Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dinosaur Prince Rides High ON A Giant Dick by Cray

This is the second of my Dinosaur Prince and the Giant Dick series. This absolutely amazing image was done by none other then long time supporter Cray. Cray always seems to add a little something extra to his image for me and this time was no exception. He went all out and then some, doing a graphic novel style image of the character Dinosaur Prince. The level of detail in the shading is just astounding. DP has never looked exotic. The graphic novel look makes me instantly think of the old comics from the 70s and 80s. Titles like Conan, Tarzan and John Carter instantly come to mind. (As did the original art for Talespin. :P) It great to see what this character would look like back in the days of the great adventure comics. :D This would make an exception comic book cover.

Dinosaur Prince experiences the best frot of his life, with a cock twice as big as he is! DP is a pretty strong dinoman. He can handle that big uncut dick with one hand. XD The cum flows like a flag behind them, signaling their arrival. But where are they going and just who does that dick belong too? Hmmm....

Thanks so much Cray! :D

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lovely Tonia Harem By Kiangsu

Hey guys! Here's a really gorgeous image of Tonia by Kiangsu. He's enjoying some harem time with Skelldon and Romer. He made our twinky little Tonia into one heck of a bishounen character. His eyes are so dazzling! He's just taking that cock in stride. He seems to say 'Yep, this is my life. Envy me!" I love his big, blond, fluffy fro! ^O^ Kiangsu did a wonderful job with this piece. He even thought to add in a little of Tonias old Arabian outfit, in way of some gold rings. The whole image has a very soft inviting tone to it.

Thank you very much for this second wonderful piece Kiang!

The images seems to have been influenced by Lastmanoutheres 2009 piece:


Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Deep

I just spent the day out watching a baseball game and man is my skin fried! XD Here's the perfect way to end a beautiful weekend in July. This is a beautiful sketch of Lil' Deep, our sexy shark man by Adonix, that I got for my birthday. I've been saving it for just such a day, when the weather is perfect. Deep is sporting some sexy swim trunks and and one heck of a set of gorgeous lips. You won't know where to plant your mouth first! :P Adonix was in top form when he sketched this out. I do love all that long, wild, spiky hair. He's got the perfect body for the beach too. Ah, if only there was a beach close to me. Lil' Deep fills in nicely for real life beach hunks. ^_^ He would overshadow anyone on a real beach anyway! :P

Here is a Lil' Deep little bonus. Adonix drew Deep in this outfit originally as a Chibi! Here is the mini Megalodon munchkin! :D He's so adorable!

Here's another fun beach image I found not too long ago on E-bay. It's a bit of Daddy bara from the most unlikely of places; the world of Garfield. It's a pretty funny folder featuring John, Odie and Garfield and a fairly built life guard. Funny thing is, I am pretty sure either I had this, or a close friend did. It's one of those items that I forgot about until I saw it again. I did my best to put it together from the two images the auctioneer posted.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Astasia's Gay Galaxy Boys of Class Comics

Hey guys. Recently Astasia completed these three beautiful hand drawn pieces of the Class Comics characters Locus, Meezok and Aza. Each one is truly breath taken. Why by just looking into the eyes of Aza and Locus, you can see the universe!!! Hee hee. She certainly brings forth a style and elegance to to her work that echos a time period of classic romantic space adventures and fantasies. Society was a bit to repressed to do anything quite like this way back when. It's almost like she channels that ancient passion and pours it onto the page.

If I had to choose a favorite it would have to be Aza. His horns look so beautiful and I dig that cape. He looks like he fell out of a Space Fantasy from 1920.

Meezok looks like he may be perched upon a lone asteroid floating through space. He's so sweet innocent looking.

Locus is illuminated so nicely against the starry sky. Astasia really made him HUNG. He's not even hard yet! XD

If you want more Locus action, check out part 2 of Back to Square One. This entry marks the return of the Sektan guards...mmmmmmm. There's also a neat little nod to a classic video game. (Well I interpreted it that anyway!)

If you want to see more space stuff my Astasia, check out her take on David and the Alien from Prometheus!

