Friday, November 30, 2012

Smilo and Dimata Insert Finger Here

This is the second image in the Smilo X Dimata set drawn by Gene Lightfoot. This one has Smilo experimenting the limits of Dimatas Phimosis. He's managed to pull back the foreskin almost to the middle , but only on one half of the cock head. He's very proud of this achievement and is really enjoying pushing his fingers deep into Dimatas warm pouch. Smilo jerks off feverishly as he injects his thumb down into Dimatas oozing piss slit. The two will soon enjoy a shared taste of Dimatas man honey. Gene did an amazing job on Dimatas huge meat. This as the first one that he drew and he proved from the sketch that he really got these characters. It's a beautifully done piece that begs to part of a trilogy. ;P

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best Cyber Monday Ad Ever

I got a real kick out of Class Comics latest news letter. I thought it was pretty ingenious to use the Autopilot of Camili-Cat's ship. Ajax is a perfect representative for Cyber Monday! The sale is still going on today, so you can take advantage of the huge saving. This is great especially if you want to pick up Love Lost!

This image got me doing some image searches for Cam and crew.  I came upon some very old and interesting pieces.  Most of these I have seen before, but I was surprised at the amount of hidden treasures, I either never saw, or forgot about over time.  Due to the date of the site I found, the images are not exactly the best resolution. 

A nice fall portrait of Cam.

A very early image of Cam and Felicia .

Promo/bonus image of Ajax the Autopilot. 

Clean version of Patricks Cupid.
Camili-Cat in his jumper using a rocket pack!  This made me think he was in Space Cadets outfit at first! It's interesting because I don't think the two characters have ever officially met. (Lanor possibly met Cadet in Strip Tease.)  It would be cool if we found out that Cadet helped Cam make this outfit. 

I think these are the characters from a short called Road Trip, however the in Roadtrip the woman was indeed a woman, not a cross dresser.

Gorgeous portrait of Ghostboy!  

Satisfaction Guaranteed promo featuring Cam.  Not sure if this was for the comic series, or just a guarantee!

Now this is a very bishonen cowboy image.  I've seen this many times before, but I don't think I realized it had been drawn by Patrick previously.  He kinda looks like Trunks! :D

This character named Simon Halliwell was featured briefly in the Satisfaction guaranteed series.  It's nice to see he got a whole profile piece.  Last time we saw him, the Englishmen was being sexually tormented by Aliens.  I always wondered about his fate.  If I missed something with this character, let me know! 

I wonder who this is? XD

Time to do some holiday shopping! :P

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unca Belvadar

What?  You were expecting something sexual? XD  I often doodle my men doing things other then having sex, believe it, or not!  One such image that I pitched to FallenAngel was Belvadar taking his three little nephews to the Dino Land Amusement park.  We haven't used the boys in a long time.  The triplets really love spending time with their big uncle Belvadar.  I think Belvadars only thought at the moment is 'Where is their mother?"  (A character that does actually exist amongst my many sketches.)  FallenAngel did a wonderful job on this.  He helped design the clothes for the boys and added in a few cameos as well.   This one took some time to do, but it the end result made the time spent well worth it. :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Smilo Fucks Dimata By Gene Lightfoot

Hey guys.  I'm back from the dead!  I have a lot to share with you guys over the coming days.  I even have a nice review of Camil-Cat Love Lost brewing.  Today I am very excited to present this, the first in a set of two images featuring Dimata, our Mammoth Man and Smilo, our Saber Toothed Tiger stud by Gene Lightfoot.  Gene did a wicked ass job on these two, engaged in some hot anal sex.  This was Genes first time drawing our little ice age icons.  His wild take on both warranted a sequel right away. When I pitched the idea, I suggested having Dimatas dick long enough that he could licking the foreskin his own dick.  Gene had a suggestiong that made the idea 100 times hotter: having Dimata bite down and tugging on his own stretched out skin! Smilo is fascinated and no doubt, maybe even a little jealous.  If only we could all do that so easily! XD    

In case you guys are wondering what has been happening to me that I have not been updating my blog much this month, all I can tell you is my recent job, that I started in September takes up a lot of time.  I usually work one, or even two hours of OT a day.  Things have gotten a lot better over the last week, but sadly the daily grind had finally gotten to me.  I am starting to feel alive again, so hopefully things can get back to normal around here.  Last week I picked up a Wii U.  (Hell all that overtime meant I had SOME spending money.)  I have hardly touched it. I did at least manage to beat New Super Mario Wii U. I love the game, it's so beautiful.  It's a shame that the music is almost entirely recycled.  It's a strange and lazy move from Nintendo to say the least.  I haven't even touched Nintendo Land. 

