Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brace Yourself For Valentines Day!

I don't think Rex is too pleased about going Deep this Valentines day....

So here it is. You guys voted you got it! Lil' Deeps first monthly feature image! How could I resist not getting a Lil' Deeps Valentines image? This one started off innocent enough. It was just going to be Deep alone. I got to thinking about how much I wanted to see Huulli take on the character and so he soon found his way in front of Megalodon, as usual in peril. :D

The image turned out pretty amazing with Huulli treating both boys with a lot of love and respect. Deep turned out to be one intimidating bit of sweetness adorne with a super hot chest and shoulders. Like how he does the sparkle in their eyes. XD He gave Rex a really awesome body. Really perfect. It's so well defined, from the chest to the plump smooth butt! I like the youthfulness in Rex's brave face. Nothing is ever going to break his courage.

Huulli has a way with body hair. His line work makes it really spiky, gruff and soft looking in all the right places. The hair on Deeps head is a mad little forest. It's a great skill to have, especially when taking on Rex who is not exactly clean shaven! Notice the squiggly hairs on Deeps nut sack! XD

It's always great to see someone do something I have not seen the do before, so I was excited to see how Huulli would do a gigantic penis for Deep. The inflated rod is magnificent, it would make the bravest of us pull tighter on our chains, no doubt! :P Rex is not that terrified. His cock despite his situation, got hard really fast. His foreskin still providing a shell around most of the head and precum is already oozing out, all done with flare by Huulli!

Once again the commission process went incredibly smoothly. If you can snag a spot, I really suggest you check out what this fresh new artist can do for your dreams!


  1. Characters with tails! lol That's my random observation. This commission turned out really well! I like including that heart there. XD Keeps with them theme. I guess the only thing that I see at first when checking this pic.... uh... I dunno... oh wait, the giant schlongs! LOL Oh yes indeed. But really, a very wonderfully done piece! :D

  2. Deep is so hot, sexy heart eater!!
    great art :)

  3. Lil Deep hot and ready to poor rex ^^; - FallenAngel



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