Well That Was Lame. Peter Fevers Superhero Video

First off, I have to say, I was not expecting much from this video from the get go. I'm not a huge fan of Peter Fever to start. The guy is cute, but I found his initial reluctance to engage in any kind of physical sexual activity, by himself, or with another human being, to be a huge turn off. I know he jerks off regularly now, but there was a time where he wasn't doing much of anything. I haven't forgotten that period of boredom and angst he provided his fans with. It's left a long lasting bad taste in my mouth. Still, I feel forced to pursue his videos, as anything featuring North American Asian porn actors is still about as rare as an igloo in the tropics. Yeah, I know things have gotten a bit better, but the lack is still pretty surprising to me. If they are lacking in potential stars, I suggest some of these porn directors send some recruiters down to Ontario. We are certainly not lacking in cute Asian guys in Toronto. ;P

The other factor that had me watching this video was due to another shortage in the porn industry. That being superhero porn. This is something I just don't get, especially considering the massive numbers of gay guys the ogle Superman porn each day. Hell, just look at how popular the Thor image is on this blog. (And of course let's not forget Naked Justice and the many gay superhero comic stars.) Yet nobody in mainstream porn (gay, or straight) feels they should try to fill this need. Don't get me started on the XXX porn parody crap. The Superman porn was one of the biggest disappoints of all time. We only got one scene with the man of steel. Even then, the focus was almost NEVER on Superman, but Lois Lane. We hardly got to see any of him besides his cock ramming in and out and maybe a bit of his butt here and there. Ugh... I was actually going to do a full review on that movie last year, but just didn't feel it was worth the effort. (For the record the scene with the villains from Krypton was actually pretty good.) I guess I hate the entire XXX porn parody set. Give me the good old days when studios did videos like Private Gladiator, Jane's Shame, or Vampire of Budapest. These were movies that took on the material and did something sexy and exciting with it, instead of a poorly made spoof. Sadly these days porn movies seem to be vanishing, as studios like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, etc. take over with their repetitive same tired scenario in the same dull room shorts. Even Bel Ami and Falcon have had to change with the times and don't really do as many films as they used to. So my desperation for live action superhero porn has led me here, to Peter. Is Peter an Oasis in the desert? Gee...what do you think?

The videos laughable story is told through text that breaks up the 'scenes.' All of which take place in 2 different rooms of Peters house. Peter is shown typing as he gets a message and jumps into what I guess is supposed to be his super suit.

Okay I know darn well that is what it's supposed to be, but it doesn't look very different from any other outfit that he's worn previously. Honestly it is sexy, but how fitting of a super hero it is, I'm not sure. It feels like it needs a cape, or and emblem with a 'P' on it, or something. Not that it matters, because he's only in the thing for about a minuet and half. He rounds a corner and somehow falls into the bad guys trap. Who, or what the bad guy is, besides it's name, is never explained. We are only given a name, one that would fit a female bad guy more then a male one, by the way. Nor is any explanation given to why he takes off his gloves and puts bracelets on that are his "kryptonite." Even if it was due to some uncontrollable urge they generate to be worn, couldn't he fit the bracelets over his gloves? My guess is, he just couldn't, or wouldn't jerk off while wearing those black gloves. Poor baby probably couldn't reach orgasm with them on. He then discards the suit by way of two mysterious hands that strip hm from behind.

Well, you are no longer dressed a superhero Peter, so what at his point makes this a superhero jerk off exactly? As expected the hands from behind do nothing more then strip him and lightly feel him up before he takes his uncut meat into his own hands and jerks himself off to ever so boring completion. YAWN...wake me when it's over.

The rest of the film is shot like this, with close ups of his cock.

So out of 10 I give Peter Fever Superhero Jerk off a 2. If you have never seen Peter in action, you might be prone to rate this a bit higher then I did. For anyone else, it's nothing you haven't fast forwarded through before.

Hey Peter, last time I checked, turning a corner and trying on jewelery didn't count as a battle.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gay Caveman Fan Art By Naughtypreppy

Hey guys! Yesterday I got some splendid fan art from the artist named Naughtypreppy! He drew two really cute images. One of Dore Lockstone and one of our brand new member Tameh! Dore got a very unique take, given long blond hair that covers almost half his face and thick brown pubes. :D Tameh looks like he didn't quit make it before his makeshift dildo got all the way up his ass. Hee hee. I was really happy to find these in my inbox and even happier to share them with you all.

