Saturday, November 24, 2012

Smilo Fucks Dimata By Gene Lightfoot

Hey guys.  I'm back from the dead!  I have a lot to share with you guys over the coming days.  I even have a nice review of Camil-Cat Love Lost brewing.  Today I am very excited to present this, the first in a set of two images featuring Dimata, our Mammoth Man and Smilo, our Saber Toothed Tiger stud by Gene Lightfoot.  Gene did a wicked ass job on these two, engaged in some hot anal sex.  This was Genes first time drawing our little ice age icons.  His wild take on both warranted a sequel right away. When I pitched the idea, I suggested having Dimatas dick long enough that he could licking the foreskin his own dick.  Gene had a suggestiong that made the idea 100 times hotter: having Dimata bite down and tugging on his own stretched out skin! Smilo is fascinated and no doubt, maybe even a little jealous.  If only we could all do that so easily! XD    

In case you guys are wondering what has been happening to me that I have not been updating my blog much this month, all I can tell you is my recent job, that I started in September takes up a lot of time.  I usually work one, or even two hours of OT a day.  Things have gotten a lot better over the last week, but sadly the daily grind had finally gotten to me.  I am starting to feel alive again, so hopefully things can get back to normal around here.  Last week I picked up a Wii U.  (Hell all that overtime meant I had SOME spending money.)  I have hardly touched it. I did at least manage to beat New Super Mario Wii U. I love the game, it's so beautiful.  It's a shame that the music is almost entirely recycled.  It's a strange and lazy move from Nintendo to say the least.  I haven't even touched Nintendo Land. 

 The system is pretty heavy. The EB bag felt like it was going to break on my short trip from the car to my place! :P  I don't recommend that starter kit I got in the picture above.  The screen protector is okay, but it doesn't cover the entire top of the screen. (Or bottom depending on how you place it.) I couldn't fit the controller in the slip case either. LAME.  It was the only one I could find, so I bit the bullet and purchased it.  Should have got a Hori on Amazon. Oh well.

The cough cough..MASSIVE line outside the EBgames where I got my system. There was about 7, or 8 people waiting in line.  I spent the day shopping with friends on Saturday.  I couldn't find one person waiting to line up for the system at the mall were were at. XD I guess the system doesn't have the Wii Vibe.


  1. Nice :D love that Dimata, great work Gene ^_^

    Say DP its Silent Hill at your store LOL*

    1. You think that's creepy, you should see the kind of people that live in my area. One woman shaves her had into a Mohawk and makes herself look like she fell out of Mad Max. And get this, she's in her mid 50s! YIKES!



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