Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dore In Danger: Urbanmusiq Ape Escape!!

Oh no! It's only been little more then a month, but Dore Lockstone, our cowardly caveman of Prehistoric Paradise is in trouble again! Thanks to Urbanmusiq the poor guy can't even enjoy a banana in peace!
The concept of tonights mesozoic masterpiece was influenced so much by looking at my old Tops Donkey Kong cards, coupled with a desire to see Dore sucking on some banana. Hee hee. I actually drew up over a half dozen poses and sent them to Urbanmusiq. Then, out of the blue, I sent the concept of this one to him and he e-mailed me right away wanting to do it. (Yes that means I have 7 other Dore ideas out for grabs!) I asked him if he wanted to do Donkey Kong colours, or grey and black like bad old King Kong. I was happy he chose DK. Urban and I have done way over 40 images together. I can't believe it took us this long to tackle Dore. He seems like a character he should have naturally drawn long ago. I say this cause the image process was so smooth and fast as well. He just nailed Dore! From his messy (I'm constantly running) hairdo, big puffy proud pectorals, to his thick dick with meaty, tight foreskin, Dore is a caramel skinned feast for the eyes. And speaking of eyes, I think Dores ice blue peepers are the most expressive eyes I have seen Leon De Leon draw to date. Dore with big doe eyes!!! SIGH! So cute!!!

During the process he wanted to know if I think Dore should have a beard. Hmmmm what do you guys think? Personally I like him with his scruffy look best. And Urban always delivers the best scruff around. Couldn't pass that up! We also discussed adding a banana in his butt, but we decided against it. It might give the impression that the Ape hand has caused another reaction besides surprise in Dore. :P Tee hee! I don't get that many chances to commission Urban, but every time I do, I am so overcome with excitement. It's always so much fun watching my wonder from down under work. ^O^

Leon De Leons meaty art has my Banana Bursting, that's for sure! XD
Thanks to Adonix for the awesome image!


  1. Haha love his genuine expression ! XD So cute !

  2. Uh-oh poor Dore, love Urban's ver, his cool smooth color and outline really digs- FallenAngel

    1. Sorry forgot bout that cool BURSTING banannnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ XD -FallenAngel



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