Monday, November 5, 2012

JD Rocks A Late Halloween In Jersey

This blog is going out to all you Jersey boys who are celebrating Halloween Tonight.  I hope you are all having a great time.  I borrowed JD and a yummy mummy from Aneroes and Guytoonist to add some sexiness to your Halloween Night.  JD's got a brand new look, sporting a checkered shirt, that's a bit too small to contain his pectorals and some super tight jeans.  Coupled with the feather and wind catcher, he's got a nice rural look going for him.  Very fitting for a fall festival, or Halloween barn bash!   

Aneros and guytoonist have been both hard at work creating a whole monster band this month. This is my favorite from Aneroes set. It's a sexy mummy that uses his wrappings to help him play an extra guitar. He's got a gorgeous design and I hope that Aneros finds the time to complete him one day. :)

You can check out their whole band and a very interesting extra by following the links below: 


Monster Metal-Dracula, Guytoonist

 Wolfman - Aneros

Monster Metal- the Mummy, Guytoonist

Maleficent - Aneros

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