Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Tameh The Caveman

Today I am happy to introduce you to our newest cast member. His name is Tameh. He lives in the volcanic region of Prehistoric Paradise. Unlike Dore, he has no fear when it comes to engaging dinosaurs in battle. He often does so for food. His addiction to Dinosaur eggs is very dangerous! He's a scrapper, that takes a lot of licks. I previewed him earlier this month of Facebook. Since that time I have received some wonderful art of him I would like to share with you guys.

Fallen took my original sketch and drew it in his own sexy style. He beefed up Tameh, really filling out his legs and arms. I like how his legs are depicted as strong and smooth. They are very perfect for running. (Something he will need to be good at if he wants to live long enough to enjoy those eggs.) He will also need that strong upper body to deal with any dinosaur retaliation. If he finds himself in a dinos mouth, that big chest and huge arms will help keep jaws from clenching down on him! Tameh doesn't seemed too worried though. I really like how cute and happy his expression is. FallenAngel added a lot of humor to the piece. Can you find the little dinosaur? XD

Aneros took my sketch and added a lot to the character. He made him really hunky, gracing him with a sexy, curvy body. I love his proud chest. He also took the time to create some great accessories for him, including some sweet sandals and a protective cloth on his leg. That kinda gives it a boot like appearance. I thought the beads were a very way of secure his undies. Especially since they house such a big dick! Aneros gave him a handsome and gruff face, perfect for a caveman. Gotta love those big eyebrows. ;D

This was my original concept sketch I drew and placed on Facebook.

I am currently working on the draft for a short comic featuring Tameh. Hopefully it will be ready around August, or September. Thanks guys! These created a lot of inspiration.

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