Friday, February 3, 2012

Devilish Cupid

Happy Valentines Day!'s too early for that! :P BUT since I always wind up forgetting this holiday, (Last year aside, cough) I decided to start early. Tonight I have two really cute images to help remind all you boys out there that the big day is just around the corner! So get your chocolate hearts purchased and your Valentines Cards made out now! :P

The first image celebrates the love between Class Comics super stars Ghostboy and Diablo. Their comic premiere last year was so freaking epic. I HAVE to do a review of it. Here mr. 'hot stuff' himself Diablo, plays cupid and sets Peters heart aflame. All done totally hilariously by FallenAngel!

There's a lot of bums in this image. I wonder what it feels like to have your tail between your cheeks? Tee hee. Fallen always draws Ghostboy and Diablo so lovely. Love Peters arms and shoulders, funny and sexy! Nice shine on the cock there bud. ;)

In celebration of the Pac-Man cartoon coming out along with the 30th anniversary of my favorite little noser, Q*Bert, here's another Valentines treat from Fallen Angel! This is the second time Fallen has drawn Pac-Man for me. He makes them so adorable!! :D (Q*Bert uses his nose to shoot the arrows in case you were wondering where his bow is! :P)

Q*Pid strikes true! Ah, yes, very soon Pac shaped wedding bells will wakka wakka the matrimony of video games most celebrated couple. ^_^

What exactly is going on here? A Pac-hump attack?!!! XD

Ms. Pac-Man Pro Gay Sticker.

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  1. Waka-waka-waka-waka <...... FallenAngel



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