Monday, February 13, 2012

Hot Monkey Love In the Jurassic Jungle

Here's a blast from the past by the artist Kumikoalastar. I commissioned this way back in 2009. It's a really nice hand drawn image of Congo from the game Congo's Caper with Congette, who is now a male counterpart. Kumikoalastar did a fantastic job depicting the young lovers against a fiery backdrop. You can feel the mugginess in the evening air.
I really liked this game back in the day. The cute character designs really stuck with me. When I was in early 20s I sought out the Japanese version of the game. This proved elusive as there was not a lot of information regarding the game to be found online. Gamefaqs was of course no help back then. There was no Wikipedia either. Eventually I did find a seller on E-Bay that recognized it's American name and listed it under both Congo's Caper and Tatakae Genshijin 2: Rookie no Bōken. I got it pretty cheap too. I think for like $10. It's still pretty hard to find images from the Japanese box and manual. So I took the liberty of doing that tonight. Here are some pretty big images for you guys to enjoy! Come back with me to the ancient 1990s! :P

Congo, (or should I say Rookie?) was a very well designed mascot with his cute monkey Ears and tail. His face reminds me a bit of Ranma with hair very similar to color to Sonic. In fact it can be easily be thought that Congo was an attempt to combine a lot of Mascots. Sadly the game was sort of a budget title. It doesn't have a lot of the flash his predecessors Joe & Mac had. Did you notice he's sliding down a rainbow? That was too gay for the American Box Art I guess. We got the usual godawful Americanized crap as usual.

The game is copyrighted 1992, but Rookie's logo says 1993. That's not confusing. Still, I love the logo. Very similar to Sonic the Hedgehogs.

Anyone wanna translate this story? :)

Even back then the easiest way to a girls heart was a big shiny rock. :P I wonder if that's why our cock heads shine when fully hard? XD See the Monkey at the top? You devolve back into a monkey if you take too much damage. Similar to Super Mario in that you also decrease in size as well. Congo can become Super as well. You can see him go Super Saiyan here and on a page below. Hey it was the 90s, everyone was doing it!

Ambiguous boss images.

Your best friend is a tortured little pterodactyl. I guess they pick on him cause being pink makes him gay. Prehistoric gay bashing....nice. u__u

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