Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is My Dick All You See?

Class Comics has decided to release a bold new ad campaign and contest called THE BIGGER PICTURE. This has been done partly in retaliation to all the folks out there that don't bother to read a page of their work and dismiss the comics as nothing more then jerk off material. It's time for the fans to come together and post their experiences and positive experiences while reading the various books from Class Comics. Let's show these people there's way more to class then big dicks! I have long enjoyed the amount of story telling in Class books. As noted in my reviews, I have read many that have touched me in many ways and reminded me of my own struggles as a gay man. I urge fans to check this contest out. All you have to do is comment on the following and you could win $100 in gift certificates and get this, an original picture drawn by Patrick Fillion of your choice of a Class Comics character! How freaking cool is that?

Your challenge: Tell us how Class Comics has rocked your world!

Has a particular storyline ever rang true with you?
Does a particular character remind you of yourself?
Have you ever shared our comics with someone else and why?
Have you ever learned something about yourself from a storyline?
Has one of our comics altered your life in some way?
Have we ever helped give you the courage to be yourself?
What does Class Comics mean to you beyond a quick wank?

Just post your comments on the link below, or on their Twitter page, or Facebook page!

The contest closes March 31st 2012.

Class is a small company run by two very talented and sweet guys. Yet Robert Fraser and Patrick always show so much love for their fans. When ever I have ordered a Class product I am sure to get lots of little goodies. Check out what came with my latest order!

LITTLE CUT OUTS!! They just added these Diablo and Ghostboy ones to the line. How awesome it is that after enjoying the comic I can stage little scenes with my official Class Comics paper dolls? :D That's very thoughtful of them! Cripes, when was the last time you saw a big company like Nintendo give you something like this for free? (Did you guys see the one page instructions for Super Mario 3D Land? YUCK.) It's time for us fans to give a little love back! ^_^

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