Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Nintendo Segregation Begins: Classic 3D Kid Icarus Withheld From Canadian Customers

My main gripe used to be, where's my Hunky Icarus....but now Nintendo has gone and done something to top that complaint. :(

About 2 years ago I announced my excitement about the new Kid Icarus Uprising game coming to 3DS. Well, let's just say after having to wait an extra year my jets have more then cooled off. The constant delays have made me care less and less about it. Hearing it was a mostly touch screen controlled game also turned me right off. But as the release date draws closer, I can't help, but feel a little excited. After all, there's nothing else for the system. My 3DS has been collecting dust since Christmas. I would appreciate it if Nintendo released a few classic games for the Virtual console, to fill the void between releases, but that section is a desert. These days I feel like I see more releases for PS2 these then the 3DS online shop. I heard that the NES version of Kid Icarus was released in Japan in full 3D. That's pretty cool. I kept wondering why Nintendo didn't bring it out here. Then I found out this morning it's a pre-order bonus for North America. North America, that doesn't include Canada. (That makes sense right?) I never liked the region lock out bullshit that the 3DS has, but this is the first time ever that a game made by Nintendo has been release only in the US. This is not a good thing. It's only going to lead to worse and worse situations in the future. First there was the save issue with the Resident Evil Mercenaries game, now this. I worry about the future of gaming. Right now I feel like Canada just became a part of the 80s European gaming scene. What future limitations will we face? Nintendo is a strange company that just seems to get worse with time.
In Canada we will be getting some card game as a bonus. Yippee. Sorry Pit, I don't want your stupid card game.

Of course I can always drive to the States to pre-order the game. I just have a hunch that since my 3DS has it's location set in Canada, I won't be able to use the code. I am sure the Nazis at Nintendo will see to that. My heart is broken. U__U I love Kid Icarus so much, but they want to keep it from me.

I am fucking sick of downloads, preorder codes and all the fucking bullshit! Enough with the elitist gaming crap! The economy is such crap right now. There is so much unemployment. I really wish they would end this 'you have to order it now' bull and let things sit on the market for people to purchase them when they can. God, my parents would never buy me a game until it was my birthday, or Christmas! XD I would miss out on everything if I grew up in this generation. All this crap just makes me even happier I grew up when I did. I feel for the younger generation, I really do.


  1. Aw man that sucks! :( - FallenAngel

  2. Your from Canada! So Am I!! This isn't the first time Canadians have been left out of Nintendo events because they use to do it all the time with Pokemon. they'd only give people in the unite states certain special bonuses and if you were in Canada you missed out.

    1. Bonuses are bad indeed to miss out on. This is a full game though. It seems like it keeps elevating eh? :( What's next? I found out I can order the game with the bonus from Amazon. No gaurentee the code will work. Usually Amazon does not allow games to be shipped to Canada. As well, instead of paying about $37 for it on Amazon.ca, I will have to pay $50+ with the shipping from Amazon.com. So I will have to pay double what the Kid Icarus game would cost me if I download it.



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