Thursday, December 23, 2010

MTcopyright takes a bite out of RPG Dimata!

Hey guys! Still totally under the weather here. I cannot shake this cough! On top of that crap, it's the busy season, but I am gonna pump out a blog anyway. I have been holding on this for a couple weeks. See 1320 had a commission special and heck, since I had not commissioned her since Ink's birthday, I had to go for it. The chances just don't come up very often. I wanted her to do something funny with RPG Dimata. She often does wild things with other characters like Busiris, so I knew she would do a great job. I asked her to draw him getting harassed by a man eating plant. As part of the package, she gave me cool image of Belvadar and a bunch of Dimata sketches too!!! So here they are for you holiday enjoyment.

I had never asked 1320 to take on Dimata before. I went with his human form for my choice. She really did a great job giving him slick hair and a great expression. I do so Like how stretched out that loin cloth is getting by that vile plant! XD I found it nice to see just how fuzzy she did his arms and legs. The hair looks to have a great texture to it, but also like it has been through a lot as he made his way through the prehistoric jungles. Looks like it's gonna go through a little more before he can rest!

Dimata buns anyone? That is soooooooooo sexy! Ha! That super handsome Dimata head surrounded by the wreath was a sweet touch. She works magic with his hair and those captivating eyes. One of my favorite images by her.

Here is a sweet bonus picture that really made me smile from cheek to cheek. Here we have 1320's take on Belvadar. He is so sexy, hanging upside down, penis in hand, cum dripping and chest hair blowing lazily in the cool night air. He's quite the vision. 1320 admitted to one very funny boo boo, that I noticed and we got a real laugh at, wings on his buns!!! That made me laugh so much, I insisted on leaving it in! Hey, always good if Belvadar has some unexpected digestive trouble during a date, he can just blow away unwanted 'air.' XD HA! Now that is creative!

Thanks so much 1320, it was as always a pleasure to watch you draw! Hope 2011 is even more fun for us! Merry Christmas to you!
Her Devaintart page.
1320/Mtcopyrights website.
1320/Mtcopyright blog!

Coming really soon, a holiday blog. Hopefully I will have that up by tonight.


  1. 1320, Hot Dimata here and yes I agree with DP, NICE BUMS! :D - FallenAngel

  2. MT Never fails to deliver the goods and then some. I never leave a commission with her feeling disappointed. You'll get everything you could imagine, I am sure you agree. :D I love that evil plant. XD And yes she is REALLY good at booty shots so as evident here, she can give even the most humble of OCs a very juicy booty. LOLOL



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