Saturday, June 30, 2012

Final Fantays II's 'Side Dick' in Nintendo Power

Back in November of 1991, Nintendo Power did a big article about Final Fantasy 2. Among the pictures was one that caught special attention from a lot of people. It was of Dragoon Kain and in it, he shows off a little more then expected.

Looks like Kain leveled up and needs a new cup to put his cock and balls in. This one is too small! I remember be very turned on by this. (Not to mention completely shocked!) I guess it's kinda tame by todays standards. I have heard people mention this from time to time on the net, but I haven't ever seen anyone make a big deal out of it. Still when I was 14, I would take any side dick I could get!

Nintendo Power is no stranger to controversial images. One I found recently, I don't know if anyone has seen before. The Astyanax preview in March of 1990 (the same issue the previewed Super Mario 3), has an image of the hero fighting Medusa. If you look just above the snakes head, you might just be able to make out the outline of a nipple! How this one got past the censors, I'll never know.

The hero Astyanax is pretty cute. Check out his original design for the arcade version called The Lord of King:

One thing about the early days of Nintendo Power, they certainly had some sweet art. Unfortunately, that didn't remain consistent when the magazine entered the 90s.

This is cool, since Tengen would actually use the cartoon version of Pac-Man and the Ghost Monsters for the box and box of their unauthorized port of the game.

Told you So Kid Dimata!

Poor Lil' RPG Dimata, his Axe skills are still not very good yet. He certainly should not have entered a contest with the forests resident wood cutting champ. Looks like he owes that bear some bet money. :P This cute little piece was done by FallenAngel last May. Hope you bloggers like it. It's been a long time since we did anything with Lil'Dimata. :P

Friday, June 29, 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend Warriors

A few warriors to start the long the weekend off with! TGIF!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dimata Cum Fountain By Rent

Hey everyone. I had some internet problems yesterday. I'm back up and running and ready to post. Today I decided to post another prehistoric hero, our Little Dimata as drawn with care by Rent. Dimata is shooting high into the salmon red sky, with utter delight in his eyes!

That cum looks magical, the way it's waving in the air. It look like it has a mind of it's own. Rent took inspiration from both mammoth man Dimata and RPG dimata while designing this pic. He added a lot of nice pieces of jewelry and beads. I really like the red cloth tied around Dimatas huge trunk sized dick and the beads around his ball sack. XD He must have been really getting into this jerk off session. One of the neck necklaces has broken and landed on his tusk. :P I have to say Rent did a great job creating a very youthful and sexy vision of Dimata. Love his tightly packed abdominal muscles and his perfectly tanned skin. We got the idea for the background from an old Episode of the Flintstones. ;D

Monday, June 25, 2012

Class Comics Action Figure BONUS Monday! Dore Lockstone

I got the best way to beat the Monday blues: arts and crafts from Patrick and Robert Fraser at Class Comics! ^O^ It's been a month since I got this and I still can't believe how amazingly beautiful it is. I proudly present to you all:

Dore Lockstone the gay caveman of Prehistoric Paradise
by Patrick Fillion
(play Jurassic Park theme now!)

He's a stone cold stud, that created a fossil in my pants....

You know, it took me a full day to recover from opening this image? XD It, like Leons came in early and I waited. >: I I didn't touch it till the morning of. UGH...such torture!!!! It's always best to wait though. I haven't had so much excitement on my birthdays as I have since I started all this. So much better then cake and a trip to a buffet restaurant. ;P I much prefer an assortment of beefcakes. Thanks so much Patrick and Fraser for thinking of me. I'll never feel any older with gifts like this! ^_^

Of course I really, really love this take on Dore! Patrick let his hair grow wild for some really long spikes! The look perfect on him. I thought it was too awesome that his dreads are now long curls! They look so freaking cute!!! LOL I love him from his head right down to his cute little toes. Speaking of toes, this image got me to notice how Patrick draws little imperfections in the feet. Like way the are slightly bent and a bit close together. It's such a nice little life like touch! They look like they are used to grasping at things. I thought that added well to his wild man look. :) I like the new ankle bracelet as well. Quite stylish!
Speaking of nice touches, Dore has a little wear around his piss slit. That's very interesting! I wonder if that is just cause his hole is so big, (for his strong manly streams of pee) or if something had been inserted in there? Hmmm Dore, Dore, what were you up too? XD Maybe he experienced a little rough play there, or maybe it's just naturally that way, but the imperfections in the skin on the beautiful crown really add to his caveman appeal.
Moving back from the perfect pink head, we got one gigantic and veiny caveman sized uncut cock! It looks just the size too. The backdrop is perfect as well. It sets the tone for the lone hero by the river bank, his tight balls shine in the sunlight, ready to tackle anything with either of his huge weapons. :P

