Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Most Inappropriate Pizza Advertisement

In anticipation of Oscar night Pizza orders, the Ontario based Pizza Pizza launched a very well designed flyer that parodied a few popular movies. Many of the deals highlighted that you got movies passes and pizza. Not bad! Helps pay for my John Carter tickets. The first few ads like this one using Twilight are kinda cute.

But then we get to the final offer and my jaw kinda dropped.... O______O

Get plenty of "action" with our Canadian Pie. XD they know what the teens did to the apple pie in American Pie? Why are all those kids smiling so mischievously? That girl really wants you to try it. What did they just do to that pizza? I don't trust these kids! Three toppings, but the forth is free, no charge. Oh and look it comes with free DIPPING SAUCE. That just has too many dirty implications. XD
Pizza Pizza is a family restaurant. They sponsor sporting events and the like. I really don't think this was the most appropriate, or even the wisest choice! Especially from a sanitary point of view. YUCK. It's bad enough thinking about people handling my pie with no gloves, or dirty hands like Seinfelds Poppie. Now, if I was a real germaphobe I would be worrying about the teens that cook the pizza slapping their genitals on it. Funny yes, but, dang.

1 comment:

  1. *ROFL* on the pie advertisement, but I gotta say advertising base on movies long it appropriate ^^;



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