Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Challenger Ali Aspen

Hey guys. I haven't been doing a lot of blogging and I doubt I will do a lot this week either. Thing is, I am sick. I was knocked off my butt all last week and now, even as I fight this lingering flu, I gotta get it in gear and do my best to get ready for Christmas in 4 days! Here we go with the Christmas rush blogs... XD
I thought I would start with a new character in my boxers series. I kept thinking about boxers wearing hoods and what kind of animal has a natural one. Then it came to me, A cobra! So I worked as hard as I could on a character.

This is Ali Aspen.

Ali is a young fighter from Egypt. He came to Canada at the age of 10, fleeing oppression in his home country. His family is cursed with snake like bodies. Ali however is a kind, thin young man. He wants to fight to prove his honor and do good in the world, but faces many problems. He sees Joey as a hero and wants to train under him more then anything. The top of Alis head acts like a hood. It can flex down over his eyes and add cover and mystique to his face. The sides in my design are thin and sectioned, much like the thin layer of a hood. The other layer is scalier and thicker and can provide Ali with protection on both sides of his head. His tail is extremely long and powerful. He is not the strongest fighter, but his speed, agility and heart make up for any loss in size he may suffer in comparison to his opponents. I am not sure if Ali will remain uncut. Most guys in Egypt are cut, so I am still debating that. :P

FallenAngel did a fun sketch of him and Barbe the other day, so I asked him to please complete it. I really like the way he did Barbe, he is very cute and funny. He's also very muscular! XD He even added in his apple tattoo when coloring the image. Not sure how that works on those super hairy arms, but trust Fallen to pull it off! Man he is bushy!!! He would make a nice plush doll. :P

He's take on Ali is a lot stronger then my frail fighter above. He gave him more competence in his face and larger body. Love the big chest, especially since I don't think I conveyed that well enough. When he drew the head frill he made the segments more separate from the head, instead of the gradual joining I attempted. This looks cool cause they have cushion like appearence for added protection, where as mine was just flat skin.

I hope to commission many more images and maybe even try to do a comic featuring Ali.


  1. Sicknes is anoying but can be gone in a short time!!!! Just dont think about it xDDD

    Oh its Ali!!!!I liked a lot this design and Fallen did a great job on him as well (oohhh that pink fur xDDD)

  2. Thanks Devilman :D

    Yes, DP you should dont over do yourself get some rest ok?

  3. Ouuuh nice design for the naga boy ! Maybe he's got some magic fluid to cure your disease ? ;)

  4. LOL I wish he could cure me! Thank you for the very kind words Ga_l!
    Ha ha ha I am glad you like him Devilman! I am surprised people like the pink so much too! XD I hope I am better by 2011, this is nuts!



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