Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Male Tentacle Rape in the Mainstream PepsiMan

Pepsiman was the Japanese mascot for Pepsi. He was created by a Canadian artist, who gave him one circular hole for a mouth. (Perfect for cock sucking.) He has been the source of a lot of bara and yaoi images over the years. These figures are from Japan, so maybe they don't count, but he has a Canadian ancestry and all his commercials include American actors, so I'm including him. I think even for the comical character Pepsiman, you have to wonder who some of these were made for, if not gay men. Where that tentacle monster is going to stick those things doesn't take a lot of guessing. There are a lot of questionably posed Pepsiman figures.

Pepsiman gets boned by a Skeleton. Ass rape, great toy for kids!

While making a letter S Pepsiman squats and opens is ass cheeks anticipating some penetration?

Pepsiman and the werewolf engage is some doggy style butt fun! Take it bitch!

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