Sunday, December 12, 2010

Belvadar at the Ballgame by Hydaria!

So sorry guys! I know I promised everyone a new blog yesterday, but I wound up doing more holiday decorating and having a lot of company over. We had such a nerdy movie night, watching Tron on YTV! LOL! It's a great old movie though. I am really hyped for the new movie. The Disney store has some really fun stuff like a light up note book and a cool thermos. Anyway...I have been dying to spring this on you guys. Hydaria drew up a hot image of my beloved Belvadar and Guytoonist's Yankee boy, JD! I have a thing for JD, he's got it all going on. Guy created a real winner! He's so sexy and on top of that he is a NY Yankees fan boy! XD I asked his permission, then sketched up a concept and Hydaria worked his unbelievable magic once again! Then it was sent to Caravaggia for splash of her yummy colors. Enjoy guys!!

Man, you have never seen a coke commercial like this huh? XD He's all like, 'YOSH'!

This is really great! Belvadar is so super model posed with his drink, just so into the experience! I could not resist asking Hydria to draw him again. Getting him to draw JD was a double delight! He really gave him a nice chest with sexy fuzz! XD I love how youthful and strong he looks. The shape of his strong face is perfect for a Jersey boy. He looks like a young fresh Jock. XD I like how he goes to the ballgame in those tight little jockey shorts! The boys legs gently brushing against each other appears to be having an effect on their crotches. JD's cock has sprung from his undies and the foreskin is slowly being pushed back as it grows...Nice touch there Hydaria! That is one juicy piece of skin you drew. XD Hydaria had the naughty idea of showing that JD had been covering his crotch, till he wanted to get Belvadars attention. (Stop posing for the camera and look at my cock Bel!) Dang, that man has one sensual imagination!!!! :D

Thanks to Caravaggias sepia photography like technique the boys look so classic. Giving the image the look of a slightly faded photo was a great idea. Takes some of you back to those images of the 60s, 70s and early 80s. With her creativity it looks like a potential manga cover!

Alternate coloring job with white legs by Caravaggia. Very sleek! Really brings out Hydarias nice legs! Is it me, or did she really make Belvadars head shine? XD

Original concept sketch by me! XD

This is the original sketch by Hydaria. Is it any wonder I had to get it colored? :D

Thanks guys! I hope to do more with you all again some time soon! Everyone enthusiasm on this project was very refreshing!

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  1. Really nice to include Guy in an image by Hydaria! Quite a talented artist, whom, of course, delivered the goods! :3 Great stuff today. That's always a treat to see. ^^

  2. Yay! Christmas naugthyes!!!

    Oh both characters have loads of sexynes over, JD is just plain hawt (specially the hairy chest) and Belvadar design is soo cool and stylish

    Sinyes a lot in your cute concept and in the final art

  3. Hydarai rocks in this art, love the photo shot ver :D



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