Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dilophosaurus Twins On The Hunt

Today, after over a year and half, we have the return of the DPK twins! The Dilophosaurus brothers are back on the prowl! You guys might remember them from way back in December 2009 and May 2010 when Lastmanouthere, Caravaggia and Aneros all came together to bring them life. I have been itching to bring them back for some time. Recently the wonderful artist Kerainen and I got into talks about doing a commission. I sent him a few characters including the brothers. I explained that I didn't have many refs for them and he took that as an even greater invitation to draw some art based on them. He had some great ideas based on the concept and presented them very quickly to me. In fact the entire image was done in a few short days. Had I not fell ill, it would have been done even sooner. >__< Watching him work on this picture did me a world of good. It made me laugh and smirk at the sexiness, taking my mind off my condition.

Two wild studs hunt against a gorgeous Jurassic sunset. Art By Kerainen. I have a feeling that little dinosaur will put up a good fight. XD

I hope you guys like the results. I thought it turned out totally crazy and wild. These guys are full of fighting spirit. I got a kick out of the smirk of the older twin with. His strong lower jaw and toothy grin he's a scene stealer. He's seems to be turned by being on top. Kerainen added a lot of spunk to two already spunky characters. I like the spiky, leafy look of their frills. It adds a bit of jungle camouflage to these two. And what nice legs they got..mmmmm.. XD He was awesome enough to add some great foreskin action too. Hee hee.

Kerainen like so many great artists I know hails from Mexico. (I think these guys should star uniting and start a gay comics studio down there!) If you can't get South of the boarder, then there's lots of places online to check him out! :P If you would like to see more of his art, you can easily explore his awesome blog here:

The Brothers first appearance:
Meet The Dilophosaurus Brothers

The Dilophosaurus Brothers spectacular second appearance drawn by Lastmanouthere:
Lastmanouthere Poster


  1. This might be one of my favorite images I've ever seen you get, of all time, really. XD I love this. It's silly and fun and I just like the style and the humor. Their faces are awesome and the dino in the foreground really is amusing. XD He's all dopey. Really nice one!!! <3

    1. Thanks Bu! That's very kind of you to say man. :)

  2. poor lil dino, love the twins mean body and awesome colors - Fallen



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