Monday, February 13, 2012

Blast From The Past Valentines

Finding nice Valentines to share online can be a bit of a chore. There never seems to be enough time with this holiday. So I came up with a little blog post to help you guys out a bit. Here's a small collection of interesting Valentines from my PC. I have a box of Pac-Man Valentines I won years ago on E-bay. I might just get some picture of them and post them later. I think they are the only ones left in existence.

First off I found this image from 2002. It's a pretty rare Valentines picture from Class Comics. I got it long ago from a yahoo website. It's so darn sexy!!! This along with the Classic Campaign Cam and Cupid would make for some sweet Valentines E-cards to send to your lover, or gay friends. :)

No doubt this is one of my very favorite images of Camili-Cat. It's so steamy and a little naughty with the champing looking a bit like pee! But it is also so very romantically posed. :)

I found this Garfield Valentines sticker on E-bay. I have seen this image of him giving Arlene a rose on Valentines cards too. I never saw it on a sticker though.

You're My Purrrfect Cup of Tea Valentine!

A cute Mickey Mouse Heart. Sorry the images are not the greatest. I don't think it's vintage, but it looks it.

I wish I had found scans from this box to share! :)

Oh lord, Homer and Marge getting it on in the hay loft is now a toy. :P I found it while looking for Simpsons Valentines. At first all I found that was decent was this vintage Bart one:

Then later I found these! :P Mr. Burns is my favorite. I have purchased much better Simpsons Valentines in the past. These don't even have hearts, or anything on them.

I had some requests to post these. They are not hard to find. The Super Friends Valentines are really nice and easy to share. If you have a printer you can cut them out and make a little display too!

Super Mario 3, Dr. Mario and Legend of Zelda Valentines:

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  1. Ok manage to post, nice blog today and MAN! thats ALOT of Valentine products...maybe its just me but the DC valentines seem....creepy to me^^; maybe cause seeing a classic Batman for Valentines ..yaiks! - FallenAngel



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