Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Making at the Dawn of Time Art by Hydaria and FallenAngel

Prepare to enjoy the wonder and magic of Hydaria and FallenAngels art set in the prehistoric world of Genshi Shonen Ryu!
First off is master Hydaria. Through the power of his art, you can feel the heat of the early morning rays hitting Ryus back. The world of these two strong lovers is slowly awakening. Ryu and Mashi have been grinding together for some time. The heat hitting Ryus back has added new fuel to his amorousness. Their passions soon reached their peek and what feels like liters of caveman cum starts gushing from both of their giant cocks. The men relax in each others arms for a few moments, watching the sun rise. After a short, but sweet embrace they rise and continue their journey. It is never safe to stay in one place for too long in this harsh world.

Hydaria did a mind bending job on both characters. Their faces and hair are unbelievably spot on! He gave Ryu a body built like a brick! Just check out those powerful features! :D Gotta love Mashi's tight heaving man bosom. ^_^ It was so wonderful to see Hydaria work his foreskin magic once again. Great angle to show off Ryus big head there Hydaria. Mmmmm seeing people do Mashi's big brown cock is fast becoming a favorite thing of mine! XD Thank you very much Hydaria for this heart pounding masterpiece!

Next up, is Ryu by that king of Mischief FallenAngel. I wanted to pair him with my shy little Dore. Ryu has been leading Dore safely to and from the forest as he collected water. Ryu is caught off guard by a baby Dimetrodon that scampers between his legs chasing a butterfly. The sail catches on his loin cloth and leaves him totally exposed! Dore has been eying Ryu all day. The poor guy cannot help but get instantly hard at the site!

FallenAngel made his version of Ryu super slick and sexy. His skin is super smooth. I dig those long slender arms and legs Fallen gave him! Fallen was checking out some of the images I sent when he noticed something cool. In one of the manga covers Ryu has some sweet arm and leg bands. He asked about including them and I am glad I said yes. They look really great on him! I have yet to see Ryu don these in the anime, so I don't know if they were exclusive to the manga in any way besides the cover art. You can see them in the shot below. Fallen has a great way of expressing sweet innocents in his characters, so he was a natural choice to do this image. His Dore is really adorable with that expression and long locks. The whole image is fantastic, but I have to draw special attention to the wonderful dicks. Looks like Fallen worked some foreskin magic as well, cause those thick skins have my eyes popping. :P I loved this image so much, I had to give you all a peek at Fallens wonderful line work below. Enjoy!!!

I am thinking of expanding on doing a Dore and Ryus relationship after seeing this. Fallens work here calls for sequels. Maybe this will be the first of a series.

Bonus Tan variation:


  1. King of Mischief? moi? LOL* I do love Hydaria's take on Ryu , its hot and steming luv :D - FallenAngel

  2. Yep! You are the king with your fun little additions and expressions! :D

  3. Awesomness. I was never really sure what the 'over the shoulder' loincloth achieved, but it does look hot.

  4. I guess it truly goes without saying that if the theme is prehistoric, you're ALL over that, like jelly on toast. XD; Hydaria pops out another really elegant and wonderful piece, as does Fallen. Really nice stuff, DP. :3

  5. Yeah Tyr it's a very old look, but can be made to be very sexy! :D

    Thanks Bu! I try! LOL! There are a lot more series to explore and some stuff to show off here regarding them. Wait till you see today's piece from Hydaria!

  6. LOVE Hydria's take on these guys! WOOF! :drool:



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