Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2010!

It's Christmas Eve morning here, so I gotta type quickly! I have two special holiday greetings to share with everyone. The first comes from Urbanmusiq. I get the honor of revealing this uncensored masterpiece! WOO! His inspiration for doing this image came from reading his copy of Zahn 2 over and over. He was inspired by the love scene where Jonah and Zahn make love and the beautiful back drawn by Mr. Fillion. Comparing the two images it's hard to tell those backs apart. You'll have to check out Zahn 2 to see what I mean! Here is his own super hot creations, Stone in his Santa Cap and Amron in his alternate do, engorging his perfect ass upon Stones bountiful cock! Joy to world!!!

Someone is feeling the warmth of the season enter him! XD
You can feel the Australian Christmas heat in this image.

Next up is an idea I had rolling around in my head, just before Patrick released his amazing caroling image. Always the inspiration, Patrick said he would be excited to see us go about creating another caroling image! :D For my little naughty holiday card I wanted FallenAngel to draw up the surprisingly hottest gay comics couple of 2010 Strider and Space Cadet! Time was running low though when we finally decided to green light it. Only just a day ago this was as sketch with a paragraph to explain it. Fallen set upon the task with the speed and enthusiasm of a Christmas elf! It was done in less then a few hours after showing me the sketch. Fallen provided a little holiday miracle indeed. Here we have Cadet raising up his voice in song, warming the hearts of all as he travels through a winter wonderland with his dear love Strider, dressed as one of Santas reindeer. ^_^

This turned out just as I envisioned it with tons of Fallens charms added in even as he sped to complete it in time. Check out the Cadets foot placement! XD HA! I almost feel over when I saw what he had placed on Striders dick! We then pushed the foreskin back to make it even more hot. :) That green scarf and top hat look great on Cadet don't you think? I know what I want for Christmas, Strider to carry me away in those big strong arms! LOL. It's a wonderful image full of warmth and joy to enjoy for all time! Fallen is my Christmas Angel. :D

Check out the amazing holiday requested art Guytoonist created for me on his blog! He is such a sweet heart!!!

Thank you Urbanmusiq, FallenAngel and all the sweet artists that made 2010 so very exciting! Let's hope 2011 is filled with even more outrageous adventures and characters!!!!

All my best to you bloggers Merry Christmas! I hope you get everything on your Christmas lists!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MTcopyright takes a bite out of RPG Dimata!

Hey guys! Still totally under the weather here. I cannot shake this cough! On top of that crap, it's the busy season, but I am gonna pump out a blog anyway. I have been holding on this for a couple weeks. See 1320 had a commission special and heck, since I had not commissioned her since Ink's birthday, I had to go for it. The chances just don't come up very often. I wanted her to do something funny with RPG Dimata. She often does wild things with other characters like Busiris, so I knew she would do a great job. I asked her to draw him getting harassed by a man eating plant. As part of the package, she gave me cool image of Belvadar and a bunch of Dimata sketches too!!! So here they are for you holiday enjoyment.

I had never asked 1320 to take on Dimata before. I went with his human form for my choice. She really did a great job giving him slick hair and a great expression. I do so Like how stretched out that loin cloth is getting by that vile plant! XD I found it nice to see just how fuzzy she did his arms and legs. The hair looks to have a great texture to it, but also like it has been through a lot as he made his way through the prehistoric jungles. Looks like it's gonna go through a little more before he can rest!

Dimata buns anyone? That is soooooooooo sexy! Ha! That super handsome Dimata head surrounded by the wreath was a sweet touch. She works magic with his hair and those captivating eyes. One of my favorite images by her.

Here is a sweet bonus picture that really made me smile from cheek to cheek. Here we have 1320's take on Belvadar. He is so sexy, hanging upside down, penis in hand, cum dripping and chest hair blowing lazily in the cool night air. He's quite the vision. 1320 admitted to one very funny boo boo, that I noticed and we got a real laugh at, wings on his buns!!! That made me laugh so much, I insisted on leaving it in! Hey, always good if Belvadar has some unexpected digestive trouble during a date, he can just blow away unwanted 'air.' XD HA! Now that is creative!

Thanks so much 1320, it was as always a pleasure to watch you draw! Hope 2011 is even more fun for us! Merry Christmas to you!
Her Devaintart page.
1320/Mtcopyrights website.
1320/Mtcopyright blog!

