Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dore in Danger Set One By JCARTBLOG

Dore is a very shy young caveman. I would not say he is a coward, but he is very much aware of the dangers that the land he lives in hold. He is both tempted by and terrified of the dinoboys that he often spies on. Dore would just like to live in peace. Nothing would suit him more then a nice boring existence of swimming and eating all day.
After seeing the poll results I thought it was time to start exploring him as a character more. Here he is drawn for the first time awesomely by JCARTBLOG, just trying to soak in some rays after a nice shower at the local falls. He better wake up quick!

Jcartblogs Dore is freaking sweet. I like the job he did on his big blond locks of hair and wonderfully toned body. Nice square chest! XD Dores got some sweet tanned skin too. The waterfall turned out very beautiful as well. That shadow is terrifying! JC was really cool and did a version with the foreskin pulled back as well. I liked his take on the long thick skin at the tip enough to choose this one for the blog. It's one of his coolest looking foreskins to date. ^_^

JCARTBLOG did such a great job, I asked him to take a sketch he did and create a whole new image. It's similar with the waterfall behind him and the rex fast approaching. This time however, Dore is commanding two plump petite pterodactyls.

I really liked this cause of the way Dore is standing so proud with his chest out. His muscles and abs are just rippling on him! YUM YUM!!! He is incredibly handsome. There's something about the way that hair goes with that skin tone. I guess he is posing for a cave painting! Maybe Nole is drawing him. ;) I am really happy JC had the time to do this one as well. It brings out a more confident side of Dore. It is also great to see how JC take on some cartoony winged reptiles as well. They are just adorable!
Thanks JCARTBLOG, these rock! We will have to explore more of Dore in the future. ^_^

I had to show you this funky opening for a prehistoric anime called Kum Kum. Ah, just dig those 70's beats..... XD

I never got into this anime. I am sure it's great. It's just not readily available to watch translated in English, or subbed anywhere I can find on the net, or in stores. I have been listening to this song over and over for the last couple weeks.

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  1. Dore needs more screen time :D - FallenAngel



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