Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinosaur Prince Busts A Nut Bara Style

Okay, so as some of you might know, my internet has been all but totally fucked all weekend. My modem is messed up and I have a new one coming this afternoon. I owe a lot of e-mails....Anyway, for now it's holding so I am going to do a quick post to start the week off just right, with some Baralust nut busting gay dinosaur and bat man action. Don't blame Dinosaur Prince for cumming so fast during a little frot and foreplay. I think we would all blow our loads quickly with Belvadars big, black, leathery, uncut cock rubbing between our balls and on our shafts. Especially the way Baralust draws him! ;D

Check out Dinosaur Prince's huge pear shaped balls. They look sweet, juicy and YUMMY!

Baralust always draws his men with such power and sexuality. This piece is part of his traditional styling. It's hard not to see him put passion into ever inch of his pieces and this one really stands out. The pencil crayon colouring really makes this belong to the ages. It has this epic 80-90s kinda comic book feel to it. I can imagine opening up a book and seeing this as a two page spread before the title page. It certainly makes me think of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure when I take in all of Belvadars dark muscular features and beautiful shading. Being such an old school video game lover, I want to say the coloring also reminds me very fondly of Metriod. Specifically the way the Alien monsters were colored in the manual for the first game. I think DP is reminding me of Kraid from the original instructions. :P
One thing is for sure, you can't mistake an image drawn by Baralust, as the work of anyone else. His giant men, with their gorgeously grand pectorals, well stacked abs, massive legs and penises that are pure pillars of passion, can only belong to the pen of one man. :) Thanks so much for drawing my boys again Baralust!

I have some more really exciting stuff coming this week. New pieces from Adonix, Rent and others! So I hope you guys will come back soon. :)


  1. AWWW!!! So cute! I love their facial expressions ^.^ (And I am still SO jealous of the way Baralust can use traditional materials)

    And I'm sorry to hear about your modem! I had no idea O.O

    1. I am sure you can colour with pencils very well too. You do a lot of great colouring, you should do a few images this way. I always marvel at it as well. It's not easy. One mistake and....eep. XD Maybe I should do a contest where people have to use prehistoric tools for their submissions? XD

      Yeah I just got a new Modem, so I'm back online. It was letting me on very sporadically since Saturday. Feels great to be online with no worries again.

  2. Buffy buff buff :D nice work on Baralust

  3. Good evidence as to why I am so glad Baralust did traditional commissions for this commission slot set. They are so pretty and well done, especially those colors! He's a pro at this medium. Really awesome. <3



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