Friday, December 10, 2010

Space Cadet Meets Cho Aniki by FallenAngel

So after years of wanting to play a Cho Aniki game outside of the SNES fighting cart, I finally decided to go ahead and purchase the very first game via the Wii Virtual Console. The games are kinda like a sister series to Konami's Parodius. It's a crazy funny shooter, that instead of featuring sexy woman, features body building men in speedos. The purpose of the game is to defeat Bo Emperor Bill (later named Balzak in the PSP title), who's cravings for protein are wiping out reserves all over the galaxy, or some such silliness. What you might have heard about the game being super gay is overly exaggerated. If you have watched the American Dad, or Family Guy, you have seen a lot worse then what is featured here. For it's time however, it was a really bold move by the creators. The first game isn't really all that over the top. The only really gay part is when you fight two giant muscle men wearing sunglasses that pose as they shoot at you. All the while, gay club music and the words sexy men, ring out in the background. It's really more funny then it is disturbing.
The game plays fairly well. It's not as good as the Parodius series cause it has some really bad programming. For one, you never really know how many more protein capsules you need before you reach the next level. It took me a while to realize that if I hold the fire button down and then release it after a short time, I will shoot out my mans cannon, which is a huge white blast. There is no indication of any charging going on however. You are left to totally guess when you are ready to cum, I mean fire. That's pretty lame for a game of it's time. Sometimes you let go too soon and nothing comes out..and oh god.. XD
Aside from that, the game has a nasty habit of making shit appear on top of you. Bosses will just materialize right on you with no hope of escape. One boss in particular was a major bastard in that only the top of the screen was safe to be on when it appeared, if you were anywhere else, mirrors, or glass would rain down on you as it materialized further. Another boss in the last stage can charge at you at random and even if you see him coming it can be really hard to swing out of the way of his muscular flexing torso. XD Hit me baby.. XD
It wouldn't be so bad if there was a resurrection feature, but sadly there is none. When you croak you have to start at the last save point. You only get 3 lives and there are no free lives to earn. There does not seem to be any cheat codes, which I find strange for a PC Engine game. You do get all your bombs back when you die at least, so that is one saving grace. All in all I did enjoy Cho Aniki a lot. I beat it in a few hours and have played through it several times since. The bosses are funny, the music is unforgettably strange and the difficulty is easily balanced between easy, normal and hard modes for your personal pleasure. It's only about 9 dollars US, so it's a good bargain for your buck. Next time I will talk about the PSP game, but for now, let's get to why you really clicked that blog banner for, hot art!!!!

When I was playing Cho Aniki, I kept thinking how funny it would be if you could use Byron, the Space Cadet from Class Comics in Idatens role. (Or along with him in a two player mode.) I think Idaten and Space Cadet would be kindred spirits, flying around in space and blasting off those giant man beams of theirs! Idaten is really hot and I wanted to see Fallen draw him. This is the first time Fallen drew Byron as well, so it was a double dose of excitement! I like the sweet smile he gave him. Cadet looks really cute done in anime mode! XD Fallen thought to give him a bit of a flamboyant flex with his hand. HA!
FallenAngel mentioned Idaten being a fun challenge to draw due to his sharp muscles and all this little bits of jewelery. He removed his pants to show off his sexy legs and gave him a delightfully elfish look. Really love the shape of his cock head below his thick foreskin. I thought the whole thing turned out very well, with the men getting some illumination from the Earth far below. :D

Here is some of the games official art (PSP version.)

Last night Maduinshorn sent me a really cute image of Heroman he found. I am not sure who the artist is, but if anyone can help fill me in it would be appreciated. :D
I really need to watch the end of this show.

Another random image, this one I found for sale on E-bay as a sticker!
Man, I want to post that on my wall for sure!

Well see you guys tomorrow for some Hydaria art!

(As long as I am being random.)


  1. Wow! thats one cool Hero man LOL* :D -FallenAngel

  2. OMG that game serious. Seriously. I played it and I was like WHAT THE FUUUUUUU. >3> You say it's more funny than disturbing. I dunno. I was pretty disturbed. XD; It left a scar, I am sure.
    The art here is wonderful as always, and you showing off the official game at reminds me of how well polished it is as well! Nice ^^

  3. Ha ha ha really? I must have a high tolerance level, or something then! XD Too much Roger in American Dad? :P

  4. The "Heroman" image is done by Tsukasa Matsuzaki, a Bara manga artist.

  5. Thank you! I will be sure to look him up! :D



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