Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jacob Black Has A Special Valentines Message For You

Jacob just wants to say "Fuck you Bella", cause Edward's all his this Valentines!!!

This hot piece of work was done by the awesome JCARTBLOG! This is the first time I ever asked him to do characters based on real people. I had seen him do others in the past, so I knew this was gonna be in good hands. He did a sweet job of capturing the faces of Edward and Jacob. Edward looks very spot on! :D Man, did he make Jacob super buff, or what? *Drool* He went over him and highlighted all his best features. SO HOT!!!! I actually had the idea of Jacob holding his own dick, but JC suggested having Edward giving Jacobs dick some squeezing and it turned the heat up in picture!!! The man's got one naughty imagination. :P Excellent work Jcartblog! Loving the creepy forest with the sunset in the background. It's Halloween in February! :D

Thanks so much for doing this so fast and with such charm!


  1. Woho more Jacob x Edward :D yummyyy - FallenAngel

  2. yummy....makes me horny....i wanna fuck him so badly..



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