Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dimata Cum Fountain By Rent

Hey everyone. I had some internet problems yesterday. I'm back up and running and ready to post. Today I decided to post another prehistoric hero, our Little Dimata as drawn with care by Rent. Dimata is shooting high into the salmon red sky, with utter delight in his eyes!

That cum looks magical, the way it's waving in the air. It look like it has a mind of it's own. Rent took inspiration from both mammoth man Dimata and RPG dimata while designing this pic. He added a lot of nice pieces of jewelry and beads. I really like the red cloth tied around Dimatas huge trunk sized dick and the beads around his ball sack. XD He must have been really getting into this jerk off session. One of the neck necklaces has broken and landed on his tusk. :P I have to say Rent did a great job creating a very youthful and sexy vision of Dimata. Love his tightly packed abdominal muscles and his perfectly tanned skin. We got the idea for the background from an old Episode of the Flintstones. ;D

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