I'm actually really glad I waited a little bit before posting this, because now I can include this post as part of the Class Comics Action figure wave as a Bonus! (Hence the title of this post! Duh.) You get two Prehistoric characters, Dore and Lil Deep to engage in battle and play with your Class Comics Standees.

I just cannot can't thank Patrick and Fraser enough. Seriously. They gave me a Caveman and a way to play and share him with you guys for my birthday! ^__^

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinosaur Prince Lounges In The Jungle

Oh gosh, big ass post below! XD So I have been in a mood to do more and more with Dinosaur Prince. A couple weeks ago I asked FallenAngel to take him on. I have to say, this is one of his most beautiful creations this year. He looks like such a peaceful, kind ruler. You may recognize one cameo here. :P

He did a great job on the colours on his body and sexy, long tick hair. Really love how heavy his big balls look resting on the Saber Tooth cheetah blanket. Fallen did a great job on the cut cock, implementing the circumcision scar very softly onto the shaft. Sweet. I started to think of so many new ideas for this character after getting this image! Thank you very much FallenAngel!

Speaking of Dinosaurs, I was at the theater yesterday. They had Spider-man cups at the concession stand. I so wanted one. I thought the cups looked pretty cool, even if they do just use the current movie posters. The problem? You have to buy a $21 combo and you have to be Scene card member, just to get a flimsy cup that will fall apart after it's second use.
Hoo boy, did that get me thinking about the good old days, of not too long ago. I mean, remember in the 90s when you got 1 of 6 different Jurassic Park cups at McDonald's with your purchase of a large drink, or combo meal? NO EXTRA CHARGE and the cups lasted a long time, especially if you didn't put them into the dishwasher. Not only that, but they had original art on them!!!!! I still have all of mine. U__U This summer has been pretty weak for merchandise in Canada. We didn't get the Avengers cups, so I really wanted to get the Spider-Man one, but I was not dishing out $24 for a cup.
Anyway some time ago I found 3 of the cups scanned online and I was waiting for the perfect time to post them here. The guy actually cut the cups and then fixed up the image where needs be. I hope they do more, but I doubt it as these ones were done some time ago.

They even gave you little dinosaur cut outs with your meal. How freaking cool was McDonald's back then? :D

I still have a Raptor somewhere.

So what movie did I see? I saw Brave. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good solid picture. It could have benefited from a better developed central villain and some sort of quest element. There's one big buff Celtic warrior that I know Ephorox and others will soon be drawing. To me it was like Brother Bear, in the world of How to Train your Dragon (minus the dragons), where everyone talks like Shrek, with a Beauty and the Beast ending and with Huey, Dewey and Louie thrown in for good measure. LOL I guess you could say it felt like a cut and paste production made to coast on the popularity of recent hits. Seriously. There's even a little bit of Legend of Zelda in here.
The cartoon that plays before, La Luna sets the tone for what is to come, by ripping off Super Mario Galaxy. (Which is made even more obvious by having the Wreck it Ralph preview shown only moments before.)

Can kid look any less like a young Super Mario? Color his hat red and you would hard pressed to say he's not Mario. Nintendo could sue! LOL! :P The story is about three characters, that could just be direct family members of Mario, that have to clean stars off the Moon. Hey, wait a second, didn't we have to constantly clean a planet in Super Mario Galaxy? O_O There's a scene where the young boy climbs to the moon and experiences a very gentle flip in gravity, that is eerily similar to the game as well. The is only one small structure on the Moon, much like there was only Rosalina's small house on the Moon at the start of Galaxy.

Little stars fall on the moon! The little Mario goes to pick them up! Hey, that's VERY familiar!!!!

Guess what kind of Star he has to get at the climax of the film? Yep that's right a giant GRAND STAR. I had half a mind to start booing the screen.