Dore is exploring the jungle....I wonder what he sees that's made his uncut cock start to thicken and lengthen? Hmmmm....

It must be Tameh, who's found a new use for his tomahawk. :P Well if he didn't want to be watched, he shouldn't be doing that in a clearing, right? XD He's got a lot of cleaning up to do, that's a big load!

Thank you very much Naughtypreppy for the wonderful gifts!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Tameh The Caveman

Today I am happy to introduce you to our newest cast member. His name is Tameh. He lives in the volcanic region of Prehistoric Paradise. Unlike Dore, he has no fear when it comes to engaging dinosaurs in battle. He often does so for food. His addiction to Dinosaur eggs is very dangerous! He's a scrapper, that takes a lot of licks. I previewed him earlier this month of Facebook. Since that time I have received some wonderful art of him I would like to share with you guys.

Fallen took my original sketch and drew it in his own sexy style. He beefed up Tameh, really filling out his legs and arms. I like how his legs are depicted as strong and smooth. They are very perfect for running. (Something he will need to be good at if he wants to live long enough to enjoy those eggs.) He will also need that strong upper body to deal with any dinosaur retaliation. If he finds himself in a dinos mouth, that big chest and huge arms will help keep jaws from clenching down on him! Tameh doesn't seemed too worried though. I really like how cute and happy his expression is. FallenAngel added a lot of humor to the piece. Can you find the little dinosaur? XD

Aneros took my sketch and added a lot to the character. He made him really hunky, gracing him with a sexy, curvy body. I love his proud chest. He also took the time to create some great accessories for him, including some sweet sandals and a protective cloth on his leg. That kinda gives it a boot like appearance. I thought the beads were a very way of secure his undies. Especially since they house such a big dick! Aneros gave him a handsome and gruff face, perfect for a caveman. Gotta love those big eyebrows. ;D

This was my original concept sketch I drew and placed on Facebook.

I am currently working on the draft for a short comic featuring Tameh. Hopefully it will be ready around August, or September. Thanks guys! These created a lot of inspiration.

Some Warriors To Help Deal With Another $#@$ Monday

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kid Icarus Drips Down Cum By Aneros

Tonight picture has quit a bit of history behind it. It started off as simple idea, that just kept changing and evolving. We had some really wild ideas, but they didn't seem to lend to views that blocked out most of one, or the other characters bodies. Aneros really wanted to show both mens beautiful bodies. He didn't want one character to be over shadowed by the other. So we came up with a great image and Aneros drew it out, even half inked it. Then something special happened. He was on his couch taking a rest, when inspiration hit him like a bolt of lightning. Horny lightning... I assume he quickly doodled out a sketch, but I never saw that, because his desire to draw was so strong that he inked it right away. He worked on in feverishly fast and sent it my way, hoping I would approve the new idea. I liked this new concept a heck of a lot and approved it right away. As for the other half done sketch, well I certainly don't feel that it should remain hidden forever. It was way to sexy to befall that fate! I am sure it will make an appearance one day soon. ;D

For now, I proudly present Kid Icarus dripping down on the hunky hero Magnus by the very talented artist Aneros:

As you can see, it's a pretty epice piece. Aneros at his very best. Pit just loving his view from high atop that pillar. Loving it a bit too much. Watching Magnus blow his load made his own uncut tube dribble down thick gushes of goo onto Magnus. Well, now you know how he keeps his hair so spiky in a time before hair gel. :P Gotta love the angelic pose of the um..angel! The wings, the massive chest and the awesomely sculpted body, tight smooth skin you would just love to rub you hands across, are all things that only an artist can create so perfectly. Aneros always seems to top himself. He brings forth a quality that he never shys away from in each product. I know for a fact that he studies many male bodies each week and that study always includes close examination of cocks as well. He loves the male form and it's so obvious in the attention he gives in his dicks alone. You can see here, he's given each of theme dicks most men only dream of seeing. The luscious cock heads, rest on wonderfully folded foreskin, at the end of perfect pillars. Attention to details such as this, help make him one of the best in erotic art.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tyrells Porn Star Pursuit

Hey guys. I want to say a great big "thank you very much" to the 3 contributors who came to my aid. As promised, if I could reach my goal, I would release the newest hentai manga by FallenAngel and myself. We got a lot of positive feedback regarding Tyrells last adventure, so we decided to do another story featuring him. The feedback was equally positive towards a certain retro porn star, so we decided to feature him in this story.

