Thursday, February 16, 2012

John Carter Gives Tarzan A Mouthful

Today MiO and I are giving a little back to the fans of Dinosaurprince's Kingdom. MiOWorks John Carter and Tarzan Crossing Swords has become one of the most popular images on this blog. So in celebration of that and the fact that I too really wanted to see them in action again, I asked MiO to please do a sequel picture. We went through a few potential poses and MiOWorks came up with something really beautiful. He pumped up John Carter of Mars and Tarzan big time. Check out his huge arms!!! He's been working out! On top of that he gave the Warlord a mega thick neck! HOT!!!! Check out the look in Tarzan's eyes. He's like, 'What's this salty tasting stuff?' I am very proud to share this with you today! Enjoy guys! ^O^ Hopefully one day we can make this a trilogy! ;P

So...anyone excited about the new movie coming out in a couple weeks? :D

1 comment:

  1. I agree, MiOWorks did a fantastic job!

    As for the movie, it does look good. I'll probably wait until it's in the cheap theaters as usual (and there's one cool old theater in particular I'd see it at). By then I'll have a good idea if it's worth seeing, and I'll have plenty of time to read some the books first.



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