I would have no problem with this film if somewhere, someone at Pixar admitted to having used Super Mario Galaxy as a jumping point. (I really think they should have even just paid Nintendo and used the Super Mario Galaxy characters.) What makes it so infuriating to me is that no one at Pixar will EVER admit it. They will just take in all the praise and let their egos inflate. Sigh... I guess the rest of the world will be content to swallow their claim, since they are such untouchable Gods of animation. BAH! Then again, it's not like this is the first time they have been found ripping people off to get ideas for films. Oh well, at least when I made the Galaxy Snail I admitted to being directly influenced by one of the most beautiful games of all time.

Anyway getting back to the cups, there's a bit of a happy ending to my plight. The merchandise fairies must have felt my dismay, cause when I woke up there was a huge garage sale happening right across the street. I found some really cool stuff like a near mint Dakin Garfield from 1981 for 50 cents. He still has the plastic where the cardboard tag should be.

Some of my favorite characters, Luigi and Officer Big Mac, this really sweet Brer Bear Disneyland car and all the other little figures were only 25 cents each! :D

I wanted to go back and get more characters for myself and friends, but I waited too long and everyone had packed up and left by the time I returned. Oh well, it was awesome. One lady had so many Animaniacs and Snoopy toys it was crazy. Most were pretty banged up. I saw stuff I had forgotten about for years.

And that's all folks! Type to you soon!

Tolarian Fever Rising

I usually wait till a book is OUT before I start gushing on about it, but this time I just couldn't hold back. (Literally! It is was all over the place, after seeing this! XD) It's a new page that was just revealed from Camili-Cat: Love Lost #1.

Cams huge fuzzy chest in the second panel is such a boner inducer. :P

This is the first image ever of a Tolarian having sex. This friend of Cams is named Aza. It's so awesome how his nipples stick out so far and curve up when excited like a penis. XD The look they have a wide range of motion. I can imagine them gyrating around in a circular motion as he gets fucked, or just simply bobbing up and down. The Tolarian cock is amazingly beautiful. It's size and shape are lovely. Cam's really giving it to Aza!
Also featured is Cams other new friend Ducky, who is an Atreyhan. He is of the same race as Gobe from Changes. It's yet to be revealed if his lighter color and slimmer build are part of the differences infused upon Gobe by Dr. Pupae, or not. It also isn't shown if he has the same amount of nipples. I'm very excited to find out! The book is set to come out at the end of summer, so the wait won't be long!

Here are a couple images from Stripshow #1, were the Tolarians can be found in a one shot. The second image was listed as a favorite comic panel of Patricks a few years ago.

Here's a little bonus. Patrick Fillion did a few songs back in the 90s. They are really hard to find. This one is called OVNI. Johnny M was kind enough not only to post one on Youtube, but he also created a great video for it using clips from the classic Fifth Element movie! I just wish it had subtitles. My French has gotten so rusty. U__U It was really great to finally hear one of Patricks songs. I looked around a lot back in the day, but no matter how hard I searched I couldn't find anything. (Of course this was long before Youtube and when I had, gulp..dial up!) This was an awesome treat of the week.

Also in Class Comics news, the Action Figure Friday promo has continued since I posted about it. Last night Ghost Boy and Diablo were put up for download. The images come from the uber hot 7 Days comic! The week before that, the art of Jacob Mott from Naked Justice Beginnings 2 was featured. They are all still available, so click the links, snag 'em, print 'em and have some naughty fun! :P

Wave 3 Ghost Boy and Diablo Action Figures

Wave 2 Jacob Mott's Naked Justice and Vandal Action Figures can be found by searching the class comics site for:


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tiger Man Gives His Milk

Tonights image came together very randomly. I was looking at a bunch of old products. I love checking out candies, toys and assorted character related merchandise from days gone by. I saved a bunch of them. I came across one that was labeled Tiger's Milk Brand Nutrition Booster. When I saw it, some naughty ideas started to come to me when I thought of Ephorox, or Crimsonblood using this concept for a picture. I posted a bunch of the products on my Facebook and decided to show the guys this one as well. Crimsonblood really liked it. He got the idea of doing a Tiger man, a brand new character, after seeing the image and suggestion. It seemed like a blink of an eye before he had a wonderful sketch to show me. In it he created a sexy, powerful Tiger Man cumming hard and fast. Turns out he his cursed by an evil spell. He can cum at will, but sometimes has problems controlling it. It looks like it's aggravating him a bit! :P We don't mind though....
It felt really good to inspire Crimmy. He's such a sweet guy. He was so happy to be drawing. ^_^ After he finished the sketch, I sent it to a few of my friends. I was very excited and couldn't wait to hear their responses. Among them was Aneros, who said that seeing this incredible art of Crimsons made him really want to color it. And he did so by the following night! It was a total shock when I woke up to find it this morning.