Coming really soon, a holiday blog. Hopefully I will have that up by tonight.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Challenger Ali Aspen

Hey guys. I haven't been doing a lot of blogging and I doubt I will do a lot this week either. Thing is, I am sick. I was knocked off my butt all last week and now, even as I fight this lingering flu, I gotta get it in gear and do my best to get ready for Christmas in 4 days! Here we go with the Christmas rush blogs... XD
I thought I would start with a new character in my boxers series. I kept thinking about boxers wearing hoods and what kind of animal has a natural one. Then it came to me, A cobra! So I worked as hard as I could on a character.

This is Ali Aspen.

Ali is a young fighter from Egypt. He came to Canada at the age of 10, fleeing oppression in his home country. His family is cursed with snake like bodies. Ali however is a kind, thin young man. He wants to fight to prove his honor and do good in the world, but faces many problems. He sees Joey as a hero and wants to train under him more then anything. The top of Alis head acts like a hood. It can flex down over his eyes and add cover and mystique to his face. The sides in my design are thin and sectioned, much like the thin layer of a hood. The other layer is scalier and thicker and can provide Ali with protection on both sides of his head. His tail is extremely long and powerful. He is not the strongest fighter, but his speed, agility and heart make up for any loss in size he may suffer in comparison to his opponents. I am not sure if Ali will remain uncut. Most guys in Egypt are cut, so I am still debating that. :P

FallenAngel did a fun sketch of him and Barbe the other day, so I asked him to please complete it. I really like the way he did Barbe, he is very cute and funny. He's also very muscular! XD He even added in his apple tattoo when coloring the image. Not sure how that works on those super hairy arms, but trust Fallen to pull it off! Man he is bushy!!! He would make a nice plush doll. :P

He's take on Ali is a lot stronger then my frail fighter above. He gave him more competence in his face and larger body. Love the big chest, especially since I don't think I conveyed that well enough. When he drew the head frill he made the segments more separate from the head, instead of the gradual joining I attempted. This looks cool cause they have cushion like appearence for added protection, where as mine was just flat skin.

I hope to commission many more images and maybe even try to do a comic featuring Ali.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Come Snork Along with Aneros

From the moment I saw Aneros's sexy Smurf, I had been quite interested in perusing a similar image of their underwater 'cousins' the Snorks. Considering the phallic nature of the creatures and their 4 season long success, I was surprised no one had yet to pursue making AllStar, or Junior into dashing super studs! Well last week I handed this task to the Aneros. The man made lightning strike twice as his Snork as just as dashing as his Smurf, even more so, cause AllStar is revealing all!!!

As you can see, with the right artists Snorks can be very sexy indeed! It was really fun to work on this one. It was exciting just to pose him. Aneros came up with some funny designs like a penis for snorkel and giving AllStar a starfish tattoo on him tummy, which is very iconic of many porn starts from the early 2000's. XD Quickly we settled on going the same route as the Smurf, Aneros made his face and body super sexy. Resting above his strong chin, he gave him a perfect smirk and glistening green eyes that seduce so well. He did his best to stay true to the character at the same time. For instance, we decided to leave off the ears and keep the costume intact. We went with adding a nose, instead of making a residual one, or leaving it off entirely. I think he benefits a lot from it's inclusion.
It's always a hard decision for me to choose between a leaving a shirt on, or revealing a full view of the characters chest. I didn't have to make this choice though. I had suggested maybe a tank top for AllStar to at least show his abs, but Aneros was clever and pulled his top over back over his head instead. I never would have thought of that. :P Gives him that jock in summer time look. XD What better way to show off that sweet chest and tough abs?
Thanks Aneros! Your image is a total delight that I am sure will shock and amaze many an imagination!

Check out his smurf here:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Belvadar at the Ballgame by Hydaria!

So sorry guys! I know I promised everyone a new blog yesterday, but I wound up doing more holiday decorating and having a lot of company over. We had such a nerdy movie night, watching Tron on YTV! LOL! It's a great old movie though. I am really hyped for the new movie. The Disney store has some really fun stuff like a light up note book and a cool thermos. Anyway...I have been dying to spring this on you guys. Hydaria drew up a hot image of my beloved Belvadar and Guytoonist's Yankee boy, JD! I have a thing for JD, he's got it all going on. Guy created a real winner! He's so sexy and on top of that he is a NY Yankees fan boy! XD I asked his permission, then sketched up a concept and Hydaria worked his unbelievable magic once again! Then it was sent to Caravaggia for splash of her yummy colors. Enjoy guys!!

