Friday, May 27, 2011

Sega Legends Thor and Axe Battler Explore Each Other

Hey guys! I took a bit of a break this week due to my birthday. I have many amazing images to share with you guys. I received some very gen gifts from dear friends. Today since Fallen did a great blog post as a teaser, I figured I will start with the latest pieces drawn for me by the awesome Sirio and FallenAngel.

You guys must have seen this coming when I did the blog about Golden Axe eh? Well Axe Battler wasn't the only fantasy hunk to fall out of the Sega Stables. Far from it! :P Back in the Genesis days Sega Produced a set of games that were Arabian themed. The games seem to be influenced by Legend of Zelda. I have only played a bit of the first game called Beyond Oasis. While I was looking up Sega Saturn games I rediscovered a game called Legend of Oasis, or in Japan: Thor ~Chronicles of the Elemental King. When I found the sexy art of Thor and his cute companions I felt like I really missed out on something. I started to have thoughts about him meeting Axe Battler......

First off we have Sirios art, which was started first. Sirio did a spectacular job on the characters. In truth both characters were adopted by both artists with flare and style. Sirio and Fallen worked extra hard on both images and seemed to be having a lot of fun with them! (Fallen really fell for Thor as you will see!) Take for example Thors pants above. I really appreciate the lengths Sirio went through to make Thors legs visible under his parachute pants. They are very stylishly shaded. There is a ton of personality in Thors face as well. He looks like a teen heart throb. I really like those green eyes Sirio gave him. I don't think he had an eye color in any of the official art I sent. It's a great choice!
I decided Thor would have a cut cock and Axe an uncut one due to his possible European status. :P It's hot how the folds of skin is lumped tightly half way up the head and shows signs of tightness around and below the base of the crown. Sirio went all out giving Thor one nicely drawn big cock! It looks very heavy. Only a warrior could lift that thing! XD

I really enjoyed seeing how each artist handled the transition of Axe from the cover art to their own style. Sirio gave him soft straw like strands of hair, while Fallen gave him long flowing blond locks. Sirio applied a couple small eyes, giving him a gentle look. Fallen gave him large expression filled ones. His Axe looks so happy to finally have his cock freed of it's bonds. And who wouldn't be with an Arabian hunk like that pulling them down?
Fallen colored the men up in his deep shading style that he affixes to many fantasy images. This gives the characters a little more definition and tone. Axe is looking great with his Malibu tan and baby blue speedos. He's got this fresh youthfulness to him, that's very refreshing. What is it with me and blond tanned guys in blue? :D With Fallen they both became uncut. Due to this, Thors dick head in particular wound up having an exceptional shape to it.

Fallen so enjoyed drawing Thor that he did a bunch of fan art of him and sent it my way. He really has a way with the character. He posted all three sexy images (Including one of Thor in a speedo this time!!! XD) on his blog here:

Thanks so much you two for the wonderful images!!!
Here is some great scans of Thor.

I really wish Sega of America had used the box art from Japan. I would have been a lot more interested in the title and probably would have picked it up with out question. Maybe one day I will find a way to embark on a journey with Thor.


  1. OMG! Beyond Oasis was one of my fave games ever when I was younger ^^

    Also happy Be-lated birthday! (How did I miss the news of this?)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Jubell! :)
    Ha ha ha I am glad you enjoyed seeing a favorite child character get sexed up! :P Probably will not be the last either!

  3. Beyond Oasis sounds vaguely familiar to me, but I cannot be too sure. Some of those games are pretty absent beyond my youth. I do miss those ol' Saturn games. I've never been properly introduced to the system... but I do love my Dreamcast. XD Oh I wish Sega would jump back into console development. Though I know that they had never really managed to find a large crowd internationally and Nintendo and Sony always crushed them. :C

  4. Belated Happy Bday :D , Thor needs moh loving- FallenAngel



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