Crim and Aneros make an incredible team. Aneros brought out parts I didn't even notice at first, like the black pads, (like on a paw) on his hands. So freaking cool. He saw something special in his hair too. Giving him brown hair (and pubes) gave him the appearance of the classic Wolfman. This along with the sorta prehistoric eggshell toned skin, on his chest, face, underarms and abs hint of a more human side. All this makes him look a lot like a weretiger. Aneros really brought out the most in Crimsonbloods art. Giving some sweet volume to the bulging muscles and highlighting areas that had not yet been sketched yet, like the muscles on the back of the heel. Two artist working totally separate, yet so in tune with this character!

To me it's incredible that a simple image of a product I never heard of before, lead to such a collaboration! People have mentioned this would also work very well with Ephorox's Tyon and Camili-Cat. I couldn't agree more! ^_^

Here's another product that caught my attention. Ah, it must have been a much more innocent time back then! :P

Can I suck on your Mr. Salty? XD I had a boyfriend that had a very nice Mr. Salty. ;P

Vann Illia The Gay Gladiator And Our Fist Fan Fiction!

I got a double treat for you guys today. First, an image by Maduinshorn and then, the first of many fan fictions by a young Italian writer that goes by the name Gatto!!!!

Oh man, I have had this image since April. It's a really funny and sexy picture of Vann Illian the Barbarian Elf, emerging victorious in an arena. No blood has been shed, instead the ground is sticky with cum. The brave barbarian has proven just as skilled with the dildo as the sword, having not spilled a drop of cum after many matches. :P This is one sport I wish did exist. Much better then killing, right? (Though, let's face it, all these guys are going to be very sore tomorrow.)

Okay Vann, for once you won! We get it. Take it down a notch my friend...

I really enjoyed Maduinshorns take on Vann. He's got a nice combination of the hair styles of Fallen and Guytoonist. Love the long locks and thick bangs on the sides of his head. He's perfectly big and buff and ever so very happy. hee hee. His smile lights up the world. I thought the sun effect hitting the sword, is really cool. I absolutely love how his dick lines is placed sticking right down the middle of his six pack! :P Ha ha ha! Cute.

This picture is a spoof of a Joe Jusko Conan Cover from the 1990s. Issue 147 and here's the picture below. I remember buying this one and noting the guys were not dead. When I later found this online, I started to wonder what Conan had really done to them, hence our little picture! :P Mario did a bang up job recreating the image to fit Vann's world. I like Marios a lot more, especially with that cock oozing cum, still hard sticking straight up, like a sword impaled in a body. XD

I had most of these with the covers by Jusko when I was a teen. I remember vividly going to a variety store near my grandparents after Church on a Saturday evening to get them. We would usually pick up Harvey's Hamburgers and bring them to my grandfathers apartment. He was alone then and our visits brought a little bit of happiness to his life. Either before, or after getting the food, we go to get my father chewing tobacco. (A really gross habit.) I would, of course run to check out the new comics on display on the magazine rack. Ah, the good old days when comics were a little more plentiful. Even back then I thought it was a pretty cool variety store to sell these editions of Conan. I ate many a hamburger while reading these comics! Hee hee. A manly meal for a manly comic. I couldn't tell you what happened to most of these books. I only have a few left in my personal collection. Guess I was a little too giving to family and friends. :P Marios picture helped to preserve this time in my mind.

And how here is the first wonderfully written story by Gatto. I have it in both English and Italian! (As that his his native tongue.) He's a very skilled writer creating some very steamy moments between the two men! I thank him very much for taking such an interest in our little hero and being kind enough to write many stories about him! In this story, he introduces a new character named Sinep, who has a crush on Vann. In a very sweet way, these stories remind me of the tales from Slayers where Naga joins up with Lina. Probably due to the fact that the main focus is on the main character being partner with a new friend/rival, while the rest of the cast is absent. They read like perfect little side stories. Maybe from a time before Vann knew anyone else. Hmmm! Well this is the first and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I will be looking for artists to take on Sinep now!

