Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best Cyber Monday Ad Ever

I got a real kick out of Class Comics latest news letter. I thought it was pretty ingenious to use the Autopilot of Camili-Cat's ship. Ajax is a perfect representative for Cyber Monday! The sale is still going on today, so you can take advantage of the huge saving. This is great especially if you want to pick up Love Lost!

This image got me doing some image searches for Cam and crew.  I came upon some very old and interesting pieces.  Most of these I have seen before, but I was surprised at the amount of hidden treasures, I either never saw, or forgot about over time.  Due to the date of the site I found, the images are not exactly the best resolution. 

A nice fall portrait of Cam.

A very early image of Cam and Felicia .

Promo/bonus image of Ajax the Autopilot. 

Clean version of Patricks Cupid.
Camili-Cat in his jumper using a rocket pack!  This made me think he was in Space Cadets outfit at first! It's interesting because I don't think the two characters have ever officially met. (Lanor possibly met Cadet in Strip Tease.)  It would be cool if we found out that Cadet helped Cam make this outfit. 

I think these are the characters from a short called Road Trip, however the in Roadtrip the woman was indeed a woman, not a cross dresser.

Gorgeous portrait of Ghostboy!  

Satisfaction Guaranteed promo featuring Cam.  Not sure if this was for the comic series, or just a guarantee!

Now this is a very bishonen cowboy image.  I've seen this many times before, but I don't think I realized it had been drawn by Patrick previously.  He kinda looks like Trunks! :D

This character named Simon Halliwell was featured briefly in the Satisfaction guaranteed series.  It's nice to see he got a whole profile piece.  Last time we saw him, the Englishmen was being sexually tormented by Aliens.  I always wondered about his fate.  If I missed something with this character, let me know! 

I wonder who this is? XD

Time to do some holiday shopping! :P


  1. Wow that's some serious research you did there! XD There are some archaeologic pieces!

    But yeah I loved the ad for the cyber monday, it was really tempting -even though, except for the Halloween coupon, I don't like to get discounts when I buy Class Comics stuff, it's cheap enough, I think they deserve that I pay full price. u_u-



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