Man, you have never seen a coke commercial like this huh? XD He's all like, 'YOSH'!

This is really great! Belvadar is so super model posed with his drink, just so into the experience! I could not resist asking Hydria to draw him again. Getting him to draw JD was a double delight! He really gave him a nice chest with sexy fuzz! XD I love how youthful and strong he looks. The shape of his strong face is perfect for a Jersey boy. He looks like a young fresh Jock. XD I like how he goes to the ballgame in those tight little jockey shorts! The boys legs gently brushing against each other appears to be having an effect on their crotches. JD's cock has sprung from his undies and the foreskin is slowly being pushed back as it grows...Nice touch there Hydaria! That is one juicy piece of skin you drew. XD Hydaria had the naughty idea of showing that JD had been covering his crotch, till he wanted to get Belvadars attention. (Stop posing for the camera and look at my cock Bel!) Dang, that man has one sensual imagination!!!! :D

Thanks to Caravaggias sepia photography like technique the boys look so classic. Giving the image the look of a slightly faded photo was a great idea. Takes some of you back to those images of the 60s, 70s and early 80s. With her creativity it looks like a potential manga cover!

Alternate coloring job with white legs by Caravaggia. Very sleek! Really brings out Hydarias nice legs! Is it me, or did she really make Belvadars head shine? XD

Original concept sketch by me! XD

This is the original sketch by Hydaria. Is it any wonder I had to get it colored? :D

Thanks guys! I hope to do more with you all again some time soon! Everyone enthusiasm on this project was very refreshing!

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Class Comics SALE!

If you sign up for the Class Comics Newsletter now, you can see the free new Ghost Boy Comic drawn by Urbanmusiq, Leon De Leon!

There's a new Logan book out! Caravaggia is gonna love this! XD

Friday, December 10, 2010


Time to introduce Joeys main rival in the ring. The arrogant might heavy weight Monkey Fighter Pink Barbe Pop! Their family has been feuding for over 30 years and they take their mutual hatred right into the ring with each other....

This is Adonix's awesome take on him. He started and finished this today. The dear man, did this while he was in the middle of a move. He gave him a very strong build. That face is like a brick... Adonix always does great faces and unforgettable smiles, but there is something that really stands out about that smile. He's scary charming! He's hot, but you know he can grind you right into the ground. I like where he took the character, adding in dog tags and a very flattering tattoo! He turned out why better then I could have imagined him as you will see below. XD

Adonix not only helped in his creation, he helped naming him as well. He along with Guytoonist and I just sat and tried out best to name him, based on Adonix suggestion that he looks like candy. So we decided on Pink Barbe Pop.. XD

Here is some of the sketches I did of him. I wasn't really sure about him, but between Adonix, Maduinshorn and some others, I have a lot more confidence in his design.

I totally phoned in those about a rush job. This wound up being the final version.

My Second attempt at him.
The apple is influenced from a very special video game.

Big arms. XD

Space Cadet Meets Cho Aniki by FallenAngel

So after years of wanting to play a Cho Aniki game outside of the SNES fighting cart, I finally decided to go ahead and purchase the very first game via the Wii Virtual Console. The games are kinda like a sister series to Konami's Parodius. It's a crazy funny shooter, that instead of featuring sexy woman, features body building men in speedos. The purpose of the game is to defeat Bo Emperor Bill (later named Balzak in the PSP title), who's cravings for protein are wiping out reserves all over the galaxy, or some such silliness. What you might have heard about the game being super gay is overly exaggerated. If you have watched the American Dad, or Family Guy, you have seen a lot worse then what is featured here. For it's time however, it was a really bold move by the creators. The first game isn't really all that over the top. The only really gay part is when you fight two giant muscle men wearing sunglasses that pose as they shoot at you. All the while, gay club music and the words sexy men, ring out in the background. It's really more funny then it is disturbing.
The game plays fairly well. It's not as good as the Parodius series cause it has some really bad programming. For one, you never really know how many more protein capsules you need before you reach the next level. It took me a while to realize that if I hold the fire button down and then release it after a short time, I will shoot out my mans cannon, which is a huge white blast. There is no indication of any charging going on however. You are left to totally guess when you are ready to cum, I mean fire. That's pretty lame for a game of it's time. Sometimes you let go too soon and nothing comes out..and oh god.. XD
Aside from that, the game has a nasty habit of making shit appear on top of you. Bosses will just materialize right on you with no hope of escape. One boss in particular was a major bastard in that only the top of the screen was safe to be on when it appeared, if you were anywhere else, mirrors, or glass would rain down on you as it materialized further. Another boss in the last stage can charge at you at random and even if you see him coming it can be really hard to swing out of the way of his muscular flexing torso. XD Hit me baby.. XD
It wouldn't be so bad if there was a resurrection feature, but sadly there is none. When you croak you have to start at the last save point. You only get 3 lives and there are no free lives to earn. There does not seem to be any cheat codes, which I find strange for a PC Engine game. You do get all your bombs back when you die at least, so that is one saving grace. All in all I did enjoy Cho Aniki a lot. I beat it in a few hours and have played through it several times since. The bosses are funny, the music is unforgettably strange and the difficulty is easily balanced between easy, normal and hard modes for your personal pleasure. It's only about 9 dollars US, so it's a good bargain for your buck. Next time I will talk about the PSP game, but for now, let's get to why you really clicked that blog banner for, hot art!!!!