Vann and the magician
By Gatto


Vann wanted an adventure. He wanted to defeat a magician to be hailed as a hero. They told him in a castle in the forest lived Sinep the magician! He was so powerful that no one could defeat him. Vann decided to confront him and, armed with a sword, he departed for the castle of the magician.
While walking in the forest, Vann wondered what the magician looked like.
"He's probably an ugly old magician!" Vann thought. After walking for an hour, Vann stopped to rest near a pond. He looked at his image in the water and wondered if he was really ready for that challenge. Vann was a muscular guy and he could rely on muscular strength, but the magic was something else!

Upon arriving at the castle, he noticed that the door was not closed. He went into a room past the door and heard a voice say: << Who are you? >>. Vann did not see where the magician was, but he replied:
"I am Vann and I came here to confront you!"
From behind a pillar a hooded figure came out. Vann brandished his sword, ready to attack. "You're a nice guy. I do not want to harm you!" said the magician and he took off his cap. Vann gasped: Sinep was not old, indeed, was a handsome young man with long black hair and beautiful black eyes!
Vann cleared his mind. He was determined to defeat him.
"Forget it. I do not want to fight you. Indeed, I like what I see much more of a fight!" Sinep said, smiling. Vann asked what he meant and he tried to figure out where the magician rested his gaze. Vann looked down and realized what the magician was looking at and turned red with embarrassment.

vann was wearing a new long thin loin cloth, which hung much longer then his usual attire. While wearing this is much much easier to note his erection! Vann tried to cover it with his hands but he could not calm down! Sinep was too interested to remain indifferent. The magician smiled: that kid was even more cute when he was embarrassed. Sinep decided: Vann had to be his! Sinep began to walk toward Vann who brandished the sword again, hoping that the magician would stop. The magician, seeing the sword pointed at him, raised his hand and magically, the sword slipped from the hands of Vann, to the hands of Sinep. Vann had no other weapons and frightened, began to retreat. Sinep raised his hand again and Vann was pushed against the wall. He magically locked his wrists and ankles, assuming a X position. Vann saw the magician come closer and closer in front of him. He began wondering what he was going to do with his sword. Vann was fearing the worst when Sinep said: "Do not worry. I do not want to hurt you. I just want to have fun with you!" and having said that, then took the sword and cut the garment. It that fell to the ground, revealing a semi-erect penis.
"Wow, it's bigger than I imagined. Let's see if it grows again!" Sinep knelt and began to lick the entire shaft. Vann bit his lip: the sensation was wonderful but he did not want to be seen excited! Sinep, seeing that Vann was trying to be indifferent, smiled and kissed the tip of the penis. Vann sighed and, mentally, he hoped that the magician did not stop.

Hearing another sigh, Sinep understood that the warrior could not resist and started to suck his cock. Vann began to pant and moan: the magician was really good!
Sinep felt the cock swell even more in his mouth and, when it was close to ejaculation, broke away to observe the scene. Vann was red-faced and panting, while his cock continued to throb agitatedly, as if begging to be able to ejaculate. Vann looked up and saw that the magician smiled. He was wondering what he had in mind.
"I think you're ready for the next step!" Sinep said and he took off his long robe, letting it fall to the ground. What Vann saw left him speechless.
The magician was wearing only the long robe with the hood! He was completely naked! But what caught the attention of Vann was the sight of Sineps huge fuck tool. The magician's uncut cock was fully erect and was almost as big as Vanns. Sinep, however, did not want to compare their sticks. He wanted to meet the blond hero in front of him. He turned around, showing off his sexy ass, and began to rub it against the cock of Vann. Vann, now, could not resist and started to move his cock to try to fuck the magician. Sinep smiled and realized that the hero had succumbed. Using a spell, a table floated up and perched in front of Sinep. With a gesture of the hand, the four bracelets that kept Vann locked against the wall, dissolved.
Vann, no longer able to resist, dived on the magician and began butt-fucking him. Sinep felt Vann's cock in his ass and began to moan with pleasure. Vann could not stop fucking the magician and ejaculated in his ass, giving them both a great feeling. After he ejaculated, Vann turned Sinep to face him and began to lick his cock. The magician began breathing heavily!
"This guy is better than I thought!" Sinep thought, while his uncut cock was lovingly licked. Sinep suddenly stiffened and his cock began to spray huge amounts of sperm. The magician thanked Vann what he had done and kissed him on the cheek. The two dressed and Vann decided to go elsewhere to search for enemies to face, not wanting to fight anymore against the magician. Before he left, Sinep said: "Good luck, my hero. And come back soon to see me!"