We join Tyrell, his best friend Sarah and his boyfriend Zack on vacation at a quiet little resort. Tyrell is about to meet his straight porn star hero Afro Johnson.

DinosaurPrince's Kingdom Proudly Presents:

Tyrell and Sarah
Hawaii 4 AfrO
Tyrells Porn Star Pursuit!
Story By DinosaurPrince and FallenAngel
Art by FallenAngel

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter of Tyrells life. This comic was a lot of fun to do. We started with a basic script and plotted out about the first half of the story, before we started work on the pages. Unlike our other projects, after a certain point, we did this pretty much page by page. This lead to a lot of back and forth on ideas. As we did each page we thought of what should happen next. Sometimes stuff we planned out was changed as new ideas inspired by Fallens Drawings came about. That's common during the comics process, but more so here with the freedom of having a loose story structure. I have no doubt we could have kept it going for another 10 pages, or more very easily. Fallen worked super fast on it during the month of June. Doing comics with Fallen is always very stress less, but not having a totally set plot helped to make this even more easy going. We basically breezed from page to page.

Before we started, we talked a bit out the character Zack. Zack was sort of a late edition. In fact when talking about the story I included him as just a possible story element to appear much later in the comic. He wasn't in the first part of the story at all and only briefly mentioned by the time I had wrote out a first draft. I imagined him just showing up unannounced at Tyrells hotel room, surprising his friends. His purpose was different at first as well.

The night I handed the first half of the story to Fallen, I drew about 5 different sketches of him, (Only 3 of those I think I shared with Fallen.) Fallen liked the idea of him and drew a sketch right away. I imagined him as Asian, then white, then a mix. He went through a few hair styles and body types. In my mind I imagined him very slender and being slightly shorter then Tyrell. When I drew him though, he appeared the same height and Fallen went with that. Which, I think worked out much better. He became a stronger character in the end.

Final design sketch of Zack.

So, how did we decide on his hair? Well I finally decided that I wanted him to have long flowing locks, parted down the middle. I wanted him to have a tropical boy look to him. I found a model with a hair style I liked and Fallen used this model as the basis for him. He had a few more accessories at first too, including some goggles, a necklace and an ankle bracelet. These were dropped either to make him quicker to draw, or to make way for his pet snake. Why the snake? Well as I sketched the new pages for Zack, I kept doodling the snake in each panel as a joke. Fallen liked it and we kept him in. In fact he really had fun with the snake, as he appeared in almost every sketch panel at first. As soon as things got heavy, he found a nice quiet place to sleep. :P

Zack is about 20 years old. He loves swimming and used to be on a swim team in high school. He's been Tyrells friend for some time. The two have been working out together at the same gym. Tyrell really helped him get a bigger body. He only recently came out of the closet. He started dating Tyrell a few months before the 'pool tool incident.'

Afro was fun to explore. Fallen cirtainly helped establish him as the kind of person you would want to get to know. He's always got a big smile on his face. Thanks to Fallen, he's a very friendly, warm character. I wanted to give him some really cheesy 70s sayings in each panel, but it got a little too corny, so I cut most of it out. Even though his dialog was changed, we did manage to keep in a little retro charm here and there. Fallen decided to decorate Afros hotel room with 'wonderful' green and yellow wall paper, so typical of that decade. :P Yikes! hee hee.

Afro was a performer that got his start during the late 90s. It was a time when there were very few uncut black men performing in American porn. This is one of the reasons Tyrell looks up to him so much. He's about 34 years old now. He idolizes many things from the 70s and often dressed himself in 70s attire on set. Many people easily mistake him and his work as being from that decade, as directors often cast him in films set during the time period, shot to even look vintage. He's always lived his life as a straight man, but after meeting Tyrell, he's decided to finally allow himself to explore his fascination with men.

