Friday, November 30, 2012

Smilo and Dimata Insert Finger Here

This is the second image in the Smilo X Dimata set drawn by Gene Lightfoot. This one has Smilo experimenting the limits of Dimatas Phimosis. He's managed to pull back the foreskin almost to the middle , but only on one half of the cock head. He's very proud of this achievement and is really enjoying pushing his fingers deep into Dimatas warm pouch. Smilo jerks off feverishly as he injects his thumb down into Dimatas oozing piss slit. The two will soon enjoy a shared taste of Dimatas man honey. Gene did an amazing job on Dimatas huge meat. This as the first one that he drew and he proved from the sketch that he really got these characters. It's a beautifully done piece that begs to part of a trilogy. ;P

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