Vann aveva voglia di un'avventura. Voleva sconfiggere un mago per poter essere acclamato come un eroe. Gli dissero che in un castello in mezzo alla foresta abitava il mago Sinep: egli era così potente che nessuno era riuscito a sconfiggerlo. Vann decise di affrontarlo e, armato di spada, partì per il castello del mago.
Mentre camminava nella foresta, Vann si chiedeva che aspetto avesse il mago. “ Probabilmente è un mago vecchio e brutto! “ pensò Vann. Dopo aver camminato per un'ora, Vann si fermò vicino ad un laghetto per riposarsi. Si specchiò nell'acqua e si chiese se era davvero pronto per quella sfida. Vann era un ragazzo muscoloso e poteva fare affidamento sulla forza, ma la magia era tutt'altra cosa!
Arrivato al castello, notò che il portone non era chiuso. Egli entrò e, arrivato in un salone, sentì dire: << Tu chi sei? >>. Vann non vide dov'era il mago, ma rispose: << Sono Vann e sono venuto qui per affrontarti! >>. Da dietro una colonna sbucò una figura incappucciata. Vann brandì la spada, pronto per attaccare. << Sei un bel ragazzo. Non voglio farti nulla di male! >> disse il mago e si tolse il cappuccio. Vann restò a bocca aperta: Sinep non era vecchio, anzi, era un bellissimo giovane, con lunghi capelli neri e bellissimi occhi neri!
Vann tornò in sé, deciso a sconfiggerlo. << Lascia perdere. Non voglio combattere contro di te. Anzi, quello che vedo mi piace assai più di uno scontro! >> disse Sinep, sorridendo. Vann si chiese cosa intendesse dire il mago e cercò di capire dove si posava il suo sguardo. Vann abbassò lo sguardo e, capito ciò che il mago stava osservando, divenne rosso per l'imbarazzo.
Sotto il suo vestito (un pezzo di stoffa poco più grande di un perizoma che gli copriva le parti intime) si notava un'erezione! Vann tentò di coprirla con le mani ma non riuscì a calmarsi: Sinep era troppo bello perché egli restasse indifferente. Il mago sorrise: quel ragazzo era ancora più carino quando era imbarazzato. Comunque Sinep aveva deciso: Vann doveva essere suo! Sinep iniziò a camminare verso Vann il quale brandì nuovamente la spada, sperando che il mago si fermasse. Il mago, vedendo la spada puntata contro di lui, alzò una mano e, magicamente, la spada scivolò dalle mani di Vann per andare a finire nelle mani di Sinep. Vann non aveva altre armi e, impaurito, iniziò ad indietreggiare. Sinep alzò nuovamente la mano e Vann venne spinto contro il muro, magicamente bloccato ai polsi e alle caviglie, assumendo una posizione a X. Vann vide il mago avvicinarsi sempre più, fino ad arrivargli di fronte, ed egli si stava chiedendo cosa avesse intenzione di fare con la sua spada. Vann stava temendo il peggio quando Sinep gli disse: << Non preoccuparti. Non voglio farti del male. Voglio solo divertirmi con te! >> e, detto questo, con la spada tagliò l'indumento che cadde a terra, rivelando un pene in semi-erezione.
<< Caspita, è più grande di quello che immaginavo. Vediamo se cresce ancora! >>. Sinep si inginocchiò e iniziò a leccare tutta l'asta. Vann si morse il labbro: quella sensazione era bellissima ma egli non voleva farsi vedere eccitato! Sinep, vedendo che Vann cercava di restare indifferente, sorrise e baciò la punta del pene. Vann sospirò e, mentalmente, sperava che il mago non si fermasse.
Sentendo l'altro sospirare, Sinep capì che il guerriero non poteva resistere e iniziò a succhiare il suo cazzo. Vann iniziò ad ansimare e a mugolare: il mago era davvero bravo!
Sinep sentiva il cazzo gonfiarsi sempre di più nella sua bocca e, quando ormai era prossimo all'eiaculazione, si staccò per osservare la scena. Vann era rosso in viso e ansimava, mentre il cazzo continuava a pulsare ed agitarsi, come se stesse supplicando di poter eiaculare. Vann alzò lo sguardo e vide che il mago sorrideva. Egli si stava chiedendo cosa avesse in mente. << Credo tu sia pronto per il passo successivo! >> disse Sinep e si sfilò la sua lunga tunica, lasciandola cadere a terra. Ciò che vide Vann lo lasciò senza parole.
Il mago indossava solo quella lunga tunica con il cappuccio: sotto era completamente nudo! Ma ciò che attirò maggiormente l'attenzione di Vann fu la vista del cazzo di Sinep. Il cazzo del mago era completamente in erezione ed era grande quasi quanto il cazzo di Vann. Sinep, però, non voleva confrontare i loro bastoni, ma voleva soddisfare il biondo eroe che aveva di fronte. Si girò, mostrandogli il suo bellissimo culo, e iniziò a strusciarsi contro il cazzo di Vann. Vann, ormai, non riusciva a resistere e iniziò a muovere il bacino per cercare di inculare il mago. Sinep sorrise e capì che l'eroe aveva ceduto. Usando un incantesimo, un tavolo fluttuò fino a posarsi di fronte a Sinep; con un gesto della mano, i quattro bracciali che tenevano bloccato Vann contro il muro si dissolsero.
Vann si tuffò sul mago e lo inculò, non riuscendo più a resistere. Sinep sentì il cazzo di Vann nel culo e iniziò a gemere di piacere. Vann non rius a fermarsi ed eiaculò nel culo del mago, donando ad entrambi una fantastica sensazione. Dopo aver eiaculato, Vann voltò Sinep e iniziò a leccargli il cazzo, facendo ansimare il mago. “ Questo ragazzo è meglio di quanto pensassi! “ pensò Sinep, mentre il suo cazzo veniva amorevolmente leccato. Improvvisamente Sinep si irrigidì e il suo cazzo iniziò a spruzzare un'enorme quantità di sperma. Il mago ringraziò Vann di ciò che aveva fatto e lo baciò sulla guancia. I due si rivestirono e Vann decise di andare da un'altra parte per cercare nemici da affrontare, non volendo più combattere contro il mago. Prima che se ne andasse, Sinep gli disse: << Buona fortuna, mio eroe. E torna presto a trovarmi! >>.

