Friday, July 6, 2012

Space Cadet And Sabino The Centaur Get It On!

This is a continuation of our little meeting between Cadet and the double dick centaur Sabino. Think of it as a fan made edition to the popular StripShow series!
Sabino has offered Cadet a ride, with pleasure as the payment. Byron is not reluctant to this idea, has he might have been when he first arrived. What ever preconceived notions he had with the manbeasts of this land he had due to his original feelings toward Vallan, have slowly faded away. He is now totally enchanted with the Centaurs of Ordovica, especially after having his first taste with their king, Strider. Studly Sabino is a rarity among them, with his two cocks. Since last we saw them, the gay centaur continued to approach Byron. His circumcised cock got bigger and harder with each step! His heart pounding with excitment and finding himself dry of mouth and short of breath, Space Cadet reaches for the throbbing cut dick of the equally excited centaur.....

After seeing Space Cadet take that huge cock all I can say is....

After enjoying Caravaggias one page comic of Apis and Romer, I asked her if we could do a little gay Centaur sex comic. I really enjoyed working with her on the creation of Sabino and it's nice to do a project like this right after a characters creation. Time was not something we had a lot of, but she was determined to try to get a page done before she was off on an adventure. (To Disneyland no less!!!) So after going over pose after pose in my mind, I threw together 4 panels to try to fit on one page. From there Caravaggia sent me some remarkable poses. Accounting for 10 limbs and 3 cocks on paper is not easy!! Each panel was very perfect from the start. There was just so much going on sexually, it was hard to stop drooling over it long enough to check for small edits. This time we added Cadets talisman to further solidify the fact that this takes place after the events of Space Cadet #1.

Panel 2 OH DAT ASS!

As you can see from the above image, things didn't change a heck of a lot from the original pages. Caravaggia did such an amazing job. I really think this is her best work to date. All the art was perfectly drawn. The sweet expressions, topped with a soft, warm, blush, show they are truly enjoying every second of this. As I expected she did drawing and coloring it. It was my pleasure, nay my duty to lend her a hand and add a script and text bubbles to the image. I set to work as soon as I got the final and surprised her with it later in the day. Sadly for me, I had to relearn Inkscape and do the text using irfanview. (Good thing I kept notes and can relay on Lastman if I ever get really stuck.) I guess I could have used Inkscape, but I like the freedom of irfanviewer. I need photoshop in the worst way! LOL!
Anyway I had a great time doing it, because as I looked over the panels I got to notice all the nice touches. The script was influenced by what I saw going on in each panel. Take for example that Cadet is not using two hands in panel 2 to pull down the foreskin. I looked at how huge the foreskin was thought about what must have just happened to reach that point. So I added that he had to use two hands to draw the massive foreskin back, so he could enjoy the sweet man nectar leaking from pink head buried below it. The two cocks being so close together in panel one, I thought about how much heat would be escaping this beast as Byron sucked him off. I thought of how you can be standing beside a stall and all of a sudden you feel this hot breath on the back of your neck getting warming and warmer from a horse that has come to inspect you. I equated that feeling to Sabinos slowing growing uncut dick on Byrons shaft. XD In other words the panels had my imagination working overtime. ;P That's what great art should do! :D You see what is and what isn't happening.

Want to know more about Space Cadet? Here are a couple neat Bios of Space Cadet from Strip Tease and Rapture 3:

Space Cadet in Cation. As I said, his first meeting with Vallan didn't start off so well.


  1. What can I say Caravaggia's art is damn hot and "creamy" now :D

    1. Hee hee it's a creamy, sticky mess isn't it? :D

  2. Hehe Caravaggia always makes things so cute and sweet! (Things look "fun" ya know?)

    But I had to stop and look for a moment while reading cause I was like "Spage Cadet?! I don't recall a DP character with that name..." So I looked it up and then I realized DUH!

    And then when I get further I realized DUH! You even supplied the information...ugh. I am such a spazz.

    1. LOL I think we have all had those brief moments, when we look straight face at a character and just can't play her, or him! :P Hee hee.
      Thanks for the kind words Jubell. Yep there is a lot of sweetness and fun here I agree. I can see these boys rolling round in the grass together, looking deep into each other eyes, like a scene from the Lion King, or something. ^_^ Can you feel the love tonight? XD



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