 The system is pretty heavy. The EB bag felt like it was going to break on my short trip from the car to my place! :P  I don't recommend that starter kit I got in the picture above.  The screen protector is okay, but it doesn't cover the entire top of the screen. (Or bottom depending on how you place it.) I couldn't fit the controller in the slip case either. LAME.  It was the only one I could find, so I bit the bullet and purchased it.  Should have got a Hori on Amazon. Oh well.

The cough cough..MASSIVE line outside the EBgames where I got my system. There was about 7, or 8 people waiting in line.  I spent the day shopping with friends on Saturday.  I couldn't find one person waiting to line up for the system at the mall were were at. XD I guess the system doesn't have the Wii Vibe.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Skelldon Self Suck

Karulox presented me with this awesome image in sketch for just before Halloween.  It's so hot and sexy, I decided it would be a crime to leave in black and white.  Almost as soon as I got it, I asked Caravaggia to add some color to Skelldons luscious body.  She really did a nice job, as she always does!  What really stands out is that background, that looks like a painting of a spring day from Anne of Green Gables, or something.  It certainly makes for a very relaxing image.  :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gay Centaur Orgy Time!

After a crazy week I am so ready for the weekend and its..only...Thursday..morning.  Well the boyz are already in party mode, with this explosive orgy scene created by Baralust.  This whole thing started some time ago.  It was one of those wild commissions that just got crazy and crazier.  He's got tail action, dildo action, foreskin pulling and..well...I think Baralust really pushed the limits here. XD  We went to the extreme with the positioning of the Reptile Man Kraw Lash. What was Kraw Lash doing just moments ago?  Jerking that big green dick off? um...maybe. XD
The men are look like super stars here.  Equinnus the Centaurs hair flows beautifully and his face? Wow! That's gotta be one of Baralusts sexiest yet.  So chiseled. :D  Vann is like, 'hey are you cumming already?  You always cum so fast."  Hee hee.  I am really happy to share this with you guys today!

Monday, November 5, 2012

JD Rocks A Late Halloween In Jersey

This blog is going out to all you Jersey boys who are celebrating Halloween Tonight.  I hope you are all having a great time.  I borrowed JD and a yummy mummy from Aneroes and Guytoonist to add some sexiness to your Halloween Night.  JD's got a brand new look, sporting a checkered shirt, that's a bit too small to contain his pectorals and some super tight jeans.  Coupled with the feather and wind catcher, he's got a nice rural look going for him.  Very fitting for a fall festival, or Halloween barn bash!   

Aneros and guytoonist have been both hard at work creating a whole monster band this month. This is my favorite from Aneroes set. It's a sexy mummy that uses his wrappings to help him play an extra guitar. He's got a gorgeous design and I hope that Aneros finds the time to complete him one day. :)

You can check out their whole band and a very interesting extra by following the links below: 


Monster Metal-Dracula, Guytoonist

 Wolfman - Aneros

Monster Metal- the Mummy, Guytoonist

Maleficent - Aneros

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. Crow Sexy Spirit Of Halloween Redesign

Halloween has a had a rough time of it this year.  We suffered from some really harsh weather all day here.  It was really raining when Trick, or Treating started.  Kids are tough though, it didn't stop them coming to the door in droves.  Anyway in reflection of that FallenAngel and I decided to give Mr. Crow a bit of a redesign.  We hope this will help lead to developing his character a little bit more as well.  FallenAngel did a fantastic job on him.  He liked  the idea of changing his wings to be a bit more Tengu like. Though I kinda made him go full angel on the wings, instead of using small ones.  I like how he's got this slightly worried look, like people are going to find out he's not as high society as he dresses! Like Halloween itself, he's a bit tattered, (Mostly his top hat), but he still shows he's ready to shine.  He still has a lot of spirit and class.  So this ones for all you guys and girls that kept the holiday alive despite it all! :)

Speaking of Halloween...I went to the Disney Store yesterday and picked up this plush Sparky from Frankenweenie for 25% off! Woo hoo! He's so cute! The Snoopy bag was $1.

Never Ending Halloween 2012

 Halloween never ends on this blog! XD  Since the holiday has been delayed till next week in some places, I'm gonna help keep the spirit alive a bit today with a spooky warrior post.

 His ghost costume is a little too small I think.


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