You can check out all of Gattos works here:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space Cadet's Birthday Offer

Hey guys. The AC is down. I'm sweating my head off. I'm practically melting, but dang it, I'm gonna post come hell, or high water. XD I'm not ending this streak, due to some mild discomfort. :P Okay so tonight I have the third last in my little birthday images I got. Yeah, I know I am totally stretching this out. LOL hee hee. This little piece of Astro Adonis, came to me many days before my birthday, all the way from Australia. I actually held out till the day of my birthday, before I opened it. That took a lot of will power. @__@ I had a hard time sleeping. LOL. The week before he sent this, Urbanmusiq kept asking me very interesting questions about characters. I should have guessed something was up! :P I tell you, between him and FallenAngel, I had a lot of hot chocolate booty offered up to me on May 24th. What can I say? The boys know me too well.

I'll take a double helping of that chocolate marble cake, please Leon.... ^O^

Leon was sweet enough to send one with a special message on it too. ^_^ This is the image that had me fantasizing about Space Cadet and Strider again. I kept thinking of Strider standing over him, ready to insert his giant cock into that welcoming ass. That of course lead to our Cupid Centaur I posted yesterday! I hear tell this image made such an impression on a friend of ours, that they have asked Leon to do something similar with another Class character. We shall see!

Don't forget to check out Leon De Leon first book Meaty #2:
Meaty #2 Heroes VS. Villains.

And you can catch him each month in DNA Magazine too. As if you guys didn't know that. XD hee hee.

More birthday cum cakes coming up!


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