Thursday, May 12, 2011

Apis Bull Struts His Stuff By FeralElf

Here is an awesome image of Apis Bull I asked FeralElf to draw up recently. He's quite the groin pleasing spectacle! He's taking a leisurely strut down by the pyramids. He certainly loves to show off that booty! XD He looks back and turns slightly to make sure you get a nice view of his gigantic breeding tool. He is thinking about how nice it would be for a hot stud to sit on that perfect shaft and have him tweak his nipples and kiss for hours.
Ha ha ha Those big floppy ears FeralElf drew would be great to grab as he fucked you deep up the ass. XD His eyes beckon to you. Won't you join him?
Thanks for the super hot image Feral! :D
This post might appear twice due to the blogger issue yesterday.


  1. Buffness beef of awesomeness, nice work FeralElf! :D - FallenAngel

  2. Awosome, I can see him bearhugging your kangaroo figher OC ;)

  3. Thanks Kensoudojo. LOL I think Joey would give him a swift kick if he tried it! XD



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