Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hydaria Takes on Twilight

I have been waiting all day to post this up!!! This is on heck of a hot image by the one and only Hydaria! He worked super hard on this. He wanted to make sure he capture the look of the werewolf and vampire perfectly. That he did. The final result makes me want to rip those tight jeans right off Jacob as if he is a real person! XD His Edward is a lot beefier then the movie version. (He looks a lot stronger and together in fact!) Jacob facial structure, especially his brows leading to his cute noes are pretty sweet. I have to congratulate Hydaria for really kicking it up a notch on this image. His bodies, legs, even the feet are drawn and colored with great beauty and skill. As always his cocks are a huge highlight, big, thick, strong and amazingly detailed. He surprised me by creating a forest background and Moon and places the men on it like a giant sticker. Now this is the kind of stick book any true Twilight Fan would want! LOL!!!! You are the bomb Hydaria!


  1. I'm not really interesting in twilight, but Hydaria did an awesome job with these characters, and presentet this way, I'm all of a sudden much more interested by twilight.

  2. Love it xD

    Twilight might be cheesy and horrible unromantic... But you can't deny how sexy the boys are

  3. "OHHH MAMAMIA MAMAMIA~~~" Hydaria did a great job and beefing up pale Ed :D - FallenAngel

  4. You should inculde in some of these twilight commissions with Emmett involved. He's a hot muscle hunk. :3

  5. for twilight manips also really love ur blogs and pictures u put here :3



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