Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A lovely Gift Belvadar By Aneros, Plus Ixy for the Holidays!

Tis the season to spread some good cheer and Aneros acting in the spirit of the season did just that. He created a beautiful fan art surprise with this, his rendition of Belvadar. :)

Belvadar is portrayed as such a greatly muscled specimen. Aneros's chest and abs are perfectly breathtaking. I don't know who to put this other then the body he created is just that, perfect. You can bounce dimes off that tight chest! When I take in his giant chest, his wonderfully segmented and shaded abs and those arms of a god, I just sit in awe. Belvadars smirk across that wonderfully sculpted face just makes me melt. :D His legs look like a warrior dancer, elegantly pressing forth towards his target at the top of some majestic cliff top. Aneros truly understands Belvadar. If you look closely you'll notice that he added in very fin hairs all over this body, the even leading down his shaft to his ruby red dick head! He even gave Belvadar an extra pair of wings on his back that look really cool, adding even more elegance to his design. Thank you Aneros for this dark Christmas angel! Our lives have been anything, but perfect this year, but such a gesture gives one a lot of hope for the future. :D

Next it was my turn to give a little helping hand. Lastmanouthere was very inspired with all the images of Ixy that have been appearing here. Many were the e-mails I received from him filled with great joy upon seeing each new image. So, he decided to once again draw Ixy as a holiday gift to his fans. But the fates were against him. He had only started to color the Mayan, when time ran out and he had to return home to his family. Knowing full well there would be little time for art during his visit, he felt discouraged that his plan to spread a little cheer had to be put on hold. So while he packed and traveled I called upon the amazing talents of Caravaggia to add a huge splash of life to his sex pot. So with the spirit of the season, she set to work on giving him a very special surprise indeed. Almost like a holiday special, she had the image ready, just as Lastmanouthere arrived in the airport in his home town. There he was met with the smiles of his family coupled with digital ones from his family abroad. The image rejuvenated him after the long tiresome trip. Welcome home buddy....

Here is Ixy drawn for the second time by msster Lastmanouthere,
premiering here at Dinosaurprince's Kingdom:
...someone release some doves.. XD

Leave it on Ixy, We like it with the hat on... XD

Lastman was determined to make Ixy even sexier then before! Working hard on this image was easy for him, as the lines fell with pleasure filled ease to the paper. I really like Ixys face her. The structure is lovely. His body just grabs your eyes, like a sexy roller coaster. You swing from his eyes, falling quickly to his hips, were you loop the loop at that monster ramp of a cock, then bump slightly to the left as you slide down his masculine legs! The cock is epic...
I was in shock with Caravaggias coloring. It looks like an old piece of parchment, or a page from an classic story book. I don't know where she got that idea from, but I am glad she was able to successfully pull it off. :D She was worried I might not dig it, but dang what is there not to love? Her coloring makes this an image none will soon forget. On a private note, what I really like is how Ixy's skin tone reminds me of that of his creator. XD Hee hee. There is a lot of Lastman in his creation, let me tell you. :D They are both good hearted heroes.


  1. Ixy is sexyyyyy :D, awesome version of Belvadar by Arenos :D you guys rocks! - FallenAngel

  2. More Belvadar pics, very nice! I really do love the abs and chest on his in that image. Really solid gold. Great work, on both images. Two really talented artists. :3



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