Sunday, May 15, 2011

Need More Green Peen? Check Out Swarm by Patrick Conlon

Has Locus left you wanting more hot Green Alien man sex? Well, it might not be gay, but Patrick Conlons SWARM Volume 1 and 2 features more hung lime men then you could possibly hope for. Swarm tells the tale of an evil planet eater and one plants biological defense mechanism against him. The planet eater keeps himself young by consuming a planets resources till he eventually takes in the heavenly body itself to further fuel his immortality. The Planet Irth however, doesn't take this standing still. Years ago it started creating Queens that can manipulate him.

The first book focuses on the newest queen named Silva being taken in by 100s of green men (her swarm) and having them sexually pleasure her over and over. All the time this is happening a big strong specimen named Oba watches from the shadows. While he does so, he tries to not let her to take over his mind, though he cannot resist the urge to masturbate as the scene unfolds. He is the lover of the last queen. In book two he steals Siva away to the old queens lair, so that she may learn from with him and her on how to use her sexual mind control powers to thwart the planet eater.

Oba is one hot stud and he only gets hotter and hotter in Vol 2. He's tall, broad shouldered, muscular and has two sweet little eyes. His member is cut (like all men of Irth), long and perfectly thick. Patrick Conlon has a knack at drawing some drool inducing dicks. The art seems to really evolve in book 2 as does the sex. The sex is extremely well paneled out. It flows along wonderfully and there is a ton of it. Roughly 37 pages of book 2's 72 pages are devoted to sex. That's not even including the build up between Siva and Oba. The dialog is extraordinarily steamy, especially when it gets to the point where Siva uses her mind control on Oba. The experience is best described by my simply saying

There is some lesbian stuff here, but sadly nothing that is man on man gay. Still gay, or not, this book deserves recognition from the gay community for it's splendid male specimens. :D The men are never pushed to the side, they are just as much in focus as the woman. I would not doubt Locus would be in heaven on this planet! :P

Sadly the first Vol of Swarm is long out of print. On Amazon it retails for over $60. The second and possibly better Volume is still available for purchase at a very reasonable price. I am hoping for a third vol, but with the last one coming out in 2006, I doubt that will happen. :(

Oba and Siva flee through the tree tops from Vol 2.

An example of the multitude of Green hunks that adorn the pages of Sworn.

Siva speaks for the first time with a member of her Swarm.

Djalla, Siva and Oba start training.

Spent and exhausted Oba lays down, but he will soon be forced into more....

The planet eater enjoys his harem of sex slaves. They are from a line bred to perfection just for him.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL comic work!! Too bad it's not gay!! Still, i loved it! <3

  2. :D~~~ nyoroooooo - FallenAngel

  3. Yeah shame this guy does not do gay stuff. He would be an asset to the gay comics industry. :)

  4. Haha. This is a pretty racy and sexy little snippet of stuff here. I couldn't help but lol at the "member" pun they threw in there. The green dudes are cool though. :D Nice of you to show this stuff off to us who have never seen this before. XD



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