Sunday, March 24, 2019

Khaj-Khon The Oracle of Battle

Hello everyone!  I am super proud to present the newest mansterpiece by Lastmanouthere Khaj-Khon.  This Oracle should be able to see that his future is going to very bright around here...cause I am SMITTEN!!!
Dang, I am a sucker for Native American men! hee hee.  Enough from me though, let Lastmanouthere tell you his tale so far!

Khaj is one of the Native Ban people of the country of Levianer, whose larger cities are ruled by the colonized Ner peoples. Ban people in Levianer are civilized, but their culture is less "refined" than the Ner, and still stick to animist and tribal beliefs.

Kahj was selected as the Oracle for his tribe. Like most oracles, he was put under a "curse", in his case, that of limited sight, which in turn gave him enhanced divination powers. However, Khaj was never satisfied with the prospect of being a mystic leader. He longed for battle, and when it was the time to select a Mystery, a secret discipline all oracles have, to further power his magic, he chose the mystery of battle.

As he proved to be a less-than adept Oracle, eventually a new one was revealed to the tribe. As soon as the youngster was trained enough to lead the tribe, Khaj departed, seeking adventure and the thrill of the battlefield which he so much craved.

P.S.  Sorry for vanishing for a bit guys.  My mom had an accident and I have been taking care of her for the last few weeks.

Captain Beedal In DuckTales 2017?

I know I might be grasping at straws here, but in the latest episode of Ducktales two alien characters appear that strike an uncanny resemblance to the Sektan characters in Class Comics.  In particular the Lunarian cop Lunaris shares a very similar colour scheme to Captain Beedal.  He even has the body spots that Sektans are so well known for.  It is also odd that, let's say I dismiss that that train and of thought.  Let's say  they were going for a John Carter inspired race.  Why is it then, that the female character is conservatively dressed, while the male is scantily clad? His pecks are exposed and he sports tight little speedos.  Maybe someone over at Disney is a fan of Class Comics?  Hmmm....


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