Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Iron In His Thighs The Mighty Hercules

Oh boy! Todays image by Raul of the Rainbowboys is an absolute Dream come true!!! I wanted to ask artist to draw this character for ages. The Mighty Hercules, start of the long running (and even longer syndicated) cartoon show from the early 60s doesn't get much love these days. I don't think I have ever seen any erotic art of him. (Prove me wrong people!!) I grew up watching the cartoon from long before I can remember. It used to air on Global TV on weekend afternoons along with Godzilla. My friends and I would put on Rings and pretend to be him. It's simple cartoon, but I think the animation, story and style is really classic. I would fantasize about him from time to time. (Blush!) And now those fantasies become reality! Anyway, you guys probably won't understand the absolute thrill this was seeing Raul complete him. He gave him more love then I could have hoped for. Totally capturing the appeal of the 1960s hero. Raul asked me if he should have nipples. I was like, 'no need to ask!!!' Hee hee. He even colored him as a kind bonus! I did my best to add a little something too, to return the favor.

Raul proves that the Mighty Hercules did indeed have IRON IN HIS THIGHS! What a dreamboat. 'Scuse me while I melt from the softness in his eyes! ^O^

I created a couple variations with no cum. I even pulled the foreskin back a bit. I Couldn't decide on one cock head colour though.

Hercules would descend from Mt. Olympus to meet, or help his friends. I don't think he wore any underwear.

Hercules loved the feel of a big long sword in his hands, but it wasn't his weapon of choice.

When things got really harry, he would put on the ring given to him by his father.

Raising it to the heavens, Zeus would shoot some lightning bolts into it, giving Hercules Back his Godly Strength.

Then he could easily take care of the baddies like this Minotaur, with hooves for hands...?

Hercules's best friend was Newt. Here he is lying about the size of his centaur cock again.

Here is the opening to the TV Show. Yes, it just might be gayer then He-Man. ;P I shouldn't make fun. I think this theme is really epic. They don't write 'em like that anymore. :)

Since I am doing a Greek/Roman mythology post, I thought I would sneak this in here. I am looking for the artist and/or the book it appears in. I remember reading it years ago at a local library. It was filled with a lot of partially nude images of Roman Soldiers like this. It also talked in depth about how the Romans loved the male form and strut around and even went into battle naked! :D


  1. O.O

    I love this.

    It's frightening but I love it.

  2. DP is there anymore of this artist in the last pic? the Greek warrior pose :D - FallenAngel

    1. Yup, there is a whole book. I was hoping someone who comes to this site might know who it is that illustrated it and it's name. ;P

    2. A WHOLE BOOK!? darn! >_< man that style and coloring are like ancient Boris (wish he drew more teasy like thata art) - FallenAngel



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