During the comics production, FallenAngel hurt himself and took a short break. During his recovery he drew many sexy pictures of Sarah Shanalee. One was of her at the beach, meant to be a teaser for what was to come. Of the 4 images produced my favorite was her as a cowgirl. She looks absolutely stunning in it! If you would like to see the rest of the images he drew of Sarah, please follow the link below to Fallens blog!

I want to thank FallenAngel for the fun experience of doing another comic with these characters. For taking the time to go over each page and really bring something special to each one. Sometimes I think he was drawing faster then I could write! hee hee. Some of my personal favorite parts he drew were
* The blushing, winking Afro on page 6, he's so adorable!
* Tyrell leading a slightly worried Zack over to Sarh on page 5.
* Sarahs pose and expression as Afros cock looms towards her on Page 8.
* The shot of Tyrell reaching over to grab Afros cock on page 2. I like how Afro is
leaning back there.
*And of course the huge group cum shot!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

He's Wearing Our Brand!

Hmmm DinosaurPrince's Kingdom Speedos...maybe one day...

Guys things are still pretty tough for me. No work in a very long time now. I had some unexpected situations come up this week. I'm looking for a little help to raise some money to help pay off a bill. I'm looking to raise about $60. If I can reach that amount, or even half of it, I'll gladly post a brand new full color comic by FallenAngel for you guys to enjoy. Any donation would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christer & Carlos Frot At The Space Disco

Hey guys, it's almost Friday. Soon it will be time to cut loose and hit your favorite club. Looks like our boys Christer Echo and Carlos are not going to wait for Friday night. They're gonna dance and frot the night away thanks to the wonderful artist Gene Lightfoot.

It's been way too long since our Space boys have been paired together. Gene brought them back with some pizazz. He did a very splendid job on each of the men to say the least. He really made Christer sparkle, I mean literally! The dudes skin is highlighted with glitter! And that big neck, is just epic. YUM! Speaking of yum, I could lick his Carlos up and down all night. That cold metal won't scare me away. :P I love how Carlos is giving me a look like, 'Yeah I know you see just cuming and you fucking love watching it, don't you?' He not only blessed the guys with some great looks, but he also bathed them in a beautiful soft romantic light to help set the mood and bring out the best of them at the same time. Those sleek bodies have gave them really help 'em grove to the motion of night. After working up a sweat after some major grinding, bumping, light touching and heavy frottng, they can't help but cum all over the dance floor.

Hope this you guys can make this image become an reality this weekend. XD

Gene Lightfoot was a pleasure to commission and I hope to do so again in the future. For now though, please check out his sites for a glimpse into his amazing world!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nova Gets Invaded!

Story by DinosaurPrince
Art by Rent!

On a cold, cloudy day, long, long ago, Nova the grey, the mighty warrior, the result of cross breeding between a human and alien, was making his way through the plains. He half way across them, when two very strangely built UFOs appeared in front of him. They dashed back and forth playfully around his head with great speed. Annoyed, Nova took a few half hearted swings at the pesky ships. The ships started to scan him up and down. One aimed a beam right at his crotch. Angered, he took a great leap towards them, sword at the ready to strike them down. The two ships then flew closer together and seemed huddle and even be shaking in fear. Nova stopped his sword just before hitting the little ones. His anger turned from curiosity, to quick concern regarding what exactly was going on with his crotch. The beam had not stopped hitting him and he was suddenly feeling extremely horny.
His toga lifted in a split second, as his big grey cock grew into a solid shiny boner. He grabbed at it with both hands. The feeling was so intense. He could not help, but touched himself with his big strong hands. He ripped off his toga for better access.