When I was playing Cho Aniki, I kept thinking how funny it would be if you could use Byron, the Space Cadet from Class Comics in Idatens role. (Or along with him in a two player mode.) I think Idaten and Space Cadet would be kindred spirits, flying around in space and blasting off those giant man beams of theirs! Idaten is really hot and I wanted to see Fallen draw him. This is the first time Fallen drew Byron as well, so it was a double dose of excitement! I like the sweet smile he gave him. Cadet looks really cute done in anime mode! XD Fallen thought to give him a bit of a flamboyant flex with his hand. HA!
FallenAngel mentioned Idaten being a fun challenge to draw due to his sharp muscles and all this little bits of jewelery. He removed his pants to show off his sexy legs and gave him a delightfully elfish look. Really love the shape of his cock head below his thick foreskin. I thought the whole thing turned out very well, with the men getting some illumination from the Earth far below. :D

Here is some of the games official art (PSP version.)

Last night Maduinshorn sent me a really cute image of Heroman he found. I am not sure who the artist is, but if anyone can help fill me in it would be appreciated. :D
I really need to watch the end of this show.

Another random image, this one I found for sale on E-bay as a sticker!
Man, I want to post that on my wall for sure!

Well see you guys tomorrow for some Hydaria art!

(As long as I am being random.)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A lovely Gift Belvadar By Aneros, Plus Ixy for the Holidays!

Tis the season to spread some good cheer and Aneros acting in the spirit of the season did just that. He created a beautiful fan art surprise with this, his rendition of Belvadar. :)

Belvadar is portrayed as such a greatly muscled specimen. Aneros's chest and abs are perfectly breathtaking. I don't know who to put this other then the body he created is just that, perfect. You can bounce dimes off that tight chest! When I take in his giant chest, his wonderfully segmented and shaded abs and those arms of a god, I just sit in awe. Belvadars smirk across that wonderfully sculpted face just makes me melt. :D His legs look like a warrior dancer, elegantly pressing forth towards his target at the top of some majestic cliff top. Aneros truly understands Belvadar. If you look closely you'll notice that he added in very fin hairs all over this body, the even leading down his shaft to his ruby red dick head! He even gave Belvadar an extra pair of wings on his back that look really cool, adding even more elegance to his design. Thank you Aneros for this dark Christmas angel! Our lives have been anything, but perfect this year, but such a gesture gives one a lot of hope for the future. :D

Next it was my turn to give a little helping hand. Lastmanouthere was very inspired with all the images of Ixy that have been appearing here. Many were the e-mails I received from him filled with great joy upon seeing each new image. So, he decided to once again draw Ixy as a holiday gift to his fans. But the fates were against him. He had only started to color the Mayan, when time ran out and he had to return home to his family. Knowing full well there would be little time for art during his visit, he felt discouraged that his plan to spread a little cheer had to be put on hold. So while he packed and traveled I called upon the amazing talents of Caravaggia to add a huge splash of life to his sex pot. So with the spirit of the season, she set to work on giving him a very special surprise indeed. Almost like a holiday special, she had the image ready, just as Lastmanouthere arrived in the airport in his home town. There he was met with the smiles of his family coupled with digital ones from his family abroad. The image rejuvenated him after the long tiresome trip. Welcome home buddy....

