Monday, June 18, 2012

Double Dick Centaur Of Love

This picture all started with me inspired by a picture of Space Cadet, given to me for my birthday from Urbanmusiq. I kept thinking about Space Cadet #1. The wild romance of Strider and Byron filled my mind again. I started to think of a possible side story, where Byron manages to escape his captures. He goes looking for help deep in the magical forests of Ordovica. There, in the valley of love, he finds a sweet cupid Clydesdale centaur named Sabino Dalawa. The young warrior is distraught over the news of his kings capture and agrees to help Cadet find him. Of course, that won't be until they get down to some serious loving.

Anything for a ride! We do love tan lines.... ;D

Cut in the front, uncut in the back....

Of course I had to take the idea to Caravaggia, the Queen of the Centaurs. Her love of my Little Pony really helped us come up with concepts for the centaur and the background. She gave the image a strong 80s childrens fantasy world theme in both look and tone. ^O^ The various planets hanging low in the sky was icing on the cake. Pure 80s. XD This is definitely much sweeter area of the world, hee hee. It was really fun to design this character. We researched models, outfits and horses. I even took a really terrible shot at drawing him. I think he turned out super awesome. Originally we were going to do one with just him and then a second with Cadet brought in. The image just seemed to beg for Cadet to be put in, so we did so. We have to get started on the next image! I hope you guys like it!

Space Cadet is known to melt in the arms of Centaurs.....

Who wouldn't melt in Striders arms? Two years later and I am still so gaga over this character. XD

This was taken from the old Class Comics blog in 2009. More Space Cadet fun to come later in the week!

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