Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spacemen and Tyberius the Elf for Aneros

It was Aneros's birthday on Monday and FallenAngel and I were there with this very special gift for him. We wanted to feature two random original characters in a jerk off image. It was not an easy choice going through all his art. We picked Tyberius his elf and his heroic astronaut from Foreskin Men from Mars. FallenAngel did a wonderful job capturing the characters in honor of Ameros's 30th birthday. Really love that skin tone and eyes on Tyberious. We gave the space explorer some foreskin. Maybe he was given it back by the mysterious red men of Mars? Hmmm!
~ Happy birthday old man Aneros! XD

You can check out the original post on Aneros' Labyrinth here:

Drawn way back in 2008, you can find the original Tyberious post here:

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