Here is Ixy drawn for the second time by msster Lastmanouthere,
premiering here at Dinosaurprince's Kingdom:
...someone release some doves.. XD

Leave it on Ixy, We like it with the hat on... XD

Lastman was determined to make Ixy even sexier then before! Working hard on this image was easy for him, as the lines fell with pleasure filled ease to the paper. I really like Ixys face her. The structure is lovely. His body just grabs your eyes, like a sexy roller coaster. You swing from his eyes, falling quickly to his hips, were you loop the loop at that monster ramp of a cock, then bump slightly to the left as you slide down his masculine legs! The cock is epic...
I was in shock with Caravaggias coloring. It looks like an old piece of parchment, or a page from an classic story book. I don't know where she got that idea from, but I am glad she was able to successfully pull it off. :D She was worried I might not dig it, but dang what is there not to love? Her coloring makes this an image none will soon forget. On a private note, what I really like is how Ixy's skin tone reminds me of that of his creator. XD Hee hee. There is a lot of Lastman in his creation, let me tell you. :D They are both good hearted heroes.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forgotten Worlds Finds it's way into Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's!

I have been putting off doing this blog all week, but no more! Here for your viewing pleasure is the next pairings in the Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's series.

Starting with the latest image I got from FallenAngel, this is the Unknown Soldiers from Capcoms Forgotten Worlds taking on Marvels hero Killraven. Killraven stared in a series of comics set in a post apocalyptic world, where the Martians from War of the Worlds had returned a take over the Earth. He has some very sexy sidekicks that will have to be explored in the future. :) I feel that since he deals with Alien invasion and mutants in the future he would go well with the two 80's stars, who deal with the same. I had to think about where to situate each guy in this one, but decided the 'twins' should be together, with Killraven on the end. Then I thought it would be neat if the Soldiers were uncut with Killraven been all American cut. XD This was not the first image I asked FallenAngel7 to do of them. I was very impressed with his first sexy take on them, so I asked him to do something with Killraven immediately after he completed the first one. As you will see I have a fetish with keeping Blues armor on and taking Reds off. There is something about a hunky guy in blue that turns me on! LOL.

This set of four images actually started with FallenAngels take on the two Soldiers frotting as seen below:

Here the men grind against each other as the future sun sets against a dismal world. Fallen is great at capturing the mood of the game. I very much enjoyed his shading and costume design. His style is perfect for these two legendary game sprites.

While that image was getting worked on I went to my old friend Sirio and asked for her to take on the unknown red and blue as well. Sirio sent me a whole sheet of fun sketches..Including some neat stuff with Killraven. In the end though, I went with frot again, falling in love with the tender pose! I just can't help myself. XD It was really awesome of Sirio to do this. The artist loved the characters and when an artists mind is shooting out lots of ideas my way, it makes me feel great and excited.

Sirios Soldiers turned so nice. The image is very romantic with them holding each other so close. Again Red was uncut with a thick foreskin and Blue cut, cause I guess, he's American. XD Ha ha ha! (You can see I had the artists playing with each ones status in the images) This time I asked for all his pants on to show they were rushing into the love making. Maybe Red was in the shower in the change room, he came out and stumbled upon Blue getting dressed. Upon seeing a toweled up Red, Blue approached him, flung off his towel and started to passionately embrace Red. He only had time to unzip his pants as they both fell to their knees sword fighting and kissing aggressively. :P
Working on this with Sirio made me realize how many hair styles the Blue Soldier had. In the base sketch Sirio just gave him a slight buzz cut. I thought that looked very sexy. I did up a sheet of the various styles and I asked Sirio which hair style was most appealing to her and she chose the more wavy spiked look of the later artwork. It looks great! Both guys are super hot and Sirios art is very fitting for such action game stars. I was most impressed by how stylized the muscles are and that big ass booty on Red! Woo! A really neat touch is the tan, or lack of around Reds chest and abs. Showing that he gets more sun on his lower arms, legs and butt?? oh my..someone wears a thong at the beach! LOL. This was a very cool feature since the heavy shoulder armor would prevent tanning. Always love it when artist think of stuff like this. :D

On a total whim, I came up with the concept below. I really wanted FallenAngel to draw his Bionic Commando again. The scene was going to be set in the shower with him and Killraven doing lords knows what...I changed that concept and tried to think of something a little more comical. Once again decided Spencer should have the upper hand. He might be getting anal, but Killraven is about to get the penetration of his life if Spencer so chooses...

