Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dinosaur Prince Rides High ON A Giant Dick by Cray

This is the second of my Dinosaur Prince and the Giant Dick series. This absolutely amazing image was done by none other then long time supporter Cray. Cray always seems to add a little something extra to his image for me and this time was no exception. He went all out and then some, doing a graphic novel style image of the character Dinosaur Prince. The level of detail in the shading is just astounding. DP has never looked exotic. The graphic novel look makes me instantly think of the old comics from the 70s and 80s. Titles like Conan, Tarzan and John Carter instantly come to mind. (As did the original art for Talespin. :P) It great to see what this character would look like back in the days of the great adventure comics. :D This would make an exception comic book cover.

Dinosaur Prince experiences the best frot of his life, with a cock twice as big as he is! DP is a pretty strong dinoman. He can handle that big uncut dick with one hand. XD The cum flows like a flag behind them, signaling their arrival. But where are they going and just who does that dick belong too? Hmmm....

Thanks so much Cray! :D



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