Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IXY Sunshine Spectacular! Let's Worship The Sun Priest!

First off I want to extend to Lastmanouthere a very happy and special birthday. He's a long way from home right now, so please feel free to leave your wishes here, or on his user page, or blog. :D Lastmanouthere has helped and inspired me constantly for years, so today I want to give a little bit back to him with the aid of many talented friends. Today it all about Ixy! Everyone took him on and did amazing work. Fallen and I worked on the very first Ixy Manga story last month and I have been busting to present it to you guys. We start with the cover by Yelmo, one of his most succulent works! Really, it was like Christmas morning opening this masterpiece!

I am soooo sick of the weather here. Every day it's cloud covered and it POURS rain. I think we need a little Mayan Magic to bring out the sun. Ixy will you do us this service?

Ixy banishes the moon and the night.
Cover of Ixy #1 by Yelmo.

Okay Ixy you can't appear in front of your people like that....

Alight that's better young man! Let's get this show on the road! ^_^

Ixy #1 Art by FallenAngel7
Story by Dinosaurprince and FallenAngel7
Characters created by Lastmanouthere, Dinosaurprince and FallenAngel7

Ixy begins to do a sun worshiping ceremony for the awe struck crowds.

Ixy's dance and prayers call out the sun! His sun orb catches the light of the brilliantly illuminated sky.

The sun has never shone so brightly. The crowd gets out of control! Ixy is trapped at the top of the pyramid. It's time for his body guard to start doing his job.

Ixy is saved from a mauling by his fans. At this moment he wouldn't mind a little mutual worship.

The guard admires Ixy's delicate feet. He sucks on each toe. Ixy breaks free from the wonderful pleasure and uses his damp feet to straddle the guards super thick uncut dick. He feels it constantly pulsate and stretch between the arches of his two strong feet. The warrior then moves forward and lifts up Ixys bum. He licks all over his cheeks, while very slowly and gently he strokes Ixys foreskin up and down his head. Precum starts to leak out. As Ixy moans he lets it fall into his mouth, enjoying his own flavor. He lies submissive and awaits the warriors insertion. There is little hesitation from him. This is the honor of a lifetime. His dick tingles, ready to cum from the moment his head touches Ixy tight puckering hole. The warrior does his best to keep focused and not let the pleasure and excitement overtake him too quickly.

The warrior fucks Ixy for what feels like hours. His precum has started to leak out, covering Ixy's ass. Ixy feels drained from the amount of precum he has leaked all over the bed. It's time to let this warrior release like never before. He pulls himself off his new found lover and lays him on the bed. Once again he uses his soft, but strong feet to provide him with intense pleasure.

To Ixy's surprise the young warrior returns the favor. The warrior, nor Ixy had ever been jerked off to completion by another persons feet. The resulting orgasm has them hitting the ceiling! For many hours afterward, they remain hidden, cuming time and again. Ixy has never felt so secure as in the protection of this young man.

Watching the scene from the heavens, even the Sun and Moon get excited! The sun sucks on the moons strong rod, while the moon explores the dark side of the sun! XD A wonderful image by the talented Sirio, done with warmest wishes of a heavenly birthday for Lastmanouthere. I let her choose some characters from Lastmans stable and Sirio sent me various poses. I had to pick this one, as it looks like the guys are having so much fun. This view of the sun is too hot for words. XD

Ixy often thinks of his encounter with the warrior. He longs for a blow job, but one day he discovers he can provide his own self sucking. This freaking hot image was drawn by the sweet Karulox. I wanted to give him a subject matter that was of great interest to both of us. XD He really gave Ixy one heck of a dark thick dick. The kind that would beckon you to bend over and try and try again, till you could suck yourself. Love those colorful leg ornaments and wild huge feathers Karulox drew. Thanks man!

Ixy goes wild thanks to Raul! His vision of Ixy has some out of this world hair and tons of new additions to his wardrobe. Oh how I melt when I see those untamed eyebrows and big full lips! XD Any worshiper would long to pull that meat helmet back and praise the perfect dick! Ixy's new outfit is rocking with creepy cool face masks and some body paint of the God Quetzatcoatl. They way he is wrapped around Ixy's perfect body is making me jealous! Raul your creativeness is so appreciated here. Thanks man!
LOL this is my first sketch of Ixys personal body guard for the strip. :P

As Fallen was doing the the first page of the strip he drew some images of what he felt the warrior should look like based on my sketches. They are both awesome. It was very sweet of him to provide such wonderful care and insight into the process. He couldn't resist adding some cool Mayan art! I love the dark blue sky behind him. This could be used as the page behind the cover of the comic.

This was drawn while he was ending completion on the pages. A hot pin up that could be used as a back cover for the book.


  1. Love them all! Thanks to all of you guys XD
    This is the sexiest birthday present I've had EVER.

  2. omg im loving all these ... great job guys!!

  3. Wow lots of stuff too look at!!!!!

    Happy birthday to Lastmanouthere x3!!!!!

    I love how fast can Fallenangel work in comics and Yelmo and Karu pictures are specially steamy for me xD

  4. HAPPY BDAY Lastman :D - FallenAngel

  5. Amazing job to all the artist! the new pieces are all GREAT! :)


  6. Happy B-day Lastmanouthere ! =3


  7. Happy birthday ♥ :D nice that you enjoyed all the drawings ^^ very great works here and damn xD yeah I am very jealous about how quickly works Fallen angel! so fast :P I hope I can draw faster than I do :P



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