Bionic Commando by FallenAngel is so freaking CUTE. He has a total puppy dog expression. He's so innocent and as always so sexy. Love his big thick foreskin covered cock. Another instant classic from FallenAngel.

I am going to add one last image, cause this blog is so Marvel themed. Sexy old Morbius done by Karulox! This pose is too awesome. This was on order from around Halloween, but had to be put on hold for a few weeks to be colored. It gave me something to look forward too. I wish I had more Morpheus to go with this, but sadly I haven't requested anymore since then and I doubt I will anytime in the near future. It's a great piece of the living vampire spraying down some of his own webbing on poor Spidey! XD

Karulox Morbius looks to me to be a lot bulkier and built then his original comic book form. The bara look is a very welcome change. I love that white snake of a cock as well. Karulox was kind enough to do a version with a human and a more bat like nose. Personally I like the human one more, I think it's more sexy, even if it does betray the early 70's era design. Adding Spidey to the image was Karuloxs mischievous idea. It seems like a natural pose to administer a little ironic pay back! XD LOL. Very smart thinking Karulox. Now I kinda wish I had commissioned a full Spiderman to be in the image to show his reaction! XD

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twilight By Fallenangel. Edward Cullen and Jacob go gay!

My little Christmas gift to the world of Yaoi lovingly created by FallenAngel is this awesome picture of Jacob and Edward meeting under the full moon light. Looks like they are turning their back to a certain teenage human and embracing their curiosity towards each other. Jacob is so hard he is leaking lots of precum. Edward can't wait to suck up some of that fluid and catches it in the palm of his hand.

Fallen did a bang up job on these two. I had a very specific pose for Jacob and Fallen got it right on. The cock is better then I had imagined it. Nice and big and thick. Love Edwards smooth tummy... :P I wanted to see them anime style and I got my wish. XD I hope all you twilight fans out there enjoy this. :D More to cum soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rocking out November with K3rry and Caravaggia!

I commissioned the sweet artist K3rry earlier this year, but things in his life were not always pleasant and the image got put on hold for a bit. Well last month when he saw Belvadar and the Apis Bull, he insisted on doing the commission based on idea with them. I was very flattered that he liked my new boys so much. So of course I met his enthusiasm with open arms. He went to work straight away and had a sketch for me in the wink of an eye. He created something extremely hot. It got my blood pumping! I got the sketch the day I went to an agency looking for work and I have to say it really brought my spirits up after having to do a ton of shitty tests. XD I wanted the boys performing on stage in a very specific pose and K3rry got it all right on!
Here it is for your enjoyment:

There is an Easter Egg in this image! If you look at Belvadars cock, you will notice the vein has a certain shape to it... :D The image made me want to reach out and huge K3rry. It's so vibrant and full of life. The lights reflecting off the boys, with the fog rolling in and the huge multicolored spot lights in the background really are a sight to behold. God those abs on Blevadar are HARD that I can imagine Apis using his cock to play them like a xylophone! XD I was excited to see K3rry stick close to my original hairdo for Belvadar and make his hair so massive! LOL. Very 80s! XD LOL Bels got a very wicked smile slashing across his face! Nice pit and chest hair. So thick, it's like a forest! Hee hee. With these sweet cock and amazing chests I melted!!! That chest hair is like a razor blade. Check the hot pink neon cock head pushing back the darkness and spewing forth. Someone really got into their performance eh? XD

The Apis Bullman turned out great as well. K3rry included all his features, even the little lightning bolt tattoo I was considering adding to his bum! His got big friendly eyes and a big body to match. :P K3rry gave him a wonderfully curved cock. It has a very nice shape, especially just below the head where it branches out a bit before swooping down to his balls. The foreskin has great details where the head peeks out a bit. He made his hair very thick and dready...nice! Wish I had that style! LOL. He was the first to take on his strange guitar. I think it turned out very nice. My design is kinda silly I guess for an Egyptian demigod, but why not! XD

I had to show off K3rrys wonderful sketch as well.
There is something so beautiful about his pencil work.
You can see the shape I was talking about on Belvadars dick a little better here. ;)

In the time K3rry was going through stuff, he constantly send me e-mails and talked to me online. During that time he was sweet enough to send me some fun sketches and previews while I waited. He sent me a really hot image of Patrick Fillions Spot he drew on his way back home from a trip. A little gift cause he knows how much I love the character! I could have died the day I got the sketch. It was just too sexy and hot to leave as a sketch, so I asked the super talented Caravaggia to splash a little color on it. The image turned our really freaking hot. I even added a little foreskin pull back version! Hee hee. XD Two great talents came together to create this wicked little piece of fan art. Caravaggia always knows just how to color guys up. She even added in little touches like his spots that were not in the sketch. Dang she brings out his chest and massive arms so well!

