video!)

I am currently into getting a few of images of these characters done. The first one to take them on is FallenAngel. I had the idea of them playing with squirt guns around the pool side. FallenAngel went further and put them into the water. I wanted a summer image cause the game reminds me so much of my last summer days on the farm. :( I played this game everywhere, especially outside on our deck.
Of course Fallen captures the anime look of both boys wonderfully. He made them even cutter then in the game. Making Kyosuke even more buff in fact. Just check out that massive booty on Giado!!! WOW! Nice bum! LOL.
There was a misunderstanding and poor Fallen redrew Kyosukes penis and then had to redraw it back. I felt so bad cause he does everything in pencil. But he recreated it perfectly and I thanked him so much for that. Whew! :P Not that his second version was bad, but this pose is really hot. Take a look! I love that skin covered head! Hee hee.

I gotta say that doe eyed expression on Giado with his head tilted down is so cute and hot. He is so not having innocent thoughts! His cock with the foreskin pulled ever so slightly down was a great touch. He's very youthful here. Kyosuke is dreamy with his big muscular arms and nice lightly tanned body dripping with sweat and water. It's a great image and just the start! Fallen provided a scene of innocents about to erupt in a fit of passion as the boys minds are shifting focus from the guns in their hands to the ones between their hips.

Here is a rare treat. I have never seen Fallens line art before. I would always see the completed Pencil sketch and then the final. It looks really nice.

Well that's all for is some random hotness for you guys till tomorrow!


  1. Omg, the first image, whats goooing on.... XD Really nice stuff though. I love all the expressions on the characters faces on there.
    Summer.... ah well it's almost over. But I know when I was younger I didn't get many new games either, but I truly think it's because summer has ALWAYS been kind of the gaming drought. Companies wait for Fall/Christmas, it seems.

  2. Nicely done Capcom 3 some :D

    and glad you enjoy it..still bit woose here but hope to feel better soon. -FallenAngel



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