"Wha...What are you doing to me?" Nova gasped as he slid to his knees. The beam continued it's assault on him. He felt so good, as one beam concentrated on his dick, while another controlled pushed and pulled his thick foreskin up and down over his head. He moaned and clenched the shaft at it's base as the red crafts had their way with him. He was completely paralyzed with pleasure. He started to feel the urge to cum. One of the ships seemed to realize this as well. It whizzed backwards, gave out an exclamative little beep and the other stopped moving the foreskin. The other ship seemed to nod, and shot a stronger beam at Nova that caused his dick smack sharply on his abs. He felt his abdominals being covered with cool sticky precum.
As he watched his cock relax and bounce a bit, he reached for it. Nova wanted to cum so bad, but a beam caught his hands and kept them at his waist, preventing him from doing so. Again and again the UFOs made his cock slap against his tummy. It felt so good, as the precum gathered in his cum gutters and oozed down all over the base of his shaft and balls. He struggled at first, but the urge to blindly cum subsided slightly and he enjoyed the pleasure.

Before long, he noticed that the hits were getting stronger and harder. Then he felt something very strange....his chest seemed to be getting wet with the precum as well. Then he felt it, his foreskin hitting his huge pectorals! This could not be! He looked down and couldn't believe his eyes. His cock had grow 2, or three times it's length and girth and it was getting bigger and bigger with each smack. His balls two had tripled is size and seemed to be heaving with cum. Seeing his perfect body now adorned with such a huge unit once again filled him with a mad desire to cum.
Nova was straight, but seeing his beautiful blue cock head peeking from the hole in the now massive rolls of foreskin, getting closer and closer to his face with each bounce, tempted even him with the desire to suck his own dick. He gave into the urge and as soon as it grew long enough, he buried his face deep in the foreskin! He sucked at the sweet precum, licking his glowing blue head and hungrily digging deep into his piss slit for more of his man honey. This time there was no retraction by the UFOs. Instead they forced the cock in place and let Nova have his way with himself. He groaned and slurped with great satisfaction. He was getting close, he cold feel gallons of cum starting to gather deep in his balls and begin to make its way up his shaft. He didn't care if he was straight, he wanted to taste his cum so bad. His cock head began to glow with a blinding luminescence, but Nova did not look away. He wanted to see it all pour out. Before it could, one UFO brought his cock quickly away from Novas gaping mouth. He cried out in the most extraordinary pleasure as his cock shot load after load of giant hot steaming wads of cum. Each load was caught by one of the ships, eagerly sucking it up. It was ingesting his cum like some sort of fuel!!! As one did that, the other shot volleys of pleasure stimulating lasers at his cock. His foreskin painfully ripped back as his dick stretched and grew, as the lasers did their job coaxing out more and more cum. Every time he thought he was done, the ships would quickly change position and continue the milking onslaught. Tears of joy leaked from Novas eyes. He had never came so much in his life.

After about 4 rounds of this the UFOs ceased their 'attack.' They lessened their grasp on Novas hands and panting, he feverishly stroked his cock of the last of his semen. He fell over on his back and felt as his cock and balls begin shrinking to their normal state. He looked up and saw the UFOs were buzzing up and down his body. One seemed to be peering into his eyes. They were inspecting him! They wanted to make sure he was okay. Nova smiled as a tiny little robotic hand extended from the UFO. He laughed as he very weakly shook it. They seemed to both beep a thank you, just before they dashed away into space.


Well that's my little story inspired by Rents awesome art. I actually am GOING to make that into a comic, some day. It was so much fun to not only work with Rent again, but to bring Nova back after such a long time as well. I decided today, with so much time being offline, I should really try to add something to the post that complements the artists hard work. He did an excellent job on Nova. I got exactly what I wanted and a lot more. I mentioned using a UFO similar to Space Invaders and he used the design like the bosses from Space Invaders extreme. Very fitting for such an extreme image! Really love his take on Nova, especially his eyes and torso. Thanks so much Rent for the image and the inspiration!

Concept art by me.
Boys got way too much booty..damn.

Here's something from my own video game collection. Back in 2008, Space Invader turned the ripe old age of 30. Taito celebrated the yen guzzling mega hits birthday by issuing out a lot of merchandise. Too bad other companies like Nintendo do not follow suit with games like Donkey Kong. Here is some of the stuff I picked up:

I picked up 2 of the three towels. I the one at the top left and one on the right. Here it is below...

This pillow was my favorite item! You will learn why below...

No it's not because of the adorable little tag.....

It glows in the dark! They land in my dreams!!!

This table top was not released for the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders, but it did come out around the same time. I got it for about $10.


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