Spot's on his knees, but you are the one that's gonna be begging! XD

Here he is with the foreskin all the way over the head. XD
Kerry really should consider drawing more of Spot.
He really knows how to draw this character so well. :)

(oh those massive legs!)

Thanks K3rry! Rock on buddy!!!!

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Remembering the 80's the Flintstones Dino Lucky Egg Machine

These machines used to be in every grocery store when I was kid. It was a constant struggle to get my mom to give me quarter, or dollar, or whatever the inflated price was for the junky toy they would give out. The entire machine used the best temptation of all to lure kids in. Eggs on the side showed every single Hanna Barbara character your little heart could desire. Fred you entice you put coins in, cause Dino had something very special just for you. Unfortunately like so many things that the studio produced looks could be deceiving. Great presentation, with the actual product turning out to be crap. Maybe it was just where I lived, but I think I only once saw these things with any kind of decent toy in them. They never actually gave kids Flintstones, Yogi bear, or Scooby Doo themed toys. I think the best thing I got from them was a Peter Pan head magnet. I don't even remember them having these cool character eggs. If they had, I know I could have kept them and played with them. Maybe that is because I am too young to have experienced them when they first came out. What I got I guess was the product long after the days of good prizes were long over. I guess I will never know....

Eggs with all your favorites! Come kiddies waste your money!
A dirty rotten trick!XD

Dino was a boy...but laid eggs...
well at least we can say he did it BEFORE Yoshi now...

I don't remember Fred being so scary....

Wow! even Space Ghost made it.
I would have preferred Johnny Quest and Hadji though. :D

This is where the machines either showed what was actually inside, or more false advertising! Usually there was a Pac-man toy of some sort floating here. (Getting that was like winning the lottery.) I wonder if the collector put these eggs like this, or if they all originally had them on display like this?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Return of Adonix!!!

Yesterday I woke up to a nice package of fun in my inbox. Looks like Adonix is back in town and he had a most wonderful gift for us! He wanted to create some images just for this blog. What dear heart he is! He sent an all new OC and two really hot bust pictures of Smilo. Have a look guys and girls. :D

Adonixs RPG Thief is taking a relaxing break after running around the world. He's found a grove of Man fairies that enjoy pleasuring weary travelers. He's totally relaxed and spread open as one readies his cock with some protection, while another pulls a special tiger tail reed from the ground to penetrate his puckering butt hole.

Love the classic black lines with yellow background. Very in tune with many great RPG illustrations. The thief is very sleek and friggen well hung! :O The arms protectors are very cool design choice. I would imagine them shiny red if colored. Adonixs faces are always so great, that messy hair with that one long strand of hair curling up like that is my favorite aspect of him. The little fairies are really cute. They have a fitting, kinda creepy unfinished look to them. The one is lacking eyes, while the other only has slits to represent it's eyes and mouth. Very much like a wooden idol. They are the kind of creature you would expect to see in a Zelda forest. :) Very fitting. They are still well hung though! That erection shows he's good some friendly intentions. Now why can't I do this in RPGs? Better then the fairies just filling your life... ha. XD

Next one is Smilo in cave painting like image ready to take on RPG Dimatas meat! XD

Adonix really wanted to take it up a notch this time. The lips on Smilo are to die for! :D His cool blue eyes just mesmerize. Always an honor to see Adonix take on Smilo. That cock is really thick and well built. The thing that scares me is it just keeps growing off to the long is that thing? :D NICE!

Smilo gets his prize! XD

You might remember this image from before. Adonix worked on it months ago and has continued to expand on it. These are the two final steps. He improved many aspects of Deep and added in an entire background, lake, some very dreamy water effects and even some birds. Deep has gone from normal size to that of a Godzilla! Fitting considering he is Megalodon. XD Ha ha, the two palm trees sticking out of the island in background is so classic.

Lil'Deep holds a wire man in one hand while another desperately tries to climb up from his crotch before that thing gets erect I bet! XD

Here is a question, what should Lil'Deep be saying? Hmmm Maybe I should hold a small